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What is a Salesforce Certified Administrator?

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What is a Salesforce Certified Administrator?

Salesforce has been gaining vast outreach over the past few years, and its revenue has increased by more than 24% over the last fiscal year. Statistics also show that Salesforce holds one-third of all businesses that use Customer Relationship Management software.

For a business to make effective use of Salesforce, a Salesforce administrator needs to be appointed. The Salesforce administrator is critical to the organization’s success as they enable the business to make full use of the Salesforce technology. 

A Salesforce administrator has multiple roles and responsibilities that they need to carry out. Salesforce Administrators engage with stakeholders to customize the platform and meet the system requirements. They are the link between business and technology. Certified Salesforce administrators are in high demand as they can use their skills to use the Salesforce platform to its fullest potential. 

Salesforce Administrators can get certified by passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

Benefits of Being a Certified Salesforce Administrator

A Certified Salesforce Administrator enjoys a few perks compared to non-certified administrators. Some of those perks are:

1. Marketability

Having the certification is a badge of recognition that draws attention from employers. It is the most effective technique to demonstrate to the company that you are capable. Employers always go for hiring the certified administrator over the non-certified one.

2. Updated Knowledge

Salesforce releases new updates to their software regularly. Keeping in touch with the latest updates shows employers that the administrator is dedicated to learning new skills. The Salesforce Certified Administrator needs to complete a test for every new update added to maintain their certified status.

3. Efficiency

By earning a Salesforce Certification, the Salesforce Certified Administrator is skilled and capable of solving problems faster and making prompt business decisions and solutions. The performance of the Salesforce Certified Administrator prompts the team under them to be more efficient and productive.

4. Reputation 

Holding the Salesforce certification gives the administrator the capability to take on responsibilities and projects harder than ones assigned to non-certified administrators. It also helps the Salesforce Certified Administrator build a reputation for themselves within the business and the industry in which they work. 

To the employer’s mind, having certified skills is a mark of expertise and signals to the employer that the Certified Administrator can get the projects done with in-depth knowledge and efficiency. Having a certification can also put Salesforce Certified Administrators in a position to get promoted to a higher earning position. Studies show that Salesforce administrators with a Certification are generally paid about 20% higher than Salesforce administrators without a certification.

How To Get Certified as  Salesforce Administrator?

To gain the best training to pass the exam and get certified, you can sign up for the Salesforce Admin Certification Program by saasguru. The Salesforce Cert programs by saasguru are effective and have helped fresh learners and professionals alike. 

Once you pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, the added skills and knowledge in Salesforce will be advantageous when you’re looking at career opportunities. Keeping your abilities honed and updated will give you the edge among other certified administrators as well. 

To Sum Up

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Salesforce Certified Administrators make up the bulk of Salesforce beginners. The competition is fierce, but it is worth it to be certified to stand out. Having the certification provides opportunities to progress your Salesforce career quicker. Not having the certification is akin to restricting yourself from climbing the ladder of success in Salesforce. So, leverage your certification to boost your career with Salesforce. Sign up with saasguru, Now!

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