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Is the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Hard?

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Is the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Hard?

Salesforce Community Cloud recently got a brand new name, i.e., Experience Cloud. This was done as a part of Salesforce’s streak of strategic rebranding of its products. So now the question is, what would the associated certification be called? Well, even that has followed suit and taken a new name of Experience Cloud Consultant, previously known as Community Cloud Consultant. Anyone who has worked on Experience Cloud solutions, creating branded experiences for partners or customers on the Salesforce platform and want to validate their expertise can attempt the Salesforce Experience Cloud certification. 

When any company wants to implement an Experience Cloud solution, they work with a Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant to meet their business needs and develop a scalable solution to ensure their long-term success. Before attempting the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Certification, candidates must first finish the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Customers, Salesforce partners/employees, and anybody else who wants to demonstrate their knowledge of Experience Cloud should consider acquiring this credential. 

Now that we have understood what the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant is all about and its requirements, let’s solve the pressing question.

How Difficult is the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam?

Completing the Experience Cloud certification is not as challenging as passing the Sales or Service Cloud Consultant examinations. 

According to Salesforce, the Salesforce Experience Cloud consultant exam is intended for anyone with customer-facing experience in implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud solutions. The certification is aimed at Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultants who want to demonstrate their skills and experience in designing, creating, constructing, and delivering Salesforce Experience Cloud applications using the platform’s declarative customization capabilities.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Once you’ve made up your mind to take the test, you’ll need to research it and plan how you’re going to ace it. After you’ve set a deadline, consider how you’ll fit a productive study schedule into the rest of your activities, such as maintaining a work-life balance. You’ll be more motivated to study for your certification exam if you have a certain deadline in mind. There is no magic recipe for passing an exam because there are so many different learning styles. The best strategy is to dedicate a few hours per day to focussed study.

Tips for the Experience Cloud Consultant exam

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam format.

Below is the exam structure:

Experience Cloud Exam Format

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce Experience Cloud Sites. Make a list of important research topics. Using the official exam guide and Trailhead can take a long time to prepare for this exam. 
  • Trailhead, books, official Salesforce help articles, training videos, and practice exams are excellent places to start. All exam topics should be studied, and do not dismiss topics that only make up a minor part of the exam.
  • Use practice examinations to assess readiness, gauge progress, and test knowledge.
  • Even for experienced candidates, “Expand Your Reach with Communities” and “Customise Your Community” trails on Trailhead are excellent places to start. Three projects and four modules make up the first trail. The second consists of two modules and four projects. You can learn more about communities and specific information about subjects that Salesforce values highly from this. Building and setting up different kinds of communities in a Trailhead playground provides excellent hands-on practice.

Why are Certification Exams Important?

Salesforce certification is a recognized seal of approval that verifies your Salesforce knowledge. The most important component emphasizing the value of certification is personal development. Professionals may acquire certificates to meet their own objectives or to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers. Certifications that are personal objectives may assist in achieving a positive experience. Receiving praise for your work is rewarding. A feeling of self-motivation, discipline and devotion are fostered through certifications; these benefits may be considered intangible.

It is important to remember that certification examinations are challenging to pass and contain various obstacles you must overcome as a professional. With adequate Salesforce training, you should be able to ace any certification exam.

Given the rapid growth of Salesforce usage and the platform’s importance, it’s reasonable to conclude that the platform is here to stay, and practically every business is moving from traditional methods.

You can definitely build skills that will benefit you in the long run by learning Salesforce and cracking an awesome job by focusing on community cloud interview questions. It will help you keep up with technical changes in the industry before it’s too late and stay on par with your colleagues.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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Passing the exam will be a breeze if you have prepared well, and you can achieve the highly coveted Experience Cloud consultant credential in the first go! If you don’t have enough Experience Cloud experience and want to become a Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud consultant, we recommend enrolling with saasguru to get a head start on your certification training.

We hope you find these tips and resources to be helpful. If you put in the required time and effort, you will succeed. Good luck and happy studying!

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