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ServiceNow Admin Roles and Responsibilities

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ServiceNow Admin Roles and Responsibilities

ServiceNow is a cloud-based firm that offers specialized management software (SaaS). The company specialises in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM), and provides a variety of apps and plugins to assist customers in managing projects, teams, and client interactions. Integration with other technologies is simple and clear with ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow platform is developing faster across multiple industries due to cloud storage and the growth of several apps. Companies that use ServiceNow offer various positions, including developers, administrators, consultants, and many more.

Let’s look at the numerous roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow Administrator in this blog. These administrators are critical to developing successful systems for automating operations and tracking service requests.

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The roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow Administrator

A ServiceNow Administrator is responsible for addressing a range of service demands that customers submit to businesses. Customers’ requests must be followed up on and resolved by ServiceNow Admins. 

ServiceNow administrators can set up the system in a business unit in various ways to meet the company’s demands. Admins can install and maintain any of the process applications included with ServiceNow and create custom apps. These apps can also be limited to selected users via roles and other network access.

A ServiceNow Admin’s role is critical for any firm because they are responsible for various operations. Within any business, however, the roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow Admins are as follows – 

  • An ideal administrator would be in charge of the day-to-day operations of support and maintenance. They also work with the platform’s functioning team to develop new ways to overcome challenges.
  • They should collaborate with the ServiceNow team to create resources for requests and tasks. Workflows can be used to handle a variety of operations from various customers.
  • They will be able to create and develop a variety of training plans for end-users and modify the platform. Furthermore, this will aid in meeting the organization’s diverse needs.
  • The platform’s administrator must keep a close eye on ServiceNow’s difficulties, maintenance, and usage, among other things. They should also create a system of integration and automation processes.
  • They’re also in charge of creating and customising UI policies, actions, scripts, pages, and business rules, among other things.
  • They should also assist and manage application upgrades, loading, and data maintenance. This is something that the ServiceNow platform, as well as other systems, should incorporate. 

Explore the updated & detailed ServiceNow Admin certification syllabus here.

What Else Should Be An Admin Capable Of?

Apart from the roles discussed, the ServiceNow Admin has some technical roles and responsibilities also to take care of. Let’s see what they are.  

1. The Fundamental or Core Configuration

 The core/primary setup includes modifications to the ServiceNow platform, and supporting apps are included in the core/direct setup. These modifications may impact system-wide settings as well as app-specific settings.

 2. System Safety

 Security is essential for the system’s health, and it is incorporated into multiple tiers. The ServiceNow Administrators implement the security requirements that relate to the business organization. Failed logins, password encryption, access control rules, and audit logs are also their responsibilities.

3. Form Configuration

 Switching the form design and the related list layout is part of this arrangement. The form design affects the data entered on the form, while the related list layout affects the lists entered at the end of the form.

 4. Management of Data

 The data in a user’s instance is saved and handled following an ethical structure administrators may inspect and adjust. Importing and exporting are also included in data management functions. It also entails archiving data and establishing columns and tables inside the database.

Furthermore, ServiceNow integrates with various third-party apps and data sources. It allows you to work more flexibly and develop into other business sectors.

5. User Administration

The ServiceNow Admin manages individuals with access to the instance by designating them as users in the system. They can establish user groups and assign specific individuals to them. They can also use roles to determine what information various users and user groups have access to and act on it.

Many IT talent management firms also employ Certified ServiceNow Admin specialists who keep up with market changes. Furthermore, some multinational corporations are hiring experienced administrators for critical roles. They also provide high salary packages for these roles as they are considered essential. Keeping all these roles and responsibilities in mind, it’s clear that specialists and enthusiasts are in high demand on the ServiceNow network.

In Conclusion

We’ve seen some of the roles and responsibilities of ServiceNow Admin in this blog. In short, an administrator must be skilled in a variety of areas to resolve challenges within the company. They also deal directly with various service requests from consumers and clients to serve them better.

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