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ServiceNow Admin Certification Syllabus

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ServiceNow Admin Certification Syllabus

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification verifies that a candidate possesses the required skills and competence in handling the ServiceNow platform to configure, implement, and its proper maintenance. 

In order to advance through the other ServiceNow Certification routes, it is required to pass the ServiceNow Administrator exam, which helps to establish a set of skills that would be required down the lane. 

If you have a genuine interest in steering your career path towards ServiceNow, you can start preparing for the basic credential – ServiceNow Certified System Administrator. Sales Engineers, ServiceNow customers, and partners can also try their hands on attempting the certification.

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

ServiceNow Training Path Requirements

The below prerequisites have to be met in order to take up the ServiceNow Administrator exam.

  • The aspirants are required to complete the ServiceNow Fundamentals Training course for 3 days or the ServiceNow Fundamentals training course that you can get access to in Now Learning on demand before attempting the Certified System Administrator exam.
  • The candidate must have an understanding of Database principles and enough experience in system administration. 
  • The candidate should have ServiceNow administration applications access as a system administrator.
  • It would be perfect if the candidate has a basic understanding of IT Help Desk processes as well. 
  • The candidate also should have around 3-6 months of experience in using and maintaining ServiceNow instances for three (3) to six (6) months.

Exam Overview

The exam is categorized into different learning domains where specific learning objectives are dealt with in each learning domain. This correlates to major activities that are encountered throughout ServiceNow implementations. 

If you are seriously planning to pursue this exam, and wish to obtain a good pass percentage, get to know the below details and understand what should be included in ServiceNow System Administrator Exam preparation, and how should we plan ahead.

The below table gives you an overview of the Certified ServiceNow Administrator exam.

ServiceNow CSA Exam Pattern

Exam Syllabus

The learning domains and weighting tested by this exam, as well as the percentage of questions in each domain, are listed in the table below. 

ServiceNow Admin Certification Syllabus

Now, let’s see the subskills tested in the exam that comes under each learning domain. Please note that the sub-skills described below should not be construed as an exhaustive breakdown of exam topics.

ServiceNow Admin Certification Syllabus

1. User Interface & Navigation – 20%

a. ServiceNow Overview

b. Lists & Filters

c. Forms and Templates

d. Branding

2. Collaboration – 20%

a. Task management

b. Notifications

c. Reporting

3. Database Administration – 30%

a. Data Schema

b. Application/ access control


d. Import Sets

4. Self-service & Process Automation – 20%

a. Knowledge Management

b. Service Catalog

c. Flow Designer

5. Introduction to Development – 10%

a. Scripting

b. Migration & Integration

c. Development

To Sum Up

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1. What is ServiceNow CSA?

CSA stands for the Certified System Admin for the ServiceNow platform. The ServiceNow System Admin credential validates the professional’s understanding and skill regarding the ServiceNow platform’s integration, configuration, and maintenance. It proves the candidate’s expertise in ServiceNow system administration. 

2. What do I need to learn to become a ServiceNow System Administrator? 

To be a successful ServiceNow System Administrator, you should gain at least six months of experience in system administration and database management. And apart from the topics mentioned in the syllabus, you must also understand the problem, incident, and change workflows as well as the IT Help Desk processes. Knowledge of Javascript, Java, and web services would also be beneficial.

3. How many questions are there in the ServiceNow CSA exam? 

There are 60 questions in the ServiceNow CSA exam. And for each multiple-choice question, there are four possible options. There can be more than one correct answer to the questions. So the candidate has to choose the most accurate response out of the four possible answers.

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