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How to Clear AWS CCP exam?

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How to Clear AWS CCP exam?

Whether you want to find a new position, demonstrate your abilities to take on a new project, or establish yourself as the go-to expert on your team, becoming AWS Certified can help you advance your career. Additionally, as AWS Certification examinations are developed by professionals in the pertinent function or technical area, preparing for one of these exams aids in the development of the necessary abilities identified by knowledgeable practitioners in the industry. 

This blog offers advice on how to ace the AWS CCP exam using a list of hand-picked study materials, including where to get the best practice tests, how much time to spend on each study tool, and strategies for methodically preparing for the test.

1. AWS Training Classes

These three Training programmes will assist you in clearing the exam.

a. AWS Practitioner Essentials:

This programme is intended for individuals who want a thorough knowledge of Amazon Web Services Cloud. Cloud computing fundamentals, pricing, AWS services, architecture, security, and support are all covered in this course.

b. AWS Technical Essentials:

This programme provides information on the services, goods, and common solutions offered by AWS. It increases your analytical prowess when examining AWS services, which helps you solve IT problems. It enables you to develop new abilities and use them in your company.

c. AWS Corporate Essentials:

AWS Business Essentials enlightens you on the advantages of cloud computing, including monetary gains and how adopting a cloud strategy aids in the achievement of business objectives. Additionally, this course teaches you about security and compliance ideas and aids in your comprehension of the AWS cloud computing model.

2. Examine AWS CCP Exam Guide

When you first receive a book you’ve chosen, resist the urge to open it and start reading. Despite the first temptation, going through the book’s table of contents by identifying each part helps you analyse the content of the whole book that gives an objective to start with. Then, you’ll find it simpler to quickly navigate through your book. 

Similarly, the AWS CCP exam guide provides a detailed overview of the certification exam, which must be thoroughly read before you begin your cert preparation. You may get a summary of each exam goal as well as preparatory advice in the exam guide. To succeed on the certification exam, you simply need to adhere to them.
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3. Get Acquainted with the Syllabus

When studying for an exam, it is critical to understand the exam course content. Check to see if the exam syllabus for the AWS CCP certification has been updated. Examine them thoroughly before starting your preparation with the suggested study resources for each subject area.

This certification tests a candidate’s proficiency in:

  • AWS cloud and its fundamental architecture.
  • Pricing, billing, and account management.
  • AWS cloud values
  • The fundamental tenets of the AWS Cloud Architecture.
  • The security and compliance concepts as well as the shared security paradigm.
  • The primary resources for technical support 
  • The key features of using and deploying in the AWS Cloud.

4. Analyse AWS Whitepapers

Since we know that the purpose of white papers is to educate readers on a specific topic, one of the best ways to get prepared for the exam is to refer to various AWS whitepapers. These whitepapers are a reliable source of information and cover fundamental subjects, including economics, architecture, and security.

Here are a few well-known AWS whitepapers to aid your study for the AWS CCP test.

  • Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • An Overview of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Adoption Framework 
  • How AWS Pricing Works
  • AWS Risk & Compliance
  • AWS Best Practices for Security

5. Join saasguru

AWS CCP exam includes the fundamental notions and understanding of AWS Cloud. If you have any background operating on the AWS cloud platform, studying on your own is enough to clear the exam. If you are not exceptional at some ideas, take a course online for the exam preparations. 

The classes led by industry experts and the learning content developed by seasoned professionals in saasguru assist you in comprehending all the subject areas, and thus, you will be able to clear the exam on the first go. 

6. Practice Test Questions and Free Mock Tests by saasguru

The finest tool to gauge your exam readiness is by attempting a handful of practice exams/mock tests for any certification exam. It mimics the format and content of the real exam that are better for identifying your weak points and helping you strengthen them. 

As we are aware, learning the exam material is vital but insufficient to perform well on the test. Check out the 30 top AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam questions updated as of 2022.
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Summing Up

There is no easy way to pass an exam, which is something you should bear in mind. So, use the preparation guide provided above to get ready and move on to pass the cloud practitioner test. 

With the help of the AWS CCP certification preparation training programme, get ready to prepare for your certification with saasguru and build a successful career. Sign up with saasguru, Now!


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