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How Difficult is AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

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How Difficult is AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

The AWS cloud practitioner exam is the perfect way to showcase your knowledge and talent to the labor and cloud markets regarding cloud computing.

Studying for the AWS cloud practitioner exam can seem easy to moderately complex depending on the level of your technical and professional knowledge and background.

AWS cloud practitioner is the right decision to take if you want to start a journey in IT or wish to take your existing IT career to new heights. Gain some experience and expertise in cloud architecture. The experience will help you become an irreplaceable asset for organizations looking to operate, build, and migrate in the cloud.

Get some valuable tips for the AWS cloud practitioner exam to benefit your preparation and decision-making. 

Before exploring the level of difficulty of the AWS cloud practitioner exam, it will be helpful to learn crucial details about this prestigious credential. 

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What is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam? 

The AWS cloud practitioner exam provides certification that allows the companies to find and develop talent with skills to implement cloud initiatives successfully. 

The exam is a beginner-level exam, and you don’t need to have a technical background to pass the exam. But, understanding cloud computing and the implementation of IT services in the AWS cloud platform is helpful and appreciated. 

To maximize the benefit of this certification, professionals should have at least six months of experience with AWS cloud concepts. The experience can be in managerial, technical, financial, or sales roles.

The AWS cloud practitioner certification validates your knowledge regarding AWS-specific products and strengthens your understanding of cloud computing and the cloud market. 

Therefore, this certification helps even non-technical professionals gain knowledge of cloud computing concepts, making this credential a perfect starting point for freshers. 

After learning the details of the AWS cloud practitioner exam, it will now be easier to understand if the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is challenging or not. 

How Difficult is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam, and Why? 

The certification exam of AWS cloud practitioner is said to be the least technical cert examination amongst all the AWS certification exams. It covers AWS at a high level. 

The AWS cloud practitioner exam is considered moderately challenging to crack for beginners. It is considered less complicated to clear if you know how to play with billing tools and AWS services. But if you are a beginner and new to AWS, the situation may be a little different for you. 

Nothing in the tech world comes free. You will have to put in enough hard work and some clever work with the right resources to crack this cert exam. The exam helps companies and organizations pick the best talent by making the exam more extensive and comprehensive. Due to rising demand and competition, passing the AWS cloud practitioner has become very critical. 

So you must give your best by practicing more and following the below-listed tips to make your AWS cloud practitioner exam prep a little easier for you. 


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1. Know what is asked

Follow this lesson by exploring the mechanics of the exam. For example, learn how the exam is given and what the exam’s composition is, what type of questions are asked, and the passing score. Knowing these crucial details will help you design a suitable exam strategy. 

To pass the exam, you need to have a 70% or higher score. And create your exam prep journey according to the requirements of the exam. 

The exam covers the concepts that will teach you to connect and engage with AWS customers and other stakeholders. It will also teach you how to examine the value of AWS cloud services. 

2. Don’t be afraid to give the exam

Many beginners might feel a little overwhelmed at the start of their certification journey. But the exam doesn’t demand any extensive technical knowledge of python or ask you to deploy or write the software. 

Take your time and learn about AWS products. 

3. Prepare the core concepts and practice more

Remember that the AWS cloud practitioner exam examines your conceptual knowledge and understanding of security, networking, infrastructure, and pricing. So you need to understand the core concepts of AWS and how they work to make your certification path easier. 

Combine your theoretical knowledge with past years’ questions, practice tests, and the whitepapers published by Amazon. 

saasguru offers reliable and affordable courses to add value to your AWS cloud practitioner exam. The course will provide enough mock exams, practice tests, and mentorship. So, you can make the journey of the AWS cloud practitioner certification exam more straightforward and more fun also. 


AWS is rapidly growing and evolving with new services and products. So your learning path will continue to grow as well. Learning AWS and its core concepts of cloud technology will allow you to give your best on the exam day, no matter how challenging the exam is.


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