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How to Find the Perfect Candidate When Hiring Software Developers?

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How to Find the Perfect Candidate When Hiring Software Developers?

Appropriate interviewing and recruitment is both an art and a science. Even though strategies and approaches for assessing the more subtle aspects of a software developer’s abilities and knowledge exist, when these techniques are combined, they produce a remarkably effective selection process with a successful track record. This article is all about that process.

Long before an interview, the process of selecting and employing the elite few begins. A standardized method for identifying potentially qualified applicants can significantly simplify and improve the effectiveness of your entire recruiting process.

Challenges While Recruiting the Best Software Developers

  1. The distinguishing characteristics of exceptional software engineering applicants are highly challenging to assess.
  2. Efforts to assess the critical yet elusive skills of a software developer comprise questions or challenges that are very common and almost every developer knows the answers. As a result, asking them these questions accomplishes nothing of substance.
  3. A common outcome is focusing on technical minutia rather than evaluating the candidate’s ability to problem solve, think out of the box, and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Steps to Follow for Hiring the Best Software Developers

Starting to fill your pipeline with top tech talent is the perfect way to recruit software developers. It requires 50% more time to hire talent for tech positions than for other jobs, and TA groups frequently need developers.

1. Go through the projects created and uploaded by Software Developers

By evaluating developer projects, you can better assess the strengths and abilities of viable applicants for your tech hiring push. There are platforms like GitHub where developers develop and upload their projects. It’s a technology-focused platform that many consider one of the best job sites for recruiting a software developer. 

Another such forum is Angelist. 

AngeList is an excellent platform for recruiting software engineers, and it connects startups with investors and employees. AngelList is highly helpful if you’re in the initial stages of growth; it has a large talent pool assertively looking for employment with newly established, smaller companies.

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Similarly, companies can also utilize Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a forum for discussion for experienced and enthusiastic software developers who can use the platform to ask and answer questions. It’s one of the most popular job-search portals for developers, with over 5 million active users.

2. Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for locating software developers if used accurately. The platform has a large number of highly skilled developers. Many of these developers are also likely to be assertively searching for new jobs available. 

Share job vacancies on LinkedIn and ensure your staff maintains them up to date, so they stay at the top of the searches. It’s also a great idea to upload content on LinkedIn frequently. It can assist you in developing your corporate image.

3. Conferences and Webinars

Convention speakers and co-attendees at appropriate technical seminars are a valuable platform for experienced applicants. If you cannot participate, revisit the online program and contact the presenters. 

You might have got them “at the perfect time,” or they might be able to recommend you to someone who is suitably trained.

4. Connect with Developers via Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic employer branding and discovery platform, connecting with developers and, most importantly, tech hiring.

Recruiters can interact with programmers who are active on threads and relevant trending topics and with software developers who are already following the brand, implying that they understand how you operate.

5. Test the Candidates’ Technical Knowledge

An accurate assessment of technical skill extends beyond the complexities of a particular programming language or technique. Even though employers should pay attention to the technical aspects, they are usually not the primary aspect of the assessment process.

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The best programmers don’t spend energy memorizing information that can be found in a language configuration or API document. Set a coding challenge that is not limited by language. Give a problem to the applicants and request them to write an answer in the language of their choice. The only prerequisite should be that the solution is complete and accurate, including any edge conditions or possible issues.

6. Don’t forget to analyze communication and soft skills

Members of the elite few are not only good with technology but also consummate software engineering experts who communicate effectively in writing and verbally. 

The most effective way to evaluate written communication skills is to request applicants’ writing samples. Technical writing samples are highly preferred because they indicate writing abilities and clarity.

Summing Up

One of the conversation’s inherent problems is that you can only predict how it will be to collaborate with someone once you work with them. An accurate idea of a candidate’s character and temperament is essential for a successful hire.

The specialized developers are not only technically better but also incredibly professional. As a result, the quest for them is not restricted to merely technical analysis.

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