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Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Syllabus

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Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Syllabus

Hey, are you a Salesforce aspirant? Do you aspire to a job that’s highly paid across the entire tech industry? Then, you’re in the right place.

With the ever-expanding data generation, businesses are required to leverage a platform that helps them make use of their customer data without any possible errors, and Salesforce is one such CRM platform that our companies rely on to. So, it’s quite evident that the platform has a significant impact on both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Now, if you intend to take the Admin Certification Exam, familiarise yourself with the exam’s syllabus. Salesforce updates the Certification Exam format on a regular basis to accommodate product changes. There were some changes made to the topics, objectives, and weightages in the syllabus, which have been discussed in Salesforce Updates Admin Exam Structure.

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Take a Look at the Exam Overview

There are 60 questions in the Salesforce Administrator Exam. The Salesforce administrator questions will most likely be in a multiple-choice and multiple-select format. The exam takes 105 minutes to complete, and it costs $200. The exam has a passing score of only 65 percent. You have the option of taking the exam at a proctored onsite testing centre or via a proctored online method.
Although there are no prerequisites for the exam, Salesforce suggests that you have a basic understanding of some fundamentals.

Exam Overview

Updated Syllabus for Salesforce Administration Exam

Even if you have no prior coding experience, working with Salesforce is a lot easier than many people assume. It’s crucial to realise that Salesforce is merely a tool and that every tool can be taught. The aspirants can always chose Admin course programs to better prepare for the exam.

Now, check out the revised syllabus in detail.

  • Configuration & Setup: 20%
  • Object Manager & Lightning App Builder: 20%
  • Sales & Marketing Applications: 12%
  • Service & Support Applications: 11%
  • Productivity & Collaboration: 7%
  • Data & Analytics Management: 14%
  • Workflow/Process Automation: 16%

Salesforce Admin Syllabus Pie Chart

1. Configuration & Setup: 20%

  • Describe the information found in the company settings (For example: company settings fiscal year, business hours, currency management, default settings).
  • Distinguish and understand the administration of declarative configuration of the User Interface. (For example UI settings, app menu, list views, global actions, Lightning App Builder).
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the proper setup and maintenance of users.
  • Explain the various organization Security Controls. (For example Setup Audit Trail, Login Hours, Session Settings)
  • Given a user request scenario, apply the appropriate security controls based on the features and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model. (For example public groups, org wide default, sharing: roles, subordinates, hierarchy, report and dashboard folders).
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate use of a custom profile or permission set using the various profile settings and permissions.

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2. Object Manager & Lightning App Builder: 20%

  • Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model. (For example: standard object, parent/child, master detail/lookup/junction relationships, and record types.)
  • Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, and know the implications of deleting fields.
  • Given a scenario, determine how to create and assign page layouts, record types, and business processes for custom and standard objects.

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3. Sales & Marketing Applications: 12%

  • Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and implications of the sales process. (For example: sales process, opportunity, path, and forecast impact.)
  • Given a scenario, apply the appropriate sales productivity features using opportunity tools. (For example: dashboards, lead scoring, Einstein opportunity scoring, and home page assistant.)
  • Describe the capabilities of lead automation tools and campaign management. (For example: leads, lead convert, lead assignment rules, campaign and campaign members.)

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4. Service & Support Applications: 11%

  • Describe the capabilities of case management. (For example: case, case assignment rules, and queues.)
  • Given a scenario, identify how to automate case management. (For example: support process, case auto-response rules, and case escalation.)

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5. Productivity & Collaboration: 7%

  • Describe the capabilities of activity management.
  • Describe the features of Chatter.
  • Describe the capabilities of Salesforce Mobile App.
  • Identify use cases for AppExchange applications.

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6. Data & Analytics Management: 14%

  • Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, mass deleting, exporting and backing up data.
  • Describe the capabilities and implications of data validation tools.
  • Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report or report type.
  • Describe the impact of the sharing model on reports.
  • Describe the options available when creating and modifying dashboards (e.g., dashboard components, data sources, chart types, Subscribing, running user).

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7. Workflow/Process Automation: 16%

  • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of the tool.
  • Describe capabilities and use cases for Flow.
  • Describe capabilities and use cases for the approval process.

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To Sum Up

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