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Why Use Salesforce?

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Why Use Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the predominant CRM service providers. While rummaging for a sound CRM system, one might come across several with varied pricing and features. So, what makes Salesforce different? Why have they topped the CRM market?

Salesforce is the first cloud-based CRM service provider and has been topping the list since 1999. Businesses rely on customer satisfaction to gauge their growth scale. With an efficient CRM system, Salesforce made it possible to improve the marketing and productivity of companies.

Colossal business names like American Express, Sony, and Coca-Cola also come under the client list of Salesforce, which contains over 150,000 clients worldwide. The list is ever expanding.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Salesforce

1. Unified Customer Data

Customer stories help with better marketing. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a single customer database that can be accessed and updated by all sectors of the business. Being a cloud-based system, all brand departments, from marketing to sales, can input data about customer interaction. The system creates a single data sheet for every customer, which can be accessed from anywhere globally. This enables better customer understanding.

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2. Zero Physical Restraints

Have you ever wondered how information used to be sent from one place to another via postal services or manual delivery of the documents? The situation has advanced well beyond software or hardware to being stored in a cloud system. Companies with several offices and departments spread out wide can all have access to the same data regardless of their physical location.

3. Empowers Digital Workflow

It is a communication platform that enables data to be shared between the customer, departments, teams, and partners. Salesforce has been the No 1 CRM platform due to cloud accounting. Salesforce Customer 360 has various applications for business modules like sales, service marketing, etc. Organizations, from schools to government institutions, rely on the Salesforce CRM system to digitize their workplace.

4. CDP and Marketing

Targeted marketing is the keynote of the latest marketing scenario. Understanding customer data and collecting all the possible information from known and unknown prospective customers is made more accessible with the Customer Data Platform (CDP). The data accessed from different sources are consolidated and integrated on a single platform. Data can be tugged in from Social Media platforms, making it easier to analyze potential customers.

5. AI Integration

Salesforce AI, Einstein is the intelligence that delivers AI technology to the CRM system. This enables clever insight into customer data and provides team recommendations. AI can also be customized according to business requirements and automate tasks. E.g., the AI can predict which customer will likely make a purchase and can be automatically set to market the product to potential customers.

6. Salesforce for Better Sales

The sales team is the driving force of the business house. Inefficient workflow is a reason why the sales department underperforms. With AI handling the data inputs, the sales team can work better with human interactions than with data entry. The Salesforce CRM system can also help to fabricate an effective sales workflow process.

7. Salesforce for Ecommerce Businesses

Simple B2B and B2C businesses that operate online can also use the Salesforce Platform to provide better customer services. The platform is flexible regardless of the business size, being a start-up or a Fortune500 company. Customer conversions can be scaled up by providing a personalized customer experience.

8. Automated IT Tools

One must not possess technical IT skills, programming, or coding language to use the Salesforce Platform. The processor works on a drag-and-drop technology, making its operation more manageable. Apps can be made in this manner by automating the processes.

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9. Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is a Salesforce marketplace with over 3000 apps. The Lightning App Builder on the Salesforce platform enables businesses and individuals to build their apps. These can be used to elevate business growth for small and large companies. Different platforms like MailChimp, Dropbox, etc. can be linked to Salesforce using these Apps. Organizations hire certified Salesforce professionals to simplify their business processes.

10. Mobile Friendly

Salesforce was the first of its kind to introduce mobile CRM. Data, the most crucial factor for businesses, can be accessed and updated through the Salesforce Mobile App.

The Bottom Line

Expanding tremendously across businesses, Salesforce is taking over the CRM market. Salesforce is committed to providing outstanding and excellent solutions to its clients. According to recent reports, Salesforce is highly used in the Retail sector, thus opening up opportunities for Salesforce Certified Professionals in 2022.

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