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AWS Solution Architect Certification Cost

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AWS Solution Architect Certification Cost

You may have several concerns when you speculate about acquiring a certification to skill up. And one of the major concerns is the cost associated with it. Cisco Certified Architect Exam is one of the most expensive certification exams costing about $15,000. There are also other costly exams certified by Oracle, VMware, etc. AWS exams are reasonable, unlike most other certifications, and no yearly renewals are required.  

Cost of AWS Solution Architect in India and the US 

Several angles can be viewed when considering the cost of AWS Solutions Architect Certification. It is not just the cost of attending the exam, but other associated things like course, training, and practice papers. And it has to be noted that on failing the exam, you will have to pay the full registration fee to retake it.  

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Amazon exams have the same fee structure across the globe. All exams have the exact cost in USD. The price in USD is fixed at $150 for the Solutions Architect Associate exam. After gaining this certification, the next level of accreditation is the Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam which costs $300. We have converted the cost to INR for ease of understanding, and the price may fluctuate subject to the dollar value. 

The AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification exam costs Rs 10710 in India, and professional exams cost about double the amount, Rs 21420. The exam has 2 hours and 10 minutes duration. The format is multiple choice questions. The average annual salary of a solution architect in India is approximately Rs 7.8 lakhs, and wages as high as 34 lakh per annum have also been reported. The average annual salary in the US is $105,428.  

Tips to Get Certified as AWS Solution Architect in Budget Cost 

You can attain your AWS Solution Architect Certification by spending only on the exam fee. You can rely on the free resources for your exam training. This is not a recommended preparation method, as you pay a reasonable amount for your exam fee. You have to make the best use of it by being well-prepared. But this route will be good if you are already working with AWS and need the certification to validate your knowledge. 

But this is not a common situation for candidates taking the exam. The most common and best-recommended method is to plan a preparation module that includes training, practice, and revision with hands-on experience. This article explains three different budgets on which you can get ready to attend the AWS Solution Architect Certification exam. 

Cheapest Learning Routes

1. AWS Free Learning Resources 

AWS Training and Certification provides free study modules based on the exam syllabus. You can start your free course preparation with the AWS exam guide and then progress to the training sessions. The digital training is a 3-hour preparation plan with 4 modules and several training materials. You can also test your preparedness with the practice questions and the free official practice exam. 

2. AWS White Papers 

Amazon has a homepage for its Whitepapers, which can aid in learning. If you are an efficient self-learner, these are a great way to gain the knowledge required to pass the AWS Solution Architect exam at the lowest cost. 

3. Other Self-Study Sources 

YouTube, Blogs, GitHub guides, etc., are the other third-party resources you can rely on to help you with your free AWS exam preparation.

Most Popular Learning Route 

1. Affordable and Effective Online Course

When you have to spend a good amount on taking the exam, you have to be well prepared. Investing in an excellent online course can help you with doubts, study according to the syllabus, and learn the basics. Also, this learning will come to use in attending your interviews. 

2. Low-Cost Mock Exam Packages 

The complimentary exam dumps are not worth wasting time on. Mock exam packages are a good investment as they can help you train for the exam in a simulator-like environment. The AWS practice exam set can be purchased for $20. Most others cost below $20. 

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You can prepare for your AWS Solution Architect Certification exam with saasguru. The full-packed learning program covers all the micro topics with about five mock exams. The package comes at very affordable costs, and you can even avail yourself of a free trial before signing up for the course. You can also try downloading AWS Learning App for Android / AWS Learning App for iOS for a convenient learning experience – Set Goal, Get AI Powered Personalized Plan, Track Your Cert Readiness and much more.

Most Expensive Method

1. Classroom Courses 

You can take these elaborate classroom sessions when your company spends on your training course. But the hours of study remain the same. There are also virtual classes that cost more than these physical classes. These are too expensive and not worth the amount as you can gain the same level of learning with other low-cost course providers. 

Summing Up

Aws Solution Architect Certification Cost is a basic amount of just $150. When you plan to take the best training course and a pack of mock exams, your total expense will be, at most, $200. The amount and effort spent on AWS certifications for a smart investment that will give you a bright career path. Sign up with saasguru, Now!

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