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AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in the USA

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in the USA

Cloud platforms started becoming an everyday norm after the pandemic hit the world at the beginning of 2020. The trend increased from there. With more businesses switching to cloud storage solutions and business operations, the demand for certified employees increased exponentially. 

It has become mandatory that anyone working in the IT industry should have cloud knowledge. Not just the IT industry but other businesses are also migrating to cloud platforms for their data storage, CRM management, and operations. Digitization has made it easy to attain AWS certifications, whereby you can prepare and attempt the exam online. If you’re all set for a new beginning in cloud computing, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Course is the best place to begin your AWS experience. The exam was added to AWS Certifications and Training in 2017. 

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Why is AWS Cloud Practitioner an excellent Place to Begin Your Cloud Career?

  1. AWS is the leading cloud platform, surpassing others like Google and Azure. 
  2. AWS Cloud Practitioner is a certificate that proves your skill at cloud computing, not just the AWS platform. The course syllabus has been prepared to introduce the core principles of cloud computing. 
  3. The course is a bridge for non-technical individuals to enter a cloud career. It gives a baseline introduction and the technicalities of managing a cloud system. 
  4. The introduction helps the candidate proceed further with the AWS certifications. The candidate will be able to understand the interest area and move forward toward that certification. 
  5. Those who are already working in the cloud require a certificate to verify their skills. 

Who Should Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

  1. Anyone who has been working in the IT industry and is looking to take up a cloud job can benefit from the AWS Cloud Practitioner credential. 
  2. Non-technical professionals planning to change to cloud-based jobs can  leverage the opportunity  with this exam. 
  3. It benefits individuals who work in different sectors of an industry operating on cloud systems. Even if you are working in sales, HR, or any other section, you may have to input data or do minor operations on the cloud. Understanding the cloud basics with an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification can give you the upper hand. 
  4. All certifications and interviews require that you are knowledgeable enough to answer the scenario-based questions. They can be a cakewalk if you know the fundamentals in and out. 

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in the US

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam would add perks to your profile like any other cloud certification. According to surveys, it is one of the well-paid IT certifications in the United States. Even though the course does not delve into any cloud service or product details, it provides insight into AWS careers and opportunities.

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A cloud practitioner’s average salary in the USA is estimated to be $90,000 annually. Businesses like Lowe’s Home Improvement and Grandpa’s Bus have been reported to pay $50-60 per hour. Amazon has over 20,000 open jobs for AWS Cloud Practitioners in the USA, with a pay scale of $150K per year. This salary by AWS is also one of the top salaries drawn by AWS Cloud Practitioners in the USA. Beginners and freshers are paid an average of $48 K yearly.

Factors that Impact the Salary of Cloud Practitioners

There is no fixed salary for AWS Cloud Practitioner in the USA. The compensation varies due to several underlying reasons.

    1. Location: The salary will be higher in the industrial areas compared to the downtown area. The top wage for AWS professionals has been reported from Los Angeles, New Jersey, Brownsboro, and Fremont. It lies in the range of $13000 monthly.
    2. Additional Qualification: AWS Cloud Practitioner, when clubbed in other qualifications, certificates, or skills, can add up to the salary scale. Even if you have passed the exam, you should be able to display a high level of cloud knowledge at the interview.
    3. Experience: The more experience you have in a related field, the higher your salary. This need not necessarily be an AWS position. For example, if you work as a sales executive and are skilled as a Cloud Practitioner. Your salary will depend upon your years of experience as a sales executive plus the advantage of the certificate.
    4. Company: Different companies pay different wages. The salary scale differs based on the business’s expanse and company policies.
    5. Impress the Interviewer: Most of the time, your interview defines your pay scale. You must be able to showcase your skill set. Build a good resume and flaunt your skills to get placed on good pay.

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End Note

Whether you are a cloud beginner, an IT professional, or a non-technical worker, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is powerful enough to light up your career. Cloud computing has permeated every other industry, from OTT platforms to non-profit organizations. If you need to hold your ground in this highly competitive job rush, you must stay a step above the rest. The easiest way is to attain the Cloud Practitioner cert by AWS. 

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