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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Dumps – Is It Worth?

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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Dumps - Is It Worth?

If you are looking for ways to enter the Salesforce ecosystem through a developer path, you must be aware of the importance of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification. This credential aims to test if the developer has apt knowledge to work using the programming language- Visualforce and Apex.

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification helps developers design custom business logic using the lightning platform. Anyone who aspires to be a Salesforce Platform Developer must pass and obtain this certification.

Candidates sometimes mistakenly take exam dumps also as a resource to study for exams, and they completely rely on studying the dumps.

So, this guide will help you understand what should be an ideal approach to prepare for the certification exam and why you should not rely on exam dumps.

Overview of the Exam

To pass the certification exam, you need the right strategy and a lot of practice to solve at least 39 questions that are correct. You are expected to solve the questions in 105 minutes in a way that you are able to score 68%. So, it is crucial to select reliable resources for your cert prep.

To learn the skills required to perform the tasks of a Salesforce developer and gain the required knowledge, it is crucial that you solve as many questions as you can. You will also come across scenario-based questions. So, mock exams prepare you to perform your job effectively.

We shall now learn why you should not rely on dumps and what should be your ideal strategy to pass the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification exam with flying colors.

Should You Use Exam Dumps?

Why are Exams Dumps not a reliable resource to prepare for Salesforce certification exams?

You may score well if you have an idea about the questions and the answers. However, you will do better if you can learn and apply what you learn. Finally, jobs are not based on dumps; you have to find the solutions to the issues where you use the concepts learned.

This kind of rote learning kills the person’s thinking ability and creativity. It is not helpful in the long run. Knowing the subject matter is what will help.

It’s challenging to guess which website provides genuine material. Many online resources claim they have the best quality dumps and charge you very high. But in reality, you are being a victim of a scam because you are not getting genuine material and wasting your money. There is also no guarantee that the explanation for each question in the exam dump is correct.

Quest for the latest exam dumps is a never-ending quest. With each passing day, technology is moving forward, creating space for new developments. It is impossible to decide if the dumps you purchase are updated based on the latest changes in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Strategies to Pass Salesforce PD 1 Certification

  1. Before passing the Salesforce PD1 certification, ensure you have a free Salesforce Developer account. The Salesforce Developer account will give you access to try out the new features of your application for free.
  2. Strictly follow the official guide of Salesforce, Apex Developer guide, and Visualforce Developer guide. Many people who don’t follow these guides fail in their first attempt. So, Salesforce documentation is very crucial.
  3. You are not expected to excel in coding to become a Salesforce Developer. But, a basic understanding of Apex and object-oriented programming languages would help you perform your job better. You can cover the concept of these languages and other topics by joining an online course and going through the Trailhead modules.
  4. Theoretical knowledge is necessary, but it is equally crucial to test it and see if you can solve scenario-based questions. Once you have covered the basic concepts and gained experience, it is time to enroll and test your readiness with the help of the Salesforce PD1 practice exams. Analyze those practice questions and see the scope of improvement.

Sample Practice Questions

To know the difference between dumps and good quality practice questions, consider the following questions and decide if you want to take the shortcut or do the smart work.

Salesforce Mock Exams

1. Which of the following statements about the IF-ELSE statement are true?

a. An IF-ELSE statement permits a choice to be made between two possible execution paths.

b. An IF statement can be followed by a discretionary ELSE statement, which executes when the Boolean expression is false.

c. An IF-ELSE statement provides a secondary path of execution when an IF clause evaluates to true.

d. An IF-ELSE statement can have any number of possible execution paths.

Answer: a

Rationale: The IF-ELSE statement permits a choice to be made between two possible execution paths and not more.

The ELSE statement executes (secondary path) when the IF clause is false. Repeated ELSE-IF statements can be used in order to provide more than two or any number of possible execution paths.

2. Which of the following statements related to Apex best practices about avoiding SOQL queries inside For Loops are true? Choose 3 correct answers.

a. By moving queries outside of for loops, the code will run faster, and is less likely to exceed governor limits.

b. When queries are placed inside a for loop, a query is executed on each iteration, and the governor limit is easily exceeded.

c. The following code is an example of improper SOQL limit utilization: for (Account a : [SELECT Id, Name From Account Limit 1000]) { //code_block }

d. If a developer needs to query, query once, retrieve all the necessary data in a single query, then iterate over the results.

e. Running a SOQL query inside a for loop is advised as long as the LIMIT command is properly used.

Answer- a, b, and d.

Rationale: Using a SOQL query to define the scope of a loop is only counted as 1 SOQL query against the governor limits. Moreover, it uses proper SOQL utilization methods because it can process query results that return many records and is a good way to avoid the heap limit of the Apex transaction.

There is a difference between using a SOQL query inside a for loop and using a SOQL for loop. One of the incorrect options uses the latter to iterate over 1000 Account records. The SOQL query is in the definition of the loop rather than being within the code block, which means that it would only count as a single query against the governor limit. However, the option is incorrect because it basically implies that using a SOQL for loop is improper when it comes to governor limit considerations, which is not true.

3. What are the valid use cases for using a controller extension in a Visualforce page?

Choose 2 answers.

a. To override the edit action of a standard controller

b. To add a new action to the Visualforce page

c. To replace the standard controller entirely.

d. To set any page to always run in system mode.

Answer- a and b.

Rationale: A controller extension is an Apex class that is used to extend the functionality of a standard or custom controller. It enables a page to override actions, such as edit, view, save, or delete. It can also add new actions and is not used as a replacement for the standard or custom controller it leverages. Though a controller extension typically executes in system mode, it will execute in user mode when used as an extension of a standard controller.

4. Which data type is appropriate for a numerical value of 726.23 stored in the variable totalCost?

Choose 1 answer.

a. Integer totalCost;

b. Decimal totalCost;

c. Long totalCost;

d. Numeric totalCost;

Answer: b

Rationale: The Decimal data type is used for storing numbers that include a decimal point and is most suitable for working with currency values. Currency fields in Objects are automatically assigned the type Decimal. Double is a 64-bit numeric data type that can be used to store numbers that contain decimal points but offers lesser functionality compared to Decimal.

Integer and Long cannot include decimal points. Numeric is an invalid data type.

5. Which of the following can be used to update existing standard and custom fields on child records automatically when a parent record is modified?

Choose 3 answers.

a. Process Builder

b. Workflow Rule

c. Apex Trigger

d. Formula field

e. Flow Builder

Answer- a, c, and e.

Rationale: Flow Builder and Process Builder are declarative tools that are capable of updating related records, including child records. However, Salesforce recommends using flows over processes as it is more efficient performance-wise. An Apex trigger can also be used to update related child records, especially when batch processing that requires an even higher performance needs to be run.

A Workflow Rule can be used to update only the master record that is related to the child record, using a cross-object field update action. Although a cross-object formula field can be used to reference and display values in merge fields from a parent object if an object is on the detail side of a master-detail relationship, it cannot be used to ‘update’ existing fields on the detail records.

6. Global Containers requires that when saving an opportunity record, a check is performed to determine if the opportunity amount is the highest value in the current year for all opportunities in the org. If so, a checkbox on the opportunity record should be marked and an email should be sent to the record owner’s manager. What Salesforce feature should be recommended to handle this requirement?

Choose 1 answer.

a. Flow Builder

b. Workflow Rule

c. Formula Field

d. Apex Trigger

Answer- a.

Rationale: A record-triggered flow, which runs in the system context, can be launched when a record is saved. It can then query all the other opportunities and compare the amounts. If the triggering record contains the highest amount, its checkbox field should be set and the checkbox field of the previous record with the highest amount, if any, should be unset. An Action element can be added to the flow for sending emails.

An Apex trigger can also meet the requirement, but the best practice is to build a declarative solution when possible. Workflow rules and formula fields cannot be used to query records.

7. Which of the files below can the $ContentAsset global value provider reference?

Choose 3 answers.

a. images

b. CSS files

c. JavaScript files

d. HTML files

e. font files

Answer- a, b, and c.

Rationale: The $ContentAsset global value provider is used for referencing images, stylesheets, and JavaScript files in a Lightning component. It is not used for loading HTML files or referencing font files.

8. Cosmic Solutions is using Salesforce Connect to allow Salesforce users of the company to view orders that exist in an external order management system. Each order record has a unique record identifier in the external system which is visible in Salesforce via Salesforce Connect. Salesforce is used to create shipment records. Since each order can be associated with one or more shipments, the sales director of the company would like to allow users to choose an order while creating a shipment record in Salesforce. Which of the following should a developer define on the ‘Shipment__c’ object for this use case?

Choose 1 answer.

a. External Lookup Relationship Field

b. Indirect Lookup Relationship Field

c. Lookup Relationship Field

d. Master-Detail Relationship Field

Answer- a.

Rationale: An external lookup relationship allows linking a child standard, custom, or external object to a parent external object using the standard External ID field on the parent external object. The values of the External ID field are matched against the values of the external lookup relationship field on the child object.

9. Bright Starts company uses the Lead object and a child ‘Sub Lead’ custom object for their lead verification process. Both objects have a ‘Verified’ custom checkbox field that is used for marking a lead or a sub lead as verified or not. In addition, a process is used to automatically mark a parent lead as verified also if the ‘Verified’ field of any of its existing sub leads is updated to true. How can this process be tested efficiently using Apex tests?

Choose 3 answers.

a. Insert a Sub Lead test record in the test class with the ‘Verified’ checkbox marked true, to invoke the process during Apex test execution.

b. Update a Sub Lead test record in the test class by changing the ‘Verified’ checkbox to true, to invoke the process during Apex test execution.

c. Query the ‘FlowTestCoverage’ object in the test class to test the process during the Apex test execution.

d. Use ‘assert’ methods in the test class to verify the expected outcome of the process, for all positive and negative test cases.

e. Ensure the test class considers a bulk update of Sub Lead records to determine potential issues with governor limits.

Answer- b, d, and e.

Rationale: The process runs when the ‘Verified’ checkbox field of an existing Sub Lead record is updated to true. So, a test method should retrieve an unverified sub lead, set its ‘Verified’ checkbox field to true, and save it. Then, an assert method, such as assertEquals(), can be used to verify if the parent lead is updated accordingly. To ensure that the process works as expected for all possible scenarios, it is recommended to include as many positive and negative test cases as possible in the test class.

Updating the field after calling the ‘startTest’ method ensures that the operation is performed on a fresh set of governor limits. The tests written for processes should also consider a bulk update of the Sub Lead records to identify issues with governor limits.

Inserting a test Sub Lead record on which the ‘Verified’ checkbox field is set to true will not work because the process is designed to run for existing records only. The ‘FlowTestCoverage’ object is used to determine the test coverage of a process by querying its ‘flowversionid’. It is useful when deploying a process (and flow) as active in a production org, but it is not used for testing the functionality of a process.

10. The solutions architect of a company has rolled out Salesforce DX for the developer team to implement in their application development process. Which of the following are capabilities of Salesforce DX?

Choose 3 answers.

a. Salesforce CLI

b. Compatibility with Version Control Systems

c. Salesforce Extensions Pack

d. Developer Console

e. Workbench

Answer- a, b, and c.

Rationale: Salesforce DX involves the use of Salesforce CLI to migrate code and metadata between orgs, and generate scratch orgs, which serve as personal development environments for developers and packages or updates. A version control system is used to manage and track changes. With code and metadata hosted in a code repository, Salesforce CLI can effectively be used to implement continuous integration and continuous deployment.

By using the Salesforce Extensions Pack for Visual Studio Code, a developer can easily set up a Salesforce DX project, perform Salesforce CLI commands, among several other integrated features, and build Lightning Components, Apex, and Visualforce in the editor.

The Developer Console, a web-based IDE that is connected to only one org, and Workbench, an external web-based tool, would not be ideally involved in the development process of a Salesforce DX project.

Summing Up

As you can see, there can be multiple answers to a question. If you use exam dumps, you will lack clarity, and it won’t be helpful in coming up with all the correct answers. Most exam dumps are not trustworthy because sometimes the answer given in the dump is wrong, and sometimes there is no proper explanation for the answers.

So, to ensure that you only ace solving the questions on time and get additional learning material in explaining the questions, you can use saasguru practice exams. The practice exams on the saasguru platform are created by accomplished professionals who are experienced and experts. You will get a detailed explanation for each question as well.

The guide must have cleared your doubts regarding the exam dumps. Now that you are aware of the several benefits of taking various practice exams, start testing your readiness by signing up on saasguru now!

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