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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary in India 2022

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary in India 2022

Amazon launched Amazon Web Services in 2006. In today’s scenario, Amazon Web Services is easy-to-use and inclusive to work on.

AWS Cloud Practitioner is a well-respected and appreciated certification people could take to get a well-paid job.

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If you aspire to be an AWS Cloud Practitioner, this blog will explain everything about the salary structure to help you gain more knowledge about the job profile.

But before learning about the salary figures, let us see the benefit of obtaining an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Then, we shall also learn about a cloud practitioner’s roles and job profiles.

Why is AWS Certification a Perfect Certification?

The credential allows organizations to find and develop talent with critical skills related to cloud initiatives. Obtaining AWS cloud practitioner certification authenticates cloud fluency and basic AWS knowledge.

Learning AWS Cloud widens your job prospects. The certification confirms that you know and understand AWS-specific products and services. It also authenticates your understanding of cloud computing on the cloud market as a whole.

Who is a Cloud Practitioner?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is for individuals who want to brush up their knowledge of cloud computing and AWS cloud services. The cloud practitioners deal with the company’s cloud infrastructure and computing. The job also involves cloud migration initiatives, guiding the organization to address high-risk issues, and reviewing workload infrastructure. A cloud practitioner also supervises technical decisions made by developers that align with business objectives.

Having read about its importance, let us look at the salary guide of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:-

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Guide

As an AWS Cloud Practitioner, you will have many perks and advantages with a good pay scale. The job profile not only pays you well but also opens doors to many other technical roles with larger pay scales for your future.

Now let’s see the salary figures in detail.

The average salary of AWS Cloud Practitioner under different job roles in India:-

Salary Guide

One interesting fact about the pay scale of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is that the AWS Cloud Practitioner salary is one of the top-ten highly-paid IT Certifications in the United States. The average salary of a Cloud Architect in the United States is $1,48,623. Whereas, in India, the salary of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner ranges between INR 1,297K- INR 1,416K.

Having read all about its importance and salary guide, you must now be wondering if you have the required skill to obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate. Look at the list below to learn about some of the needed skills to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner:-

  1. Knowledge of software and hardware systems
  2. Understanding of end-users problems
  3. Technical knowledge of the projects to build a convincing case
  4. Manage integration challenges
  5. Supervise the infrastructure and deployment of applications
  6. Handling and management of cloud platforms
  7. Creating and designing applications on the cloud

To Conclude

Become an AWS certified Professional

AWS Cloud Services is swiftly progressing. New products, services, and solutions are developed by Amazon Web Services to make the work of IT professionals easy and exciting with the help of cloud services. Hence, if you consider taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, you must go on. As mentioned above, it is a well-paid job with a lucrative job role and responsibilities.

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How much do AWS cloud practitioners make?

AWS Certified cloud practitioner service is reported to be one of the 10 highest paying jobs in the world. In the USA, the average salary of a cloud architect is said to be $1,48,623. On the other hand, India is recorded to have a salary of 1,297K-14,196k allotted on an average for a certified cloud practitioner.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner salary is actually based on not only the certificate but also other aspects of the practitioner, for example, experience in the field, soft skills, hard skills, and most importantly, grip of technological knowledge in dealing with on-field hazards.

What is the highest paying AWS certification?

In India, an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate earns the highest salary as a cloud practitioner with 9,94,560 INR per annum. The second highest comes the AWS Certified Developer Associate with a per annum salary of 9,60,979 INR.

An AWS Certified Solution Architect earns an LPA of 6,53,000 INR, ranking fourth in the list only after AWS Certified Advanced Networking Speciality professionals with a salary of 7,31,000 INR per annum. The fifth-highest ranking is AWS Certified Big Data Speciality practitioner with an LPA of 1,45,000 INR.

3. Is AWS a high paying job?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is not only a high-paying job but also ranks in the top 10 highest paying jobs in the technical world. Moreover, it is a very lucrative career where you can keep scaling up and growing professionally.

According to Glassdoor, the salary of an India-based cloud engineer can vary from 300,000 INR to 1,300,000 INR based on their skills which is much higher than the average pay scale of India. Therefore, to conclude, the AWS is definitely a high-paying job.

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