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What is Salesforce Vlocity?

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What is Salesforce Vlocity?

Are you a Salesforce Developer and wondering how Salesforce Vlocity can help you? Salesforce Vlocity is a new acquisition and buzzword in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce completed the acquisition of Vlocity in 2020 and made it possible to provide a combination of the industry-specific models, the core platform, and solutions to the Salesforce industry. 

The guide will help you understand the importance of Salesforce Vlocity and how it works.

Before we get into the details of Salesforce Vlocity, learn about a Junction Object in Salesforce, as it will help you understand the internal functionality of the Salesforce Data Model. 

What is Vlocity?

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

The Vlocity is designed natively on the Salesforce platform. The Vlocity covers the world’s largest companies in the health, entertainment, media, insurance, energy, etc. And it offers mobile software, applications, and for the world’s largest and top companies based on specific industries that need CRMs.

Vlocity applications were founded in 2014 and gained the name of “industry cloud” pioneer with Forbes for three consecutive years. 

Therefore, Salesforce Vlocity is a solution for solving the needs of particular industries. It considers the everyday needs of the industries and clubs it into “cloud” solutions that can be applied to specific organisations. 

The Salesforce platform has invented Vlocity, keeping in mind how organisations are accelerating their digital transformation and work-from-anywhere environment. Through Vlocity, it provides the customers with the most advanced industries platform for digital transformation and expert guidance and tools to fulfill their specific needs and requirements. 

What is Salesforce Industries?

The Salesforce Industries is the next step for Salesforce after the acquisition of the Salesforce Vlocity. Salesforce Industries is the new name for Vlocity. Vlocity is the latest expert compared to the Salesforce Industries, and it is known to provide services across six different industries:- Media and Entertainment, Communications, Insurance, Utilities, Government, and Health. 

Explore the list below to know what all certifications are offered for the Salesforce Industries:-

  1. The Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant certification is designed for professionals who know about consulting on building cloud applications with the help of tools provided by OmniStudio.
  2. The Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer certification is created for developers with experience, knowledge, and skill to use the OmniStudio declarative development tools.
  3. The Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer certification is suitable for developers who know how to configure, quote, and price applications for the Salesforce Media, Energy, Utilities, and Communications. 

Why should you become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer?

If you integrate Salesforce Vlocity, you will experience an increase in the number of your customers demanding Vlocity’s solutions. Therefore, the Salesforce developers will have to familiarise themselves with the concepts and products of Vlocity to provide solutions to its customers and clients effectively and seamlessly. What’s in it for the Salesforce developer and how it helps them is a common question. 

The Salesforce Vlocity Developers are responsible for developing and integrating custom solutions like Apex Classes, Vlocity, Visualforce, etc., on the Salesforce platform. 

Consider the following reasons to become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer:-

  1. Salesforce offers a more holistic approach than earlier. Earlier it only paid attention to providing strategic solutions through the help of a particular software tool. This was not suitable for the clients that had needs that needed a variety of tools in various departments. But now, the platform has adopted multiple software to provide more effective solutions. Its perfect example is Vlocity. So, now is the ideal time to build a dynamic career as a Salesforce Vlocity developer. 
  2. By acquiring Vlocity for industry-specific needs, the demand and potential of the Salesforce platform have increased. With reducing costs and more services, the Salesforce Vlocity developers are more in demand now than ever. You can expect a higher package as a Salesforce developer because of high demand, limited talent, and the right skills.
  3. The work in the Salesforce ecosystem is dynamic because of the adoption of impactful tools and applications like Vlocity. So, as a Salesforce Vlocity developer, you gain experience and knowledge, and it lets you create an impact for your customers daily. The job teaches you how to build customer-focused solutions because the Salesforce platform is built entirely on customer satisfaction. 
  4. As a developer who doesn’t want to work for a platform that provides practical solutions with less workload, with the help of various tools and features of the Salesforce platform, you can give declarative solutions effectively, work with a low code and maintain multiple cases. The work is also easier to get a hold on.
  5. You will get to explore many career opportunities if you consider obtaining the Salesforce Industries certifications. Earning those credentials will take your career to another level.   

To Sum Up

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The guide explained how the Salesforce Vlocity helps industries with varied and complicated requirements. If you are considering a career as a Salesforce Vlocity developer, it is the right place to grow your career opportunities because this career is high in demand, secure, and trusted.

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