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Report Analysis of Mason Frank’s Careers & Hiring Guide 2022-23 by saasguru

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[Key Takeaways] Mason Frank's Careers & Hiring Guide 2022-23 by saasguru

Report Analysis of Mason Frank’s Careers & Hiring Guide 2022-23 

Mason Frank’s careers and hiring guide for 2022-23 is out now. If you are a fresher looking for a job in the Salesforce ecosystem, upgrading your career, or a recruiter, Mason Frank’s career and hiring guide is for you. It provides deep insights into many topics affecting the Salesforce Ecosystem.

It covers an in-depth understanding of topics like Salesforce products, features, and various certifications, deep diving into salesforce employees’ demography, salaries, perks, deliberations on future opportunities, and skill gaps. Not just that, it provides insights for freelancers, recruiting managers, and end users.

So, if you are related to the Salesforce ecosystem or aspiring to be a part of it, then Mason Franks’ careers and hiring guide is the must-read for you. Find out what your future will look like in the Salesforce ecosystem and many more meaningful insights here.

This is why we’ve created this post to give you a quick overview of Mason Frank’s careers and hiring process. It is recommended that you read the entire report to get a complete picture. We’ve compiled a list of some of the essential takeaways from this fiscal year’s report.

After reading this post, you will get a brief idea about all the crucial things related to the Salesforce ecosystem and how they will affect you as you are also a part of the Salesforce community.

Before we discuss our key findings from the reports, you need to know that this year’s survey was based on more than 1.5 lakh data points with a sample size of 1100. All the 1100 personnel were Salesforce professionals from various industries working in different roles, from professionals to recruiters. The survey was carried out between February and June of 2022.

Insights are credible and more interesting when the sample size is more extensive, and the survey covers Salesforce professionals and hiring managers from diverse backgrounds.

So, here’s what we found from this year’s report.

Soaring Value of Salesforce Certifications 

Salesforce Certifications Do Not Just Provide You Authenticity; It Helps You Stand Out In The Market.

The number of Salesforce certificate holders increased by 2% from last year. Now, 78% of total professionals hold Salesforce certifications, and 9% are preparing for their first certification.

This increase is because Salesforce certification is clear evidence of the Salesforce skills, making it easy for the recruiters to hire the right candidate with the required skillsets.

Salesforce certified Administrator, Salesforce-certified platform app builders, and Salesforce-certified platform developers 1 are the top Salesforce certifications held by Salesforce professionals.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Salesforce Administration is the best entry-level certification to start a career in Salesforce, and the numbers prove that. The highest 85% of Salesforce professionals are certified by the Salesforce Administrator certification.

Also, one more exciting piece of data is, 86% of Salesforce professionals believed that Salesforce certifications helped them stand out in the competition.

Higher Salary & More Worth

Certified Candidates Get More Salary & Are More Valuable To The Employers.

Salesforce certifications are certainly impacting positively on the salary of candidates.

In the survey, 67% of the professionals admitted that their salary increased after they got certified, and the average hike in pay was 21%.

As per the professionals, a Salesforce-certified technical architect is a top certification with the highest potential for a salary hike, followed by the System architect and Platform developer 1 certifications.

The reports suggest that employers find Salesforce-certified employees more valuable. Employers opined in the survey that Salesforce certifications are the basic benchmark for the requirements and skillset an employee should possess to carry out the Salesforce services and functionalities effectively. 

Some employers believe that Salesforce certifications show the learning attitude of professionals.

Even though some employers opined that Certifications do not prove the skills and experience of the person, considering the lack of expertise and hands-on experience. So it is highly recommended to build your practical skills along with preparation for the certification.

But overall, employers are finding Salesforce certifications and certified candidates more worthwhile, and it is proven by the fact that employers are now investing in their employees to get Salesforce certified.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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In this year’s survey, 60% of professionals said their employers fully sponsored their certifications, and 9% said their employers partially funded their certifications.

Motivating & Demotivating Factors

Salary Hike Is The Biggest Motivating Factor To Take Certification, And Procrastination Is The Biggest Roadblock To Achieving It.

57% of the non-certified professionals said that a promise of a hike in salary after getting certified is their major motive behind taking the exam.

Other important motivating factors were career progression and employers sponsoring their certifications.

Like motivating factors, the survey also covered the barriers that stopped candidates from taking the Salesforce certifications.

As per the report, 43% of the total candidates abruptly stopped preparing for the certification exam for various reasons like Procrastination, lack of self-motivation, and time.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about Mason Franks’s careers and hiring guide for 2022-23. We covered all the significant insights related to Salesforce training and certifications. You can download the report from the official website if you wish to know more. Also, connect with saasguru if you have any doubts regarding the Salesforce certifications via the saasguru Slack community

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