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Salesforce Service Cloud Tutorial for Beginners

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Salesforce Service Cloud Tutorial for Beginners

All Businesses are evolving over the years because of increasing digitization and change in the purchase pattern of customers. And the change is not only limited to the retail industry. It has changed the B2B landscape as well. Digital selling channels are replacing the existing ones, and the former is more efficient and cost-effective.

As people spend more time on their smartphones and social media platforms, marketers respond accordingly to engage with their customers and earn their loyalty. New-age marketing channels provide personalized end-to-end buying experiences to customers.

Unlike traditional mass-media communication channels, online selling channels provide two-way communication where buyers can actively engage with the sellers, resolve their doubts, and receive quality after-sales service. So, today brand engagement became an integral part of branding activities and increasing sales. Brand engagement provides a competitive edge and helps businesses build good brand equity.

Most businesses have now sensed this change and are adopting new technologies to provide quality information, selling experience, and good after-sales service. It does not only help them retain existing customers but also helps them gain new customers through word-of-mouth publicity.

So many online tools were developed to make this task well-organized for businesses. Salesforce Service Cloud is one such tool developed by Salesforce that makes life easy for companies and helps them gather customer data and provide services more efficiently at a lower cost.

This is why businesses are adopting the Salesforce Service Cloud to provide beyond-expectation customer service and gain new business. So, the Salesforce Service Cloud is now becoming an integral part of businesses, and indeed, it is going to play a more prominent role in the future.

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It means that the knowledge of the Salesforce Service Cloud can provide you with promising job opportunities. Even if you aspire to work as a Salesforce professional or in any organization, knowledge of the Salesforce Service Cloud will help you upgrade your career.

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Salesforce Service Cloud is beneficial to everyone, from the sales and marketing team to top management. With the help of the Salesforce Service Cloud, the sales and customer service teams can efficiently handle orders and provide after-sales service. At the same time, top management can get insightful data for decision-making.

This is why we have created this post, to provide you with a basic tutorial on the Salesforce Service Cloud. In this post, we will brief you on the basic features, use cases, and benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud. So, let’s start with,

Important Features and Use cases of Salesforce Service Cloud

1. Case Management

Case management is the most important and core feature of the Salesforce service cloud. In simple language, Case management is the record book of cases raised by customers.

Customers can conveniently raise their cases and keep track of their queries with the help of case management.

This feature helps businesses serve their customers better as customer service executives can check the history of cases raised by customers in the past to get the whole picture and resolve the case accordingly.

Case Management helps top management check the status of pending cases. It is a powerful tool by which top management can study all the past cases and take well-informed steps to make the service experience better for the customers.

2. Live Agent Chat

A live agent is one of the most important features provided by the Salesforce Service Cloud. It enables a 24-hour 7 day online servicing facility for the clients. It is an online specialist agent that promptly resolves the queries of clients. It increases customer satisfaction and improves brand image.

3. Lighting Service Console

It gives a 360-degree view of customer issues by allowing them to access all case-related information from one screen (without needing to switch between the screen). Hence help improve the agent’s productivity.

4. Knowledge Base

You can take the knowledge base as a virtual library for the sales and customer service team. It is a huge source of information that can be useful for the Sales and customer service team. Customer service executives can fetch the data from the knowledge base to resolve any complex queries of the customers.

The knowledge base can also be shared with customers so they can find basic answers on their own without approaching the client service.

5. Omnichannel Routing

It is one of the essential features of the Salesforce Service Cloud as it assigns work to a suitable team member. Omnichannel routing makes sure that specific tasks are allotted to specialists in the team. 

As the name suggests, omnichannel routing enables the integration of multiple channels where customers interact with the support team, like social media, emails, text messages, and calls. Omnichannel can also have a crossover among the multiple channels and allot queries of customers to the specialists or any external bodies hired by the business.

6. Administration Cloud

The administration cloud is used to provide the best customer service as it can be accessed on any personal device, like a smartphone. Customers can use it on their smartphones as a self-help tool. It doesn’t involve any live agent. Here customer can find their relevant queries and the solution provided by the cloud. It helps organizations save costs as customers can easily find answers to minor problems independently.

If problems are more complicated, customers can take the help of a live agent. So, it reduces the time of the customer service team so that they can focus on more critical tasks.

7. Live Message

Live message is a more cost-effective solution through which organization can serve their customers in a better way. It is a quicker and cheaper way to assist customers than traditionally solving queries over calls.

8. Einstein Bots

Like any other bots, Einstein bots are built to make daily tasks easier for the customer service team. Einstein bots are deployed to resolve repeated, simple queries automatically so that the customer service team can focus on other essential tasks. Einstein bots are connected with the company CRM and access the entire business data.

Einstein bots and live agents are combined to provide the best customer support. They can access the CRM and previous call records as a reference to resolve repeated queries. In the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can build Einstein bots on the Einstein bots builder. There is n number of possibilities to create bots as per the business requirement.

9. Social Customer Service 

This feature is very useful for call centers. With this feature, call centers can serve queries from multiple social media platforms.

This feature integrates all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. So, businesses can be approachable to clients on any social media platform and reach out to their clients.

This feature integrates queries raised by customers on any social media platform. So the customer service executive can respond to any queries or even leads raised from any social media platform.

10. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI Integration)

Salesforce CTI is one of the most widely used methods for connecting telephone and computer systems in organizations. It enables you to manage and monitor phone calls from within Salesforce. CTI can be used to manage customer interactions and track sales opportunities. It gives you real-time information about your customers, which allows you to make more informed decisions about how to approach them. Furthermore, CTI can help you improve customer service by allowing you to manage customer interactions more efficiently.

11. Macros (Automation)

Macros is a very powerful automation tool offered by the Salesforce service cloud that makes life easier for the sales and marketing team.

It takes care of all the repetitive tasks that can take hours if done manually. Like sending payment reminders, purchase receipts, and payment acknowledgment emails.

Macros is a set of instructions that automates such tasks that can save a lot of time for the team. Because it could take a lot of time if performed manually on hundreds and thousands of customers

Users can provide the instructions like what to send and when to send in an email and other things as per requirement, and macros will then take care of that task more efficiently than humans.

12. Asset and Order Management

Asset and order management takes care of the complete life cycle of the order, from capturing the order to payment, fulfilling the order, and after-sales service.

All these stages of the order life cycle can be seen in asset and order management. With this feature of customer service, executives can retrieve the status of orders from anywhere across the globe.

Whatever product is purchased by the customer can be seen in the asset, and it can be linked to other value-added services like maintenance and warranty extension.

With the help of assets and orders, the management sales team can check the purchase history of the customer, the present status of the order, and all other information that can help them in serving the clients in a better way.

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Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Salesforce Service Cloud is used to provide the best service experience to clients with the help of technology. It provides CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), which helps to integrate telephonic calls with the client data so that whenever a customer service executive takes a call, they can have a full profile and purchase history handy with them.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud dashboards provide all the insightful data to the customer service team as well as decision-makers to monitor the process.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud provides multiple channels to serve customers. It is advantageous to the customers and helps organizations build strong brand loyalty.
  • As Salesforce Service Clouds can integrate with social media, customers can actively engage with the brand on social media as well. It helps resolve queries, market new products, and get reviews.

Summing Up

Salesforce Service Cloud is revolutionalizing the customer service provided by businesses. It is more efficient and cost-effective. So, it will undoubtedly have a more significant role in the business process. 

No doubt learning the Salesforce Service Cloud will provide better career opportunities. 

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