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Salesforce Course for Beginners 2022

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Salesforce Course for Beginners 2022

If you are on the verge of the Salesforce ecosystem and want to get in, it is pretty common to have doubts regarding which course and what resources to study and follow for Salesforce certification exams. 

If you are reading this write-up and are a beginner, you must explore the option of Salesforce Admin Classes offered by saasguru and start your journey with integrity. 

With dedication and a suitable training course, you can be ready for a Salesforce job in as little as two to three weeks. Hard to believe, right? Still wondering how? Follow this guide to learn about the Salesforce course and training for beginners. 

Which Salesforce Course Should You Opt For?

Depending on your educational background and knowledge level, you should first evaluate which course or training is appropriate for you. There are plenty of courses provided by many online platforms and Salesforce themselves. For a beginner, it can be a predicament to shortlist any one of them and get enrolled. So, consider the following factors while choosing the right Salesforce course:-

  1. If you are a beginner, it is evident that you are unaware of the technical features of the Salesforce platform. So, look for a course that perfectly explains the basic features and covers the foundational knowledge of the Salesforce platform.
  2. If you are from any other technical background, go for an advanced-level course that covers the Salesforce concepts in detail. 
  3. If you are switching your career or want to add value to your current job and organization, ensure that the course you opt for gives you enough time to manage your work and other professional tasks. 
  4. One of the most deciding factors in picking a Salesforce course is that it must offer provision to practice your knowledge in the programming environment. Only then will you be able to calculate your readiness for the certification exam. Therefore, a course with mock exams and topic tests best fits beginners.
  5. Beginners always need guidance, especially when preparing for a technical certification exam. So, it is highly recommended to plump for a course that provides mentoring or guidance through experienced mentors. These seasoned professionals have industry knowledge, and they can enlighten students with their personal experiences, challenges in projects, and solutions offered. Getting a mentor during training would be like the icing on the cake. 
  6. It would be best to single out a course that offers a hybrid learning model since we live in a world where change is the only constant. It would save time and energy and be cost-effective and flexible.
  7. In a world where thousands of resources are available online and are just a click away, you must choose an authentic platform where you learn from the course prepared by the experts and not amateurs. 

Now that we have uncovered the factors to consider while choosing a course for your Salesforce training, it is time to learn why joining a Salesforce course is pivotal if you are a beginner. 

Why Salesforce Course?

Beginners need direction and organization for their certification preparation. In a highly competitive world, embarking on the learning journey on your own can be directionless. So, consider the benefits you will enjoy after you have enrolled in a Salesforce course:-

  1. It will provide a competitive learning environment essential for the Salesforce certification preparation. The course will direct you in the right direction and help you prepare the strategy best suitable for your career.
  2. Searching for resources and learning on your own is one thing. But studying under the guidance of experienced professionals through the course and material they prepared is an entirely different and rewarding experience. 
  3. Discipline is the key to success in competitive and certification exams. Learning with fellow students, following a routine, and learning religiously, keep you disciplined and motivated.
  4. Continuous hard work and repetitive learning can sometimes become overwhelming and make you feel lonely. Joining a Salesforce Course will enable you to study in a group and keep you going forward. 

While joining a Salesforce course, you must also explore and learn about the different learning methods available.

Salesforce Bootcamp

Different Learning Methods for Salesforce Course

There are multiple options available regarding different ways beginners can learn Salesforce or the Salesforce course’s methods.

  1. Some courses follow the pattern of live classes and webinars. It is suitable for those already familiar with the basic concepts and who want to brush up or need a refresher on the features.
  2. LinkedIn Learning and podcasts have become a new learning method to fast forward the process. But again, it is only suitable for professionals pursuing higher-level certifications. 
  3. For beginners, some courses provide a comprehensive package of courses packed with study modules, mock exams, topic tests, and mentoring. It is always best to opt for these courses.
  4. Bootcamps and Crash courses are the best way to learn every Salesforce skill strategically and without wasting time. Here’s a little bit about the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp and how it can help kickstart your career.

Why saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp?

The saasguru Salesforce Boot Camp allows you to learn Salesforce from scratch and be placement-ready. The Boot Camp focuses on teaching industry-relevant on-demand skills and tools to help you perform better in your dream job.

You will learn Salesforce from accomplished Salesforce professionals, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the content and teaching methods. Since work experience plays a massive role in the Salesforce ecosystem, the Boot Camp allows you to build your showcase project and get 4 months of work experience certification. That’s quite helpful! Isn’t it?

Beginners always face difficulties building their LinkedIn profile and creating an attractive resume. No worries because the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp takes care of personal branding, resume building, and mock interviews. 

The struggle to look for an interview panel that will hire you won’t be there as the learners will enjoy placement opportunities and have access to the panel of employers offering CTC up to 6 Lacs. 

Mentoring sessions will be arranged to clear your doubts and guide you throughout your Salesforce journey.

Summing Up

Go through the Salesforce guide and choose the best course suited for you. This guide must have cleared your doubts on why you should join the Salesforce course as a beginner. 

If you think the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp fulfills your requirements, enroll now and start your Salesforce journey with the help of industry experts.

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