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What is ServiceNow Administrator?

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What is ServiceNow Administrator?

In the era of cloud computing, there is now a vast space in the cloud market to store anything. Many tools and methods are offered by cloud platforms that play a crucial role in the IT industry. And the ServiceNow platform is one such CRM platform that hosts apps for customers as a cloud computing platform. And a ServiceNow Admin plays an essential role in managing numerous service requests sent by the customers to the organisation. 

To build a successful career in ServiceNow, one must pass the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification. Passing the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam confirms that a candidate possesses the skills and knowledge required to administer the ServiceNow platform’s configuration, installation, and maintenance. Passing this certification test delivers the core skill set necessary for individuals to pursue additional certifications that come under ServiceNow.

We shall now explore the skill set necessary to be a successful ServiceNow Admin. Then we shall learn what a ServiceNow Administrator does as a part of their day-to-day activities. 

Skills Necessary to Become a ServiceNow Administrator

The ServiceNow Admin should possess various skills and abilities as their skill set because they handle multiple tasks and activities within the organisation. 

  • The ServiceNow Admin recognises the configuring procedure.
  • The ServiceNow Admin has a clear understanding of their day-to-day operations and responsibilities.
  • The ServiceNow Admin has a fundamental awareness of the ITSM procedures and how it is required for the professional. 
  • The ServiceNow Admin should know how to use the framework’s user interface (UI) and navigation system.
  • The ServiceNow Admin must know how to create tables, fields, and views, among other things.
  • The ServiceNow Admin should learn to develop service catalogue items, record generators, and orders.
  • The Administrator should design workflows to automate the numerous operations.

Therefore, the ServiceNow Admin has a deep knowledge and understanding of the ServiceNow platform and an apparent experience of the ITSM processes. 

Having read about the skill set required to excel in your job as a ServiceNow Admin, it will be easier to understand what a ServiceNow administrator is and what they do.  

What is ServiceNow Administrator, and what do they do?

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

The ServiceNow Administrator is responsible for responding to end-users who have request tickets in place, planning implementations, working with users about catalogue items/workflows, checking your upgrade plan path, and checking with security about integrations already in the platform. 

The duties and responsibilities of the ServiceNow Admin also include monitoring the compliance and health of ServiceNow, process automation, and development integration. The ServiceNow Admin also creates and modifies UI Policies, UI rules, client scripts, and business rules. 

Following is the detailed list of the work done by the ServiceNow Administrator.

1. Administrative and Management Role

  • The ServiceNow Admin handles the data provided to the end-users, and they also direct the behaviour of the controls.
  • A ServiceNow Admin is also responsible for field management and table management. Therefore, they change the existing fields and create new ones. This helps in working on a complex data system. 
  • Interestingly, admins also look after currency management. The data fields in the currency management provide multiple options for calculating currency value and display of the currency.
  • Data management is another crucial day-to-day activity of the ServiceNow Admins. The information in a user’s account is saved and treated according to an ethical framework administrator can audit and alter.
  • The Administrator creates reports and adds them to the platform’s dashboards.

2. Primary Configuration Tasks

  • Core configuration consists of modifications done on the ServiceNow platform and supporting apps. The ServiceNow Admin takes care of the changes that impact the settings across the system.
  • The tasks of a ServiceNow Admin also involve form configuration. They take care of swapping the form layout and related lists layouts. 
  • In addition to this, the Admin is responsible for organising the events and time tracking on the apps. Doing so makes the management smooth and intelligent. 

3. Platform Performance and System Security

  • The ServiceNow Admin ensures system optimisation by monitoring the performance of the system. 
  • System security is crucial for maintaining the health of the system. The ServiceNow Admin ensures system security by applying the security features suitable for the organisation. They oversee failed logins, password encryption, access control rules, audit logs, and other security elements that are critical to the organisation. 

4. Day-to-day Management 

Some day-to-day activities of the ServiceNow Admin include the following duties:-

  • Collaborating with the functional team to develop intelligent solutions for several issues.
  • Designing and building various training plans for the end-users.
  • Configuring, improving, and developing the performance of custom apps.
  • Overseeing the health, maintenance, and issues of the ServiceNow platform. 

The Admin should handle application improvements, loading, and data upkeep. This also aids in the creation of numerous dashboards and reports within ServiceNow.

To Sum Up

Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

The ServiceNow Admin is a professional who has to keep up with multiple tasks to resolve issues in the organisation. Therefore, the ServiceNow Admin certification would help validate your skills and prove that you have the required knowledge of the platform. 

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