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An Introduction to Salesforce Chat 2022

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An Introduction to Salesforce Chat 2022

Are you someone who is looking for ideas to expand an organisation’s customer support options and get done with the frustrating service circus? We all know that if organisations don’t respond to their customers’ concerns, then the organisation cannot grow. 

So, the option of Live Chat has the potential to overcome this hurdle while managing your customer queries and concerns. 

While learning about the Salesforce Chat, also explore the details about one more interesting application of Salesforce- Salesforce Data Loader.

The guide will help you understand the importance of Live Chat in the Salesforce ecosystem and how it is a valuable tool for businesses and organisations.

What is Salesforce Live Chat (Live Agent)?

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Various organisations already use the Live Chat option every day to handle customer queries. The feature helps the companies and provides a more personalised experience to the customers using the platform.

Web Chat in Salesforce is one of many channels like Live Chat for mobile, voice calls, video calls, Live Chat for messaging, etc. Web Chat is made up of various parts in Salesforce:-

  1. Chat: It is an agent part that provides the support agents with the option of conversational messaging in the console.
  2. Omni Channel: It is the delivery channel. It gives chat requests to suitable agents.
  3. Embedded Service: The customer part offers an optimised chat box to mobile browsers. Its objective is to provide a great chat experience, whether the customer uses a mobile phone or a desktop.

Therefore, Salesforce Live Chat is an embedded Live Chat service provided by the Salesforce platform to organisations with a limited support team. The companies can embed this option in their websites or applications, allowing communication with their customers on the web while being on the site or app. 

This system allows the support team to be there 24*7 for their customers to respond immediately when the customer needs their attention.

Steps to Set Up Live Agent in Salesforce

Consider the following steps to set up Live Agent in Salesforce:-

  1. Enable Live Agent. Search and Choose Live Agent from the setup Classic in Salesforce. Click Save after choosing ‘Enable Live Agent.’
  2. Once you enable the Live Agent, the following options will be auto-updated:- Live Chat Transcripts, Live Visitors, Live Sessions, Live Agent Supervisor, Quick Text, and Live Agent.
  3. Search and choose Users to build Live Agent Users from the setup Classic in Salesforce. Next to a User’s name, select Edit. Click Save after choosing Live Agent User.
  4. Search and Choose Skills to create Live Agent Skills from the setup. Click New and fill up a Skill name for the skill. Choose the required users from the Assign Users Area. You can choose the needed Users Profile from the Assign Users Profile option.
  5. Search and choose the Live Agent Configuration from the setup option to build the Live Agent Configuration. Click New and select the settings for Live Agent Configuration. 
  6. To deploy the Live Agent, choose Live Agent Deployment from the setup. And Select the settings for Deployment after clicking New. Click Save. The Salesforce platform will generate a deployment code. Please copy and paste it to the Web Page where you wish to deploy it.
  7. Search and choose Chat Buttons & Invitations from the setup to create the Chat Button. Click New and choose the Chat Button from the Type Field. Select the setting for the Chat Button and save it.

Let us now consider some advantages of using the Salesforce Live Agent feature.

Advantages of the Salesforce Chat (Live Agent)

  1. It allows simple, fast interaction with the users in real time.
  2. You can gather valuable information and save it during a live chat with the customers.
  3. You can quickly solve their issues, and the saved information can help report in the future.
  4. It is the perfect tool to get maximum adequate returns when you have a limited number of employees.
  5. It empowers organisations enabling multiple client handling with accountability. Each agent can manage multiple clients simultaneously on a single screen.
  6. Organisations can reduce the workload of phone support teams by diverting customer traffic with the help of Salesforce Chat. 

Consider some of the valuable features of Salesforce Live Agent.

Features of the Salesforce Live Agent

  1. Live Chat support in real-time.
  2. Service in multiple languages.
  3. Personalised messages.
  4. Private messaging.
  5. Agent Coaching in real-time.
  6. Instant message session metrics.
  7. Agent Queue monitoring.
  8. Customer chat view.
  9. Accessible customer profile.
  10. Snap-ins.

The Whisper Message feature of the Salesforce Live Agent is the fascinating one. It allows communication between the agent and the supervisor. That means the agent can interact with the supervisor while already being on the chat and not allowing customers to view the conversation. In this way, the supervisor can direct the agent in handling the customer relationship specifically, 

There is another fascinating feature in Salesforce Live Agent. It is called Auto-Greeting. Organisations can fix texts to greet their customers when they begin the chat. It means all chat texts start with the same message from the organisation. 

To Sum Up

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Salesforce Live Agent is a helpful tool for organisations to increase their customer satisfaction. It helps organisations stay in touch with their customers and solve their queries quickly and efficiently. This feature can be on standby 24*7 for the customer’s needs.

This guide explained the features and deployment steps of Salesforce Chat. Sign Up now to learn about more tools and features of the Salesforce platform.

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