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What is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

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What is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

With over 200 fully-featured services supplied from data centres worldwide, AWS is the largest, most powerful, and widely recognized cloud platform. Millions of clients, including start-ups, Fortune 500 organisations, and top federal agencies, rely on AWS to reduce costs, increase agility, and boost productivity.

People with cloud expertise are in high demand by firms looking to transform their operations. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential validates your knowledge of AWS as well as your ability to work in the cloud. These certificate assists companies in finding and developing employees with the necessary cloud implementation experience. Employers discover competent people to drive AWS cloud projects, and learners gain confidence and credibility by demonstrating their cloud experience with a recognized credential.

Who Can Take This Certification Exam?

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification path is for people who want to improve and confirm their overall knowledge of the AWS Cloud. Individuals that deal with the AWS Cloud in technological, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles will benefit from this course. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a suggested first step toward AWS Associate or Specialty certification.

The Certification Validates the Following Abilities:

  • Define the AWS Cloud and the fundamentals of global cloud infrastructure. 
  • Describe the architectural principles of the AWS Cloud.
  • Describe the value proposition of AWS Cloud.
  • Describe the AWS platform’s essential services and their most prevalent use cases.
  • Describe the AWS platform’s core security and compliance features, as well as the shared security paradigm.
  • Determine where you can get documentation or technical assistance.
  • Describe the fundamentals and main features of deploying and working on the AWS Cloud.

Certifications from AWS are valid for three years. To keep your AWS Certified credential, you must recertify to demonstrate your continuous and updated knowledge. Recertification enhances the total value of your AWS Certification by showing to individuals and employers that your certification covers the most up-to-date AWS knowledge, skills, and best practices.

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

Certifications Offered by AWS

 11 different AWS certifications are available, each of which is divided into four tiers. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the Foundational certification.

The Associate Certification level includes three certifications.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 
  • AWS Certified Developer 
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

Certificates under the Professional Certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect 
  • AWS DevOps Engineer 

Clearing the AWS Cloud with Specialty Certifications demonstrates unique technical knowledge. There are five different types of specialty certifications:

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking 
  • AWS Certified Big Data 
  • AWS Certified Security 
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning 
  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

What is the Purpose of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

As the name implies, cloud architects are in charge of an organisation’s cloud computing architecture. Their responsibilities include:

  • Participating in cloud migration initiatives.
  • Assessing workload architectures.
  • Advising their company’s teams on how to deal with high-risk issues.

In terms of cloud adoption, they also function as a bridge between a company’s business and technical aspects. As a result, it’s part of their job to ensure that the developers’ technical decisions align with the company’s goals.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is AWS’s most basic certification test. The certification covers the core services, including security, network, cloud pricing, and customer support. Aspirants will gain a general understanding of the AWS cloud platform with this certificate. 

This Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification is also a prerequisite for the Big Data and Advanced Networking certification exams.

Those interested in a career in the cloud should take the  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam because of the expanding popularity of cloud computing; demonstrating your cloud computing expertise may be helpful. 

Become an AWS certified Professional

In Conclusion

An AWS cloud practitioner credential improves your understanding of AWS products, cloud computing, and the cloud market in general. This certification is designed to help non-technical people understand the underlying computing ideas, making it an excellent place to start for newcomers.

After completing this course, you’ll be prepared to capitalise on the cloud’s current momentum and opportunities in the market to secure a bright future for your career.

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