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ServiceNow CSA Salary Guide in 2022

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ServiceNow CSA Salary Guide

ServiceNow; the software company’s workforce has increased to 17,884 people in the first quarter of 2022. The largest share of their workforce works with sales and marketing, accounting for over six thousand employees in the latest quarter.

The certification comes into the picture when candidates are assumed to illustrate their potential to use the ServiceNow system. ServiceNow System Administrator Certification, commonly referred to as CSA, covers all details of the system usage. Right from the configuration and implementation to the maintenance of the system. Clearing this certification adds credibility to the candidate’s profile and makes them eligible for a specific job.

Before we get into the salary specifics, let’s look at a brief certification guide and prerequisites for becoming a certified ServiceNow system administrator. 

Before taking the exam, aspirants can wrap up a three-day ServiceNow Fundamentals training program or an on-demand ServiceNow Fundamentals training course. ServiceNow Fundamentals class acts as a prerequisite to successfully clearing this exam.

At least six months of detailed and practical ServiceNow experience will add to the advantage.

Additional Recommended Experience for Certified System Administrator at ServiceNow: 

  • Industry experience comprising database concepts and system management.
  • Knowledge of applications and modules of the system administrator roles
  • In-depth understanding of IT Help Desk processes, including processes, incident problems, workflow changes, etc.
  • If you have some prior experience using and maintaining ServiceNow instance, that can act as a definite add-on.

Why Become a Certified ServiceNow System Administrator? 

We’ve listed the top reasons that will help you decide why you must become a certified ServiceNow system administrator: 

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

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1. High Demand

Having its presence in the market since 2012, ServiceNow’s cross-departmental capabilities, with the addition of a unique workflow, have helped many organizations. 

A growing number of organizations utilize this platform to handle multiple tasks. 

Thus, there will be a need generated for experts who can easily handle and are accustomed to all the functionalities of ServiceNow.

2. Stable Career Option

A lot of times, the career options you choose may become outdated in the future; this will not be the case when it comes to ServiceNow. The platform is constantly scaling up in terms of innovation and competition. We can be certain that the platform is here to stay. With constant updates, the stability of application usage also goes up. The need for a ServiceNow administrator will act as a prerequisite for any organization.

3. Lucrative Pay Package

Soon, there will be a massive gap in skilled personnel in the ServiceNow application; hence the demand will rise. With the advancement in order, the starting salary will also be significantly higher, allowing businesses to expect the finest service from certified experts.

4. Additional Options to Choose From

You can obtain certification as a ServiceNow administrator, programmer, architect, system developer, and other roles. The ServiceNow certification course comprises various modules, and you can apply for desired posts. While it is not limited to a specific boundary, there are chances for career growth too. You can begin with the lowest and work up to the highest.

5. Career Growth for IT Professionals

Becoming a certified system administrator at ServiceNow can create a new job niche for IT professionals. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned IT professional, becoming a certified system administrator at ServiceNow can be highly beneficial. 

What Will Be Your Salary as a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator?

Passing the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam showcases the mastery of ServiceNow System Administration. The certification implies that a candidate has the required skill sets and essential knowledge to configure, manage and implement the ServiceNow platform.

Successfully clearing and passing this certification exam establishes the core skill set imperative to pursue further certification for individuals.

The critical element of the role of a certified system administrator will be handling the responsibility for the development and administration of several clients’ IT Service Management environment, creating complex system configurations, developing custom features and enhancements, as well as elaborating report and database query development based on customer requirements.

Certified System Administrator’s salary at ServiceNow ranges from ₹ 9 Lakhs to ₹ 11.5 Lakhs. And this is an estimate derived from salaries received from employees of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Salaries and the Influencing Elements

The 2021 ServiceNow Salary Influence Study ran from September 27, 2021, to October 19, 2021, to improve the ServiceNow community’s knowledge of Remuneration in the industry. The present study has carried on the research begun in the previous year’s survey to determine which characteristics of a professional’s profile most largely affected Compensation and to generate traditional compensation tables to help members of the ServiceNow community evaluate their worth.

Last year’s findings(2020 in the said case) found that demographic factors heavily influenced Compensation concerning certified system administrators and other posts at ServiceNow. There was also little influence from characteristics more traditionally linked to success, such as abilities, preparation, hard work, and performance. The survey aimed to build on previous findings by looking into alternative explanations. 

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

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Ultimately, nearly all of the last year’s results were validated by the current year’s survey data:

  1. Compensation continues to be complicated.
  2. Demographics continue to drive Compensation.
  3. The existence of the gender pay gap still prevails 
  4. The racial pay gap still prevails

Furthermore, this data enlarged these research results by providing more insight and clarifying some of last year’s results, as well as fresh perspectives such as: 

  1. Commissions are thought to be king.
  2. Variable Compensation is crucial.
  3. It’s all about who you know.
  4. Pay Disparity Has a Wider Impact

Summing Up

ServiceNow is a lucrative career option, given the high salary package and various other benefits. Suppose you require additional help and support in clearing this exam and gaining the certification. In that case, you can explore the training programs at Saasguru and take up some practice tests or mock exams to help you better prepare.

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