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How to Pass the Salesforce Admin Exam in the 1st Attempt?

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How to Pass Salesforce Admin Exam in the 1st Attempt?

Before we talk about passing the Salesforce Admin Exam, it is crucial to understand what it is about and how to prepare for the Salesforce Admin exam. This exam is the highest form of recognition a Salesforce Administrator can achieve. In other words, it demonstrates a form of expertise in the field as well as a commitment to the platform. With the help of saasguru, you can get successfully certified on Salesforce in the first attempt.

Besides this certification being highly popular amongst professionals, it also has various other perks. It can help enhance a professional’s knowledge of the platform, and according to research, it also improves employability and opens administrators up to a higher pay raise.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

How Do You Prepare for the Salesforce Admin Exam?

Now let’s talk about how to qualify for the Salesforce Admin Exam. There are a few recommended strategies that are a great help for those looking to maximise the chances of passing this exam on the first attempt.

Check out the tips which will help you prepare for the Salesforce Admin Certification.

1. Choose the Best Platform

The contents provided by saasguru are specifically designed to understand the program at their own pace and prepare them to start their certification. This program also includes a personalised study plan that consists of microlearning modules and a well-thought-out outline of the proposed schedule, which will help the learner swiftly cover all the relevant and important information.  

Saasguru has partnered with industry-leading gurus who have mastered various industry certifications to create the appropriate and accurate mock exam and practice tests. The questions created provide correct and incorrect answers with reference links to feel confident while appearing for the main exams. Taking this prep exam puts the examinee in the mindset of taking the actual exam and explains how the exam paper is structured and phrased. 

To make your learning experience easier, you can go through the  Salesforce admin certification exam syllabus to familiarise yourself with the syllabus and updated exam structure. 

2. Build Your Foundation

Trailhead can be used for building the foundation of your salesforce skills. Not only is it developed by Salesforce, but it is also constantly updated with new Salesforce features. We need to keep in mind two types of projects included in this – badges. the small-scaled project, and Trailmixes, a large-scale project. This provides a deeper understanding of the material which needs to be studied and will help the learner dive deeper into the Salesforce ecosystem.

The approximate time the Trailmix takes is up to 50 hours, but that could be longer or shorter depending on the learner’s capacity to grasp certain concepts. The important thing to do is to understand the materials in the Trailmix as it will strengthen your base knowledge of any further Salesforce studying you do.

There are superbadges included in Trailmix, and they often require advanced knowledge to complete it. But accomplishing these superbadges will help you improve your problem-solving skills and help you prepare for the Salesforce Admin Certification.

3. Enhance Your Performance

After you select the platform for your cert preparation, it is advised that you dive into practicing multiple Salesforce Admin mock exams. These mock exams will enhance your skills and give you a clear understanding of where your knowledge and concept lie. 

Mock tests or prep exams will put you in a mindset of taking the real exam, as it helps you get familiarised with how the questions are structured and the quality of answers you are expected to provide. The results are vital as you can use them to improve your study plan before attempting the actual certification examination.

4. Connect and Network

The final strategy which can be used would be to get in touch with the other Salesforce Trailblazer community networks. While adapting to the Salesforce ecosystem, it is recommended to create connections inside the world of Salesforce. This can be achieved by attending networking events, various webinars, or even looking it up on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Interacting with several individuals who work in Salesforce, whether users, admins, developers, or analysts, will build a foundation in your salesforce career.

5. Be Mindful

It’s normal to get intimidated while preparing for such an important exam, so it is advised to sit and think with a clear and calm mind before starting your prep journey. Be mindful of your physical and mental health and allow yourself to relax.

The key to wholesome exam preparation is remembering that hard work pays off.


Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go
To get through the Salesforce Admin Exam, one must be thoroughly prepared and keep themselves updated with the latest news regarding certification courses and changes in the syllabus. Get to know exactly how to prepare for the Salesforce Admin Certification exam with saasguru. Kickstart your Salesforce Admin Exam prep by signing up with saasguru and clearing the examination in the very first attempt.


1. How many questions are in the Salesforce Admin certification exam?

The exam has 60 questions. All the questions are multiple-choice questions.

2. How many questions do you need to pass the Salesforce Admin exam?

You need to answer at least 39 out of 60 questions to get a passing score in the Salesforce Admin exam. Most questions in the exam are based on practical applications of the Salesforce software.

3. What percentage do you need to pass the Salesforce Admin exam?

The pass percentage for the Salesforce Admin certification exam is 65%. This pass percentage requires a good knowledge of Salesforce to attain.

4. How long should you study for Salesforce Admin certification?

You can register for the Salesforce Admin exam at any moment when you feel you are ready for the exam. Since the exam is updated along with the updates in Salesforce software, you have 4 months to prepare for the exam before the exam’s main concepts change.

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