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How Hard is the ServiceNow CSA Exam

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How Hard is the ServiceNow CSA Exam?

Do you want to explore the possible difficulties in preparing for the ServiceNow CSA exam? We have created this article to help you decide if the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam is challenging. 

The ServiceNow CSA exam decides if you have the required capabilities and knowledge to configure, maintain, and implement the ServiceNow system. Obtaining this certificate proves that you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue further certifications and exams. However, passing this exam is not as easy as you might think. This exam needs preparation with the help of expert support and guidance, and reliable training resources – Choose a ServiceNow online training platform wisely.

Before learning about how hard the ServiceNow CSA exam is, you would need to explore why ServiceNow is a good career move, to make the right decision.

Ensure that you have the necessary general knowledge before exploring if the ServiceNow CSA exam is challenging.

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The knowledge necessary to pass the ServiceNow CSA exam

To become a suitable candidate for this exam, make sure you have the following skills and knowledge:-

  1. The candidate must have 6-months of hands-on experience working with the ServiceNow platform. Ensure that you have the basic training of the ServiceNow System Admin.
  2. Along with familiarizing yourself with database concepts and system administration, the candidate must also have industry experience.
  3. Some basic knowledge of IT Help Desk processes and change workflows, problems, and incidents.
  4. Basic understanding and information about the terminologies of the acronyms, industry, and initialisms. 

Along with the basic understanding of the topics as mentioned above, the exam covers the syllabus divided into the following sections:-

  • User Interface and Navigation
  • Database Administration
  • Collaboration
  • Intro to scripting and application tools
  • Self-Service and Process Automation

These topics broadly cover sections like ServiceNow overview, Forms, Templates, Task management, Data Schema, Import tools, Migration, and Integration.

Therefore, with a vast syllabus, it is clear that the ServiceNow CSA exam requires consistent hard work because it is not easy. 

We shall now explore some reasons why the ServiceNow CSA exam is hard.

Why is the ServiceNow CSA exam hard?

Several reasons make the ServiceNow CSA exam a challenge. Consider the following additional factors:-

  1. Requirement of 6 months experience with the ServiceNow platform. So, the exam requires learning and knowledge.
  2. ServiceNow lists some more requirements like the candidate must have worked on the ServiceNow deployment projects. 
  3. If you are new to ServiceNow, you start from scratch to become a ServiceNow administrator and pass the certification exam. Beginners can find the requirements and prerequisites a little overwhelming. 
  4. You will need a score of 70% or higher to pass the CSA exam. That means you will need dedicated preparation for over a year to pass the exam on the first attempt. 
  5. ServiceNow is a tricky platform and technology. The learning graph may seem fast at the beginning but becomes slower as you move ahead and gain more experience. That’s the catch. Aspirants underestimate the platform. Aspirants start thinking that because they passed three weeks working on it, they have seen the fundamentals’ difficult parts and are ready to give the ServiceNow CSA exam. 

How can you make the ServiceNow CSA exam easier for you?

Try to gain in-depth knowledge of the ServiceNow platform and take your time. Please familiarize yourself with the names of core tables, understand the workflow mechanism and its working, and understand the behavior of the ServiceNow platform. Then, and only then, consider taking the ServiceNow CSA exam.

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For beginners, read the ServiceNow Fundamentals-Participants guide. The guide is a must-read document for ServiceNow CSA aspirants, and it will make the preparation easier for you. 

Explore the updated & detailed ServiceNow Admin Exam guide here.

Those who couldn’t pass the exam might find the CSA exam more tricky and tough. In that case, find a study partner. It allows you to cover more ground. 


The ServiceNow CSA exam is tricky and not hard as such. You can make your preparation easier with the help of flashcards and practice tests. Flashcards are meaningful in ServiceNow CSA exams, and practice exams will improve your time management. You can find these intelligent learning tools on saasguru. The platform offers several ways to make the preparation more manageable and more fun for you. There are hackathons to test your readiness and Slack Community to resolve doubts. Enroll in saasguru’s ServiceNow CSA training and make this exam journey easier for you. 

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