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Top Cloud Computing Certification Courses for Beginners 2022

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Top Cloud Computing Certification Courses for Beginners 2022

Cloud Computing is not only a trending industry and a skill but has also become one of the essential skills for IT professionals to learn. Since the world is greatly digitized, not only the demand for cloud computing and data management platforms but the professionals who excel in cloud computing is also increasing.

Since organizations prefer the cloud for maintaining their services and infrastructure, they are willing to pay to learn cloud computing courses because their products and apps are solely built in the cloud.

So, if you are considering a career in cloud computing, it is no surprise that it is a blooming platform, and you can have a very lucrative career. To ensure you choose the right path and field in the cloud industry, explore the best cloud computing certification courses and start your journey.

For beginners, it is essential to understand the importance of cloud computing to choose the right certification course for themselves.

The Importance of Cloud Computing

No matter what role you have in your organization, cloud computing will be a part of your professional life if you work in technology.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the cloud market is that it offers scalability and data privacy.

It allows organizations to examine their products and applications and work on them innovatively. Quicker solutions and effective CRM are other reasons for the growing use of the cloud.

A cloud platform is a blessing for engineers and developers because maintaining everything on the cloud has reduced the complexity of IT infrastructure management. Cloud offers multiple ways to manage data cost-effectively. And hence organizations are moving towards the cloud because it provides ample scale data storage.

So, without explanation, we can say that pursuing a career in cloud computing with the best cloud certification is the best and most secure option.

Cloud serves different purposes for different organizations. But generally, the cloud means a platform that provides ready-to-use services for your application. Dream companies like Google, Microsoft, AWS, and ServiceNow deliver these services. And to choose the best professionals, they conduct certification exams to make the recruitment process easier for organizations using their platform.

Top Cloud Computing Certification Courses

1. Cloud Computing Certifications offered by AWS

The AWS certification is created to help AWS meet particular needs in cloud job roles and technical areas. You can prove that you have knowledge of these requirements by obtaining the AWS credential. You can start with an AWS Cloud Practitioner credential to authenticate your skills. It is considered one of the most accessible certifications for beginners and those looking to build a career in the cloud market.

But one of the best cloud certifications offered by AWS is AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

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AWS Solutions Architect is one of the credentials relatively in high demand. Especially for those who have already passed AWS Cloud Practitioner or have an IT or cloud computing background.

If you are trying to get your hands into AWS, we recommend starting with Cloud Practitioner certification and then with others as you advance if you see that it might bring you value in the future.

2. Cloud computing certification courses by Salesforce

The most suitable Salesforce certification is the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification to start a job again. The Salesforce admin career path gives you a perfect overview of the core Salesforce platform. It helps you understand the “lingo” regarding terms like Workflow or opportunities.

Admin knowledge will be helpful to you no matter what you do with Salesforce.

Consider the following points regarding the courses for your Salesforce Admin preparation:-

  • Trailhead Modules

No other course is better than Trailmix for beginners. Beginners must start their Salesforce Admin preparation by Trailhead lessons and modules. Trailhead also has a forum of fellow learners where you can collaborate, learn together, and find solutions.

  • Salesforce Admin YouTube Channel

Aspirants can also learn from Salesforce’s YouTube channel to complement their learning. It has many videos about the role of Salesforce Admin and recordings of educational lessons and webinars.

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  • Salesforce Pathfinder

Salesforce Pathfinder is a training program by Salesforce to attract fresh talent amongst its partners and customers. Salesforce introduces you to a mentor and employers after you finish the intense training and preparation.

  • saasguru Salesforce Admin Training Course

saasguru produces the training material prepared by industry experts, including a personalized cert plan, mock exams, 1:1 mentoring, and flashcards. The course fully prepares you for the Salesforce Admin certification exam.

Once you pass the Salesforce System Admin certification exam, you can go for other popular Salesforce certifications like Salesforce Platform App Builder and Salesforce Platform Developer 1. Admin cert will give you an insight into the Salesforce world to climb the technical ladder.

3. Cloud Computing Certification courses offered by Google

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a platform of many cloud computing services that Google (company) provides.

Through GCP cloud certifications, the professionals seek validation in designing, developing, and managing cloud architecture on the GCP platform.

Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, and Professional Cloud Developer are the most demanding GCP cloud certifications.

As a beginner, you should start with the preparation for Google Associate Certification. Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam tests whether you can deploy and monitor the applications and develop the best enterprise solution.

4. Cloud Computing Certifications offered by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure is a cloud solution introduced by Microsoft to ensure that enterprises create, deploy and manage their business cost-effectively by utilizing data centers across the globe.

Microsoft Azure provides a bunch of certification courses for a candidate to acquire, as we know that the certifications work for a specified role. For Example, your certification helps you become a Solution Architect or an Azure administrator or developer. So before opting for the certification, you should be an expert in the subject.

Go with the best training then the certification will be at your fingertips.

Summing Up

Cloud Computing is in high demand. Most companies are adopting this application in their business. Hence, it’s important to gain a certificate and get a chance to grab the opportunity. So enrolling in a training course is also very crucial. Start your cloud computing journey with saasguru, enroll and get access to study modules, practice exams, and flashcards on saasguru.

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