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Salesforce Monthly Updates for May’2022

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Salesforce Monthly Updates for May’2022

When you are entering into the Salesforce world or trying to evolve every day in your current role, it is crucial to keep yourself updated about all the happenings and changes in the ecosystem.

The Salesforce market accelerated swiftly this year. And with that comes many new changes and facts that make the CRM platform even more exciting. 

The guide will help you catch up with everything that happened in May to avoid missing out on important updates.

1. Salesforce #1

Salesforce announced last month that it is grateful to be recognized as the no.1 CRM platform by the IDC. It is the ninth consecutive term of number 1 CRM ranking for Salesforce. Not only that but Salesforce is also recognized as the no.1 CRM market share leader in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The platform shared gratitude that every organization is using Salesforce as a trusted digital adviser and that Salesforce is helping organizations accelerate their hard work and steps to enhance relationships with their customers. 

2. ASU and Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy Join Forces to Close the Digital Skills Gap

Arizona State University (ASU) is now a Salesforce authorized training provider (ATP) on the academic front. According to the company’s official website, launching the ATP program powered by Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy will help close the Digital Skills Gap and prepare a global workforce for the future. Furthermore, as an ATP, ASU will focus on Salesforce-authorized training material and faculty support to university students and community colleges. 

If we talk about the impact of this initiative, ASU will help students empower themselves to gain pathways and new knowledge for building a career in Salesforce. The content will be created with the help of Trailhead and other training programs designed by industry experts. 

The initiative is in the Public-Private Partnership model to design an innovative and bold workforce creating an ecosystem that cares about the demand for more skilled IT professionals. 

ASU can now access Trailhead’s learning material, and it can depend on Salesforce for guidance and a personalized training program for the workforce development plan. 

Empowering digital transformation, Salesforce announced the Summer 2022 Release. The new release will be rolled out on June 12. It includes new features such as Swarming, Subscription Management, Triggered Campaign Messages, and a host of other enhancements across the Customer 360 platform.

3. Highlights from the Salesforce Summer ’22 Release

  1. Swarming will allow the Salesforce customers to quickly come up with solutions with the help of real-time support from experts from the specified fields.
  2. Subscription Management is a new automation process of the Sales Cloud that allows the customers to monetize and manage their regular and periodic subscriptions. 
  3. Intelligent Fraud Management is a tool to detect fraud through which it is now easy for the customers to see possible fraud programs. 
  4. Einstein Predictions for Net Zero is a feature that will help businesses find out how they can reduce their emissions.
  5. Triggered Campaign Messages will ensure personalized experiences for the customers based on behavioral signals and catalog characteristics. 

4. Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire provides solutions regarding revenue communications for effective forecasting, sales velocity, and compatibility with the team members. The organization has years of experience designing tools that provide real-time solutions like Salesforce. 

The organisation has worked effectively to ensure that the actions and information that the team requires to deliver a solution successfully are provided effortlessly. 

5. Salesforce is Bringing Interns Back to the Office

Salesforce is ready to welcome interns after two years in the office. Salesforce continued its internship programming virtually for two years. Now it is prepared to bring 1,200 interns into the office to collaborate on projects and build relationships. It will allow interns to work flexibly and visit the office once or thrice a week. 

6. Salesforce and Amazon Team Up for Open Source Technology

Amazon and Salesforce are all set to team up to help Nonprofit organisations with the help of Open Source Technology. Amazon has come up with its open-source called Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud to allow the companies to use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data for effective solutions conveniently. 

7. Salesforce Unveils the Next Generation Tableau Cloud 

The Tableau Cloud is the easiest and fastest way to help organisations utilise the full potential of Tableau at a reasonable price. It ensures the highest performance, availability, and trust and enables organisations to conveniently deliver analytics for their users. With Tableau, the Salesforce platform allows organisations to come up with even more analytics success. 

Tableau Cloud will empower customers to make faster and more confident decisions using its new AI-powered Data Services, powerful and easy-to-use analytical tools for better, data-driven outcomes.

To Sum Up

The Salesforce platform empowers organisations of every type and size to transform digitally with new tools and features. It is crucial to learn and explore the new features that Salesforce releases now and then to prepare yourself for your dream role in the Salesforce ecosystem. To stay updated, follow saasguru and discover the latest changes every month.

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