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Can you get a job with AWS Solution Architect Certificate?

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Can you get a job with AWS Solution Architect Certificate?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud service providers in the market. It is only fair that they want to work with them and develop a great career. However, there’s a lot of misinformation spread everywhere. Thus, focusing on the correct updates and genuine information sources is essential. 

If you are already certified as an AWS Solution Architect, you might be wondering about future job opportunities. For IT experts and newly certified professionals seeking guidance, the discussion that follows will be helpful.

Get Certified as an AWS Solution Architect

There are two popular certification options if someone wants to start a career as an AWS Solution Architect. They are as follows:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: This certification is perfect for beginners with a few years of experience in the industry. Thus your target should be passing the certification exams with good marks. There are loads of resources available on the internet. Also, check out saasguru for AWS SAA online course and study materials
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional: Once someone gains decent experience working as an AWS Solutions Architect, the next step is taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam. The exam tests the candidate in areas such as designing new applications on AWS platforms, implementing cost-control measures, etc. 

Job Descriptions 

Beginners must know what job to apply for to maximize their chances of selection. Generally, most jobs ask for the following responsibilities: 

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  • Identifying client needs, evaluating alternatives, and making personalized suggestions concerning the platform, software, and network setups.
  • Preserving the security of cloud platforms while avoiding outages or data leaks. It includes assessing the danger posed by external platforms or systems.
  • Interacting with internal groups, including IT, operations, and sales. Additionally, to satisfy project goals, construct apps and communicate with stakeholders.

The candidate must have a properly filled-out profile on every job portal. With the help of correct filters and keywords, one can search for jobs matching their skills. Additionally, networking with professionals in the same field is a great way to get referrals from dream companies. 


As the demand rises for cloud professionals, so will the salaries of AWS-certified Solution Architects. One thing is certain; the positions are well-paid. Freshers can expect a starting salary of $114,350 per annum. Experienced professionals can expect a salary of $132,000 per annum or above based on individual skill sets.

Tips to Get a Job

Apart from getting certified, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can land your dream job. The candidate must have specific skills to attract recruiters. And those are:

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  • Great time management skills: AWS Solution Architects are expected to wear multiple hats at their workplace. A typical day can be expected to be full of troubleshooting, meetings, designing and regulating frameworks, etc. Thus, one should know how to manage the tasks and give proper time to each of them. 
  • Sound business knowledge: In addition to good technical skills, the candidate should have strong business acumen. Make sure you have the business and financial information necessary to make wise judgments that benefit the company’s profitability if you want to progress in your career. Business skills are also a lot about one’s interpersonal skills. It is essential to acquire excellent interpersonal skills that enable you to successfully engage with all stakeholders while making your voice heard if you want to pursue a profession as an AWS solutions architect.
  • Ability to make quick decisions: Also called decisiveness, cloud architects must have this skill. Cloud architects must be able to provide cost-effective but working solutions without overthinking. It is crucial to portray a clear picture before the stakeholders. Hence, one can point out decisiveness as a skill on their CV during a job hunt. 
  • Some experience: Though the demand for cloud professionals is high, the competition for such jobs is also high. Before you search for a full-time job, it’s a great idea to do an internship or part-time project. Simply freelancing on many trustworthy job platforms like Fiver and Upwork would suffice. This relevant experience will make your resume stand out among all applicants. 

Summing up

The AWS certifications are an excellent way to prove your expertise to employers while learning the latest technologies. Even if you work for the same employer, it’s always a great idea to upskill yourself in the IT industry. However, this is not the end.  

The main point that must be highlighted is that getting your desired AWS job requires much more than just a certification and requires dedication and consistent work. Working on AWS projects is recommended to gain enough practical experience. Your certificate may get you an interview call, but it is up to you after that. Check out saasguru for the top-class AWS certification training courses with topic-wise practice exams, mock tests, 1:1 mentorship programs, and many more. Sign up with saasguru and explore new possibilities to make your learning smooth. 

Also, install our AWS Learning App from Playstore for Android users and App Store for Apple users to make your learning process more convenient and flexible.

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