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How to Become a Salesforce Administrator in 2022?

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How to Become a Salesforce Administrator in 2022?

Are you still confused about moving ahead with the decision of becoming a Salesforce Administrator? Or are you the one who loves dreams but doesn’t know how to make them possible?

Well, relax! You are not the only one with so many questions and aspirations regarding the Salesforce Administrator.

Salesforce is growing at a swift pace and we know it. It is one of the reasons why so many people want to become a part of the Salesforce world. All are trying hard, putting in efforts, and working towards it.

So, how will you make sure to stand out from the crowd? We are always there to help. Take the first step towards becoming a Salesforce Administrator by checking out the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam syllabus because preparation plays a key role.

Let’s sail through the blog to become a successful Salesforce Administrator in 2022.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

What is the Role Played by a Salesforce Administrator?

Before exploring the path of becoming a Salesforce Admin, it is crucial to understand who is a Salesforce Admin and what type of work he is associated with.

A Salesforce Administrator has a very diverse role to play, and he deals with various duties. He solves real-time problems of the users, deals with data administration, user accounts, and passwords, handles the work environment, prepares the weekly reports, etc. Hence, it is clear that the Administrator should be an all-rounder because he takes care of many activities while maintaining the credibility of the system.

Now moving forward to see the essential steps to become a Salesforce Administrator in 2022.

What are the Steps to Follow to Become a Salesforce Administrator in 2022?

The steps to becoming a successful administrator are pretty simple. Some technical and non-technical skills and training will take you to the door of the Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam, and once you pass it, you will be all set to start your journey as a Salesforce Admin.

With that being said, step-wise list to become a Salesforce Admin is as follows-

  • Search and decide on your training system. Start your training by choosing the right platform. Check out our Salesforce Admin certification course and choose what’s best for you. You can always start taking mini steps with us.
  • Use different available sources to explore more about the Salesforce Admin job profile.
  • Apply for the Salesforce Administrator
  • Once you are done researching the resources, you can start your training and appear for the Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam. The exam is not mandatory but undoubtedly valuable.

To see if you are the right person for the Salesforce Admin job, explore the technical and non-technical skills expected to be a Salesforce Administrator in 2022.

1. Technical Skills Required to Become a Salesforce Admin

To excel as a Salesforce Admin, the technical skills required are Data management, Data security, and a complete understanding of the Salesforce platform. You will need a piece of basic coding knowledge, particularly with Apex and Visualforce.

2. Non-technical Skills Required to Become a Salesforce Admin

Some of the non-technical skills needed to be a Salesforce Admin are logical thinking, problem-solving, intelligent decision making, project management, and excellent communication.

How long does it take to get a job as a Salesforce Administrator?

You must now wonder how long it takes to become a Salesforce Admin with the proper skillset and training. If you are a complete fresher, preparing and appearing for the Salesforce Admin exam will take at least six weeks. But if you have any prior experience, you can complete it in one month.

To Conclude

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

It has become straightforward for anyone to become an excellent Salesforce Administrator in 2022 simply by following the steps that we have outlined.

You can sign up with saasguru and start your preparation now to clear the exam in the first step. The job of a Salesforce Admin contains diverse duties. So it is vital to start the journey with the right platform. Go ahead and explore our courses.


1. How do I start a career as a Salesforce Admin?

Getting started as a salesforce admin is a 3-step process.

The first step to starting your career as a Salesforce Admin is learning the skills an admin requires and polishing them to become the best.

The second step is achieving the Salesforce Admin Certification to prove authenticity and establish yourself as a truly skilled professional.

Finally, the third step is to get a job, showcase your administrative approach in the practical field, and gain experience with time. You do not need any major qualification to be a Salesforce Administrator.

Anyone with a graduation level of education can be a salesforce admin provided they have the skills required. 

2. How long does it take to be a Salesforce Admin?

The time needed for clearing the Salesforce Admin Certification exam entirely varies from aspirant to aspirant.

With the basic knowledge and some experience in the field, it will be easier to grasp the subject, and it takes 4-6 months to crack the exam. But for absolute beginners, it may take around 7-13 months.

There are instances where aspirants crack the exam even in 1 month, and people are also there who qualify after repetitive attempts. These are the average time required and may differ in your case. 

3. How do I become a Salesforce Admin with no experience?

Becoming a Salesforce Admin with no prior experience can be difficult for sure.

However, it is not impossible with consistent effort. To begin with it, you first need to get yourself Salesforce certified to prove yourself as a qualified candidate.

Next, you can connect with communities where experienced professionals refer you to companies. Finally, you can join non-profitable organisations to boost your resume and show your prospects that you have the expertise of handling administrative responsibilities.

Getting a good job will be accessible once you gain some experience through these steps. 

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