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ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Study Guide 2022

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ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Study Guide 2022

Over the years, ServiceNow has grown to become one of the most popular Enterprise Service Management solutions on the market. The cloud-based enterprise management platform has the potential to play a significant role in business operations. Those who are ServiceNow certified, without question, have a bright future ahead of them.



If you’re considering a career in ServiceNow, you should highly consider ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification as the primary step towards a stable future ahead. Sales Engineers, ServiceNow customers,  partners, and those who are passionate about the ServiceNow platform can attempt this certification.  

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification testifies a candidate’s ability to configure, implement, and maintain the ServiceNow platform. Passing the ServiceNow Administrator test is required to progress through the other ServiceNow Certification paths. CSA certification helps to set the pace and competencies needed for further certifications.

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The Prerequisites to Attempt a ServiceNow System Administrator Exam

To take the ServiceNow Administrator test, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Candidates must complete the ServiceNow Fundamentals Training course for three days or the ServiceNow Fundamentals training course available on demand before taking the Certified System Administrator exam.
  • The candidate must be familiar with database concepts and have sufficient system administration experience.
  • The candidate should have access to the Personal Developer Instance provided by  ServiceNow by logging into
  • A fundamental understanding of IT Help Desk processes is required of the candidate.
  • In addition, the candidate should have three (3) to six (6) months of ServiceNow instance administration and maintenance expertise.

ServiceNow System Administrator Exam Pattern

The exam is divided into multiple learning domains, with each learning domain dealing with different learning objectives. There are around (60) questions on the exam. Each question on the exam has multiple options from which the candidate can select the most accurate option/options.  The exam result is calculated and presented to the candidate soon after the exam has been finished and submitted.

The Certified ServiceNow Administrator exam pattern specifications are summarised in the table below.

Exam CodeCSA
Exam NameCertified ServiceNow System Administrator
Exam Duration90 Minutes
No of Questions60
Passing Percentage70%
Question FormatMultiple Choice/Multiple Select
Exam Re-take Options3 Times

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Cost 

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Candidates must use the voucher acquired by completing the prerequisite of completing the ServiceNow Fundamentals training to register for the exam on the ServiceNow Webassessor website. Candidates who have completed the fundamentals can sit for the Certified System Administrator test for free if they have a coupon code.

Usually, the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam costs $150 if the voucher is not used. After paying a $150 registration fee, candidates who fail the cert exam will be granted the opportunity to retake it. They may, however, reappear for the exam a maximum of three times.

Registration for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam 

The exam can be taken in one of two ways: onsite at a proctored centre or online with a virtual proctor.

The candidates have the choice of taking the certification exam at an Authorised Testing Centre, or they can choose a proctored online option. The Kryterion testing network stretches worldwide, and each location offers a secure and safe testing environment. 

1. Onsite Proctored Centre

Kryterion, a global network of testing centres, delivers the certification exam. To find a centre near you, log in to Exam timetables are created by each testing centre so that availability may vary. Exam registration is usually required at least 24-72 hours ahead of time. Candidates can register for the exam and choose a date and a time slot that is convenient for them. 

2. Online Proctored

The test taker can opt for an online proctored exam if it is inconvenient for them to travel down for the exam. If certain prerequisites are met, a candidate can take the test on his or her own system. A proctor will be present throughout the exams and monitoring through a webcam. With the exception of major US holidays and on some occasions of system maintenance, online proctored tests are available every day. If you have chosen online proctoring, you can register and begin taking a test on the day of the exam itself. If you’re planning to take up your exam through online proctoring, make sure that you are all set with your computer. 

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Syllabus

The learning domains and weightings tested by this exam and the percentage of questions in each domain are listed in the table below. 

ServiceNow CSA Exam Syllabus

For detailed information, check ServiceNow CSA Exam Syllabus here.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Preparation Tips

It may seem challenging to any learner at the outset of their preparation, but it will become much more manageable as you break it down into distinct tasks and portions. Here are some more preparation tips for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator test.

  1. Participants in the ServiceNow Fundamentals learn about various topics and interact with multiple applications by exploring the ServiceNow platform and applying what they’ve learned. Each course module includes extensive hands-on tasks to reinforce lecture themes and also provide practical experience. Exercises are carried out in a private, dedicated training environment. There are many instructor-led training sessions throughout the course, such as knowledge checks, topic reviews, and open discussions. Participants can put their newly acquired knowledge to the test while also benefiting from real-world business problems presented by their peers.
  2. The candidates can go through the exam blueprint to strategically prepare for the exam. Exam format should be properly understood by going over the exam guide in detail, including questions, time allocation, recommended materials, weightage, and duration. Not every section is equally important in the exam. Make a point of focusing your preparation on the most substantially weighted topics.
  3. Explore ServiceNow Learning Path, which provides several training and courses of reference for candidates taking the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam.
  4. The best method to stick to a timetable and stay motivated is to schedule your exam for a feasible future date. When you set a deadline, you will automatically set your mind to put effort into the certification exam as the date comes closer. 
  5. When studying for the ServiceNow Admin Certification, flashcards are quite helpful. It’s basically a memory technique where you can quickly refresh your memory. Learners can use flashcards to engage in information and help them grasp the study material. Furthermore, flashcards are specifically designed to strengthen and encourage active recall, resulting in developing a better neural link in the brain, making it a powerful memory aid.
  6. Hands-on experience is the key to success. The number of implementations or project work you did helps more than a reservoir of theoretical materials you have gone through.
  7. We advocate using our saasguru platform after finishing the ServiceNow Foundations and understanding the fundamentals, as it will assist in bridging the gap between your learning and certification day. 
  8. It’s a good idea to develop connections within the ServiceNow community while studying for a certification. Attend events and join online groups where you may ask questions and have them answered fast. Here’s a link to our saasguru community, which is completely free.
  9. Familiarise yourself with the format and complexity of the actual exam by taking as many practice tests as possible before sitting for the certification exam. This will better equip you to handle the time and exam stress at the time of the actual exam. 
  10. The ServiceNow Admin Certification exam is a test with multiple-choice questions. It comprises 60 questions, and the passing score is 70% or above. Some of the questions will have more than one correct answer. So, you need to be careful in double-checking them all as a partial response is considered incorrect. 
  11. In the exam, read the questions very carefully and remember to keep an eye on the time. Each question should not take more than 90 seconds to answer. If you’re stumped, make the best-educated estimate you can and save the question for later consideration.
  12. Always try to rule out the questions you do not know the answer to, not even a wild guess. This will help you focus more on the questions you can make out. 

To Sum Up

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Obtaining credentials demonstrates your dedication to further professional development. However, getting a certification is difficult due to the abundance of online training providers. But, it would be best if you did not miss any opportunity that comes the way that will help you in your professional development. 

With the help of saasguru, the ServiceNow certification exam will be a cakewalk for you if appropriately prepared. 

Saasguru adopts the learner-first learning strategy where prime importance is given to the learner. They are given the opportunity to customise their study plan and prepare at their own pace. The well-curated content, personalised learning strategy, 1:1 mentoring, gamified learning are very few among the several services provided by saasguru. Furthermore, we make sure that we continuously develop our product without losing sight of the most crucial component of our platform — our users.

With saasguru, you’ll never regret choosing the appropriate platform to ace your ServiceNow CSA cert prep.

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