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Customer Expectations in the Digital World

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is finally here! Today, customers connect with businesses across multiple digital channels like Phones, Social Channels, Instant Messaging, Videos, Discussion Forums, etc. With all the new digital and traditional service channels, the phone is seen by far the most preferred medium for customers worldwide. Now, let’s check out how Salesforce Service Cloud Voice seamlessly helps businesses to stay competitive.

The customers’ expectations are at an all-time high with the new normal of living in a world with a pandemic. So, customers are always online and interacting with their favorite brand digitally.

Hence, for businesses to stay active in this hyper-connected world, there is an urgency for enterprises to invest in technology and transform how they service customers on their preferred channel.

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Get Smarter with Service Cloud Voice

The feature unifies phones with other digital channels along with CRM data in a single place. This powerful tool enables agents and supervisors to work from one system eliminating the need to toggle between multiple screens and devices to support customers.

With its transcription capabilities, agents can now concentrate more on productive work that matters. In addition, the transcription data can even trigger backend processes to enable the Einstein AI engine to provide recommendations and next best actions to the agents in real-time.

Supervisors can now view all the calls and conversations in real-time to assist and coach agents while ensuring the quality of the service.

Salesforce Service Cloud Key Features

How to Enable Service Cloud Voice?

Service Cloud features are powered by out-of-the-box integration with Amazon Connect, an omnichannel cloud contact center. It provides powerful AI-powered speech analytics, using Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend, to surface sentiment analysis, speech to text transcription, and translation into preferred languages, directly to agents.

Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect is available as an add-on license over Service Cloud. Also, customers can integrate with their telephony providers using Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony license.
You can also connect Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect using the same with Partner Telephony. The below table talks about the key differences between the two options.

Service Cloud Voice | Amazon Connect

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data in one central view for a faster and smarter customer experience. It provides our agents with the right tools to deliver personalized service when they need it most. Explore our Salesforce Certification Programs. Sign Up and upgrade your career to the next level.

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About The Author:

Prateek is a 17x Certified Salesforce Consultant based in Sydney. He has over 10 years of experience working with customers across the US, India, and Australia on transformational Salesforce projects.

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1. Does Salesforce integrate with voice?

Yes, Salesforce has voice assistance integrated into its program to give its customers a seamless agent service. The agents can speak to the customers over AmazonConnect once the customers enable the Service Cloud Voice feature. 

2. What is service cloud voice Salesforce?

Service Cloud Voice in Salesforce is a customer solution management source known as a call center where agents address the customers’ problems and find the right solutions. AI powers it in analyzing speech with the help of AmazonConnect, which helps customers speak to their agents in their preferred language over any form of connection, be it phone or social media. 

3. What are some key benefits of service cloud voice?

The integration of Service Cloud Voice in Salesforce was one of the revolutionary steps taken to uplift the Salesforce global market. Here are the key benefits of service cloud voice: 

  • Customer service has become far easier than it used to be. 
  • Customers do not need to visit companies or service centers to solve their problems and can instead call customer care for assistance.
  • It is highly time-saving as the agents no longer need to keep writing notes and can easily send solutions to the customers through voice calls. 
  • Tracking the progress of a specific product and finding out the problem areas is more accessible by counting the metrics of a particular question. 

4. How do I set up service cloud voice?

Setting up the Service Cloud Voice or enabling it is very simple and easy. You can either call your telephony service provider directly to get the add-on license for the Service Cloud Voice or contact service cloud directly to enable the service. 

5. How do I use voice cloud service?

Using Voice Cloud Service can be done with the following steps: 

  • Add your email address to register into the service after getting the license to use Voice Cloud Service.
  • Turn on the Voice option from the Amazon setup.
  • Set your password and start using Voice Cloud Service

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