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Salesforce Platform Developer-I Certification Exam Guide

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Salesforce Platform Developer-I Certification Exam Guide


The Salesforce Platform Developer I certificate is for people with expertise and knowledge in designing and implementing business logic, user interfaces, and other things using the Lightning Platform’s customization and programmable capabilities.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

This certification assesses the Lightning Platform’s essential programming capabilities for developing custom logic and customized interfaces on Salesforce utilizing Apex, Visualforce Pages, basic Lightning Components, Triggers, and other Lightning Platform features.

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 study guide provides a thorough overview of the Salesforce certification exam, the exam pattern, cost & registration, syllabus, and exam tips to ace the exam easily. If you plan to advance your career with Salesforce, the PD1 exam is the best way to learn and prove your development and customization knowledge. It provides confidence to the Employers that the individual knows Salesforce customization, development, developing custom logic for the common business requirements, and leveraging the Salesforce development platform to build requirement components and code.

A candidate must pass this exam to earn this certificate. The Salesforce Platform Developer II credential requires this credential as a prerequisite. 

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern is crucial because knowing the format will help you better plan to prepare for the exam systematically. As a result, below are some essential exam details:

  • The exam has 60 multiple-select/multiple-choice questions to get scoring.
  • There could be up to 5 questions that aren’t graded.
  • The exam is time-bound, and the time allotted to complete the exam will be 105 minutes.
  • The passing mark is 68 percent, which means you must give 41 correct answers.
  • You can select any one option from the below to take the exam.
  1. Onsite Proctored exam, which is available onsite at a testing center
  2. Online Proctored exam is given in an online proctored environment from your laptop/desktop using a camera.
  • During the exam, you are not granted to consult any exam resources.
  • This exam does not have any prerequisites.
  • Each question is scored equally.
  • The questions can be marked for review during the test and checked again before submitting the exam. 

Note: Comments and feedback on the questions can also be submitted on the Platform Developer I exam.

Certification Cost

The registration fee for the exam is USD 200. A fee of USD 100 should be paid for every retake. Taxes may be levied accordingly in addition to the exam cost.

If you have the Salesforce Platform Developer I credential, you must maintain it by completing the maintenance trailhead module before the due date to keep your credentials valid.

Registration Process

1. Onsite Proctored Center 

The certificate examinations are conducted by Salesforce in collaboration with Kryterion, a global network of testing centres. Visit to find a centre near you. Exam schedules are created by each testing center so that availability may vary. Register for the exam prior to 24 to 72 hours of the exam. But, registering at least one week before ensures that your requested date and time are available.

2. Online Proctored

 You may take Salesforce certification examinations from the comfort of your own computer with online proctoring. Through a webcam, a proctor oversees these exams. Daily online proctored tests are available, with the exception of significant US holidays and system maintenance. Online proctoring does not require advance registration; you can register and start a test on the same day. Get ready with your computer in advance if you’re taking a test through online proctoring for the first time.

First of all, you need to create a profile on webassessor at and then follow the consecutive steps.

For frequently asked questions regarding scheduling examinations, read Kryterion’s article: Scheduling and Account.

Topics and Weightage 

This exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and experience in the areas. If you have the Salesforce Platform Developer I credential, you must maintain it by completing the maintenance trailhead module before the due date to keep your credentials valid.


TopicsPercentageExpected Number of Questions
Salesforce Fundamentals7%4
Data Modelling & Management13%8
Process Automation & Logic40%24
User Interface23%14
Testing, Debugging and Deployment17%10


Hands-on experience, Trailmix completion, Trailhead trails, and self-study are also suggested in these areas, as Salesforce will put your knowledge to the test. The purpose of the exam is to verify your expertise and understanding in the relevant areas. As a result, having hands-on expertise with all of the topics is highly encouraged.

Refer to Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Syllabus for the exam outline. 

Preparation Tips

Salesforce PD-1 Preparation Tips

Refer to the below tips to plan and structure your exam preparation to ace your Salesforce Platform Developer I exam.

  • Go through the exam guide in detail and get a thorough understanding of the exam format, the time allocation, weightage, the format of questions, and the like. In the exam, not all topics are equally relevant. Make sure to focus on the areas that are most weighted. 
  • Schedule your exam even before starting your exam preparation. This will keep you motivated to prepare better with a specific date in mind, prioritise your modules, and stay on track.     
  • The best method to remember all of the crucial information that will help you answer the questions is to use the implementations/project work you did during your preparation.
  • Completing the Trailmix on Trailhead is highly recommended. It’s a terrific way to learn and build skills. New Salesforce features are added to these trails on a regular basis.
  • It’s a good idea to make connections within the Salesforce community by attending networking events, seminars, and connecting on LinkedIn and Twitter. Here’s a link to our saasguru community, which is completely free.
  • Practice as many questions as possible before the exam to familiarise yourself with the types, structure, and depth of questions you can expect to see on the actual exam. This will assist you in managing time better. 
  • In the exam, read the questions very carefully by keeping in mind the time allotted for each question.   Answering each question must take no more than 90 seconds. If you’re confused, you can and save the question for later consideration.
  • Do not waste your valuable time by answering a question you don’t know about. And if you are confused about the answers, try to narrow down the information by striking out the wrong answers. 
  • Once you’ve passed the exam, brag about it to your coworkers and fellow Salesforce admins in the Trailblazer Community.

Sum Up

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Achieving certifications credentials cements your position in the Salesforce ecosystem as a skilled individual. It also demonstrates your commitment to your career development. However, obtaining a certification is a complex undertaking due to the abundance of online training providers. Nothing, however, should prevent you from growing in your career when the perfect chance presents itself.

Adopting the learner-first learning strategy on our certification preparation programs has immensely benefited saasguru and its clients. Our satisfied customers have benefited from customised content, timely delivery, and personalised service. 

With saasguru, now is the time to sign up for Salesforce online training. Do check our Salesforce Platform Developer 1 course here.

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1. How much preparation is recommended for successfully clearing the PD1 exam?

A. At least one month of preparation is advised before attempting the exam. If you think you need more time to thoroughly prepare, you can schedule your exam accordingly. Always start your preparation after scheduling the exam, so that you can plan and prepare, keeping a specific date in mind, which is a proven method to prepare better.

2. What is the cost of registering for the Platform Developer I Certification exam?

A. The registration cost is USD 200 plus tax, and the retake charge is USD 100 plus tax.

3. What’s the Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam Format?

A. There are 60 multiple-choice/ multiple-select questions in the exam, plus five non-scored questions.

4. What is the Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam passing score?

A.The exam has a passing score of 68 percent, and you must get 41 accurate answers to pass.

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