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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation 2022

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation 2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud service providers preferred by many companies and is one of the most prominent brands globally. From building blocks to organising them in the cloud as an application, AWS has no competition in the cloud market. 

Along with establishing itself as a cloud lead, it has gained the position of one of the best IT certifications too. 

If you are planning to be an AWS certified cloud practitioner and start your AWS journey in 2022 itself, then this blog is for you. So get ready to prepare for the certification now.

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

 Here are 5 tips for you to grow into a certified AWS cloud practitioner:

1. Refer to the AWS Certification Exam Guide 

The AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide can be the foundation stone of your preparation journey. It is available on the AWS training and certifications official website for you to refer to, or you can check the same here. The exam content, eligibility criteria, other credentials, exam format, and the detailed syllabus for the exam have been mentioned there. You should definitely follow it like the holy book for the exam and prepare yourself accordingly. The exam guide will instruct you on everything from preparation to registration.

2. Seek Professional Guidance 

Getting yourself registered in a course is the second step you should take to kickstart your AWS cloud practitioner certification preparation. To comprehend the AWS cloud fully, which includes AWS Services, Security and Support, and cloud concepts, you can take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course, a free digital training offered by AWS’s official website. 

Apart from that, you should register yourself with an online course like saasguru, which offers to get hands-on guidance about AWS cloud, and become familiar with the spectrum of the examination. Our seasoned professionals will guide you through the journey from scratch till you crack the certification with the necessary materials. 

3. Accumulate information from AWS Whitepapers 

Creating the AWS whitepapers aims to give the candidates proper knowledge of the problems faced while managing IT infrastructure and teach them the resolving measures. You can begin to prepare for your AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam by starting with these whitepapers to know about the fundamental concepts of the cloud. 

Following are some of the whitepapers that you can start with for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam preparation:

  • Overview of AWS
  • An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • AWS Security Best Practices
  • How AWS Pricing Works
  • Maximising Value with AWS
  • The Business Value of AWS

4. Practice Consistently 

There is no substitute to practice when it comes to cracking exams. The AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is no exception and does, in fact, need the most amount of practice. The internet has n number of sample question papers for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation. Get your hands on them and begin solving past year’s question papers and sample papers for better understanding. As the exam nears, you should also religiously sit for mock tests to get a practical assessment of your exam preparation. Join saasguru without delay. The AWS cloud practitioner practice exam is a very polished test, to begin with.

5. Work on Yourself 

Now that you have undergone the courses, gained the knowledge about the examination, and developed the idea well, it is time for you to self-drill and work hard to crack the exam. Make a daily to-do list to build a strictly scheduled life until you pass the AWS cloud practitioner certification exam. Divide your time between practising, studying, and revising the exam syllabus from start to end. In between all of these, do not forget to stay healthy and maintain your sleep schedule to reflect kinetic energy on the exam preparation. 

By now, you should be assertive enough to go for the exam and rock it. Of course, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but if you follow these preparation steps, we are optimistic you will crack the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam well. Best of luck! 

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