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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Requirements 2022

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Requirements 2022

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam helps candidates showcase and authenticate their skills with a reputed industry certification. This Certification was introduced recently by Amazon, and this Certification is for those at either a very beginner level or they are from a non-technical background.

Before getting into the details of requirements, it is essential to understand what AWS certified cloud practitioner is and if the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is challenging

About the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

The AWS certified cloud practitioner cert exam is for aspirants who want to showcase their skills and enter into cloud services. Anyone who has the abilities and understanding of the AWS platform can take this certification exam. 

Most often marketing/sales professionals attempt the certification exam of AWS cloud practitioners. This exam doesn’t examine your skills related to developmental roles but rather your knowledge of the AWS marketplace, which is a fundamental part of many job roles around cloud computing and AWS.

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Who should take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam?

After exploring the AWS cloud practitioner certification exam, you must be wondering if you are the right person to take this exam. 

This Certification deals with the basic idea of the website, different jargons of cloud computing, terminologies, and their essential work; as you advance in this Certification, you will come across various components of AWS like Glacier, Redshift, and VPC.

This is only for those starting with cloud and who want to know about AWS, so if you are from a non-technical background, you must go for this, and if you are from a technical background, go for the other 6 Certifications.

Below are the requirements for AWS certified cloud practitioners:

  1. The AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is recommended for professionals who have at least six months of experience with AWS cloud computing, including managerial, purchasing, sales, or finance.
  2. The candidate should have the basic knowledge and understanding of the IT services and their applicability in the AWS cloud platform.
  3. The candidate should have an understanding of the core AWS infrastructure, services, and use cases. You also need to understand the billing and pricing models, how cloud services affect your business, and the security concepts.

Now that you know the AWS certified cloud practitioner requirements, you must be wondering if it is worth it to fulfill these requirements and go for it. Let us learn about its worth below.

Skills Needed to Become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

To fulfill the job responsibilities, an AWS certified cloud practitioner must have some technical skills and business knowledge like the following:-

  1. Knowledge of hardware and software systems
  2. Information on end-users’ problems as well as their work processes
  3. Understanding of the technical areas of the project
  4. Knowledge of how to resolve the scalability issues
  5. Manage integration challenges
  6. Designing plans to adopt cloud solutions
  7. Knowledge of compliance law and data security
  8. Understanding of Linux OS, C++, Java
  9. Deploying applications within the AWS platform

Why should you Consider Taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam?

The cloud computing platform- Amazon Web Services is growing swiftly by offering services through database storage, compute power, and content delivery services. Cloud computing is a domain with immense scope and will continue to grow in future generations. So, considering a career in this field is very wise due to the high demand. Saasguru’s online AWS course will provide all the necessary practice in both theoretical and practical understanding of concepts. The curriculum is designed to offer 360-degree conceptual knowledge, which will help learners perform better in their careers.

The cloud practitioner role (speaking from a certification perspective) is a role for those in management positions or assistants to executives. You will have a high-level knowledge of cloud infrastructure and services; you will like to understand the differences between different cloud providers. If you are a non-technical manager, this will be a good stepping stone to help you understand the cloud better.

In Conclusion

Become an AWS certified Professional

Therefore, it is an introductory level certification exam that opens doors to many career opportunities in cloud computing. Hence, if you think you fulfill the requirements and have the abilities to become AWS cloud practitioner certified, begin your journey with saasguru by joining our AWS training program prepared by industry experts gurus. 

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