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How to Get a ServiceNow Admin Job in 2022?

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How to Get a ServiceNow Admin Job in 2022?

Are you thinking of switching your job to the world of Cloud? If you’re serious about pursuing a career in ServiceNow, the ServiceNow System Administration Certificate is an excellent option to start with. It will polish your skills and knowledge, making you more appealing to your current and potential employers. They’ll know you’re dedicated to your work and that you care about your professional development. 

Certifications in ServiceNow can help you advance your career in the IT Business Management platform. The knowledge and skill you gain from a CSA certification help you get differentiated from your competitors. Getting certified with ServiceNow also makes you gain industrial recognition, ensuring greater productivity. Businesses are going toward automation to make processes more manageable and effective, there are a variety of solutions accessible under ServiceNow, which offers a range of courses to assist you to become skilled in today’s fast-paced market situations.

What Does Being A ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Entail?

 The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam verifies that candidates can manage, configure, implement, and manage the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow customers, sales engineers, partners, and others genuinely interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator can attempt this 60-question CSA exam for which the duration is 90 minutes. 

 The CSA Certification is a basic certification with few requirements. This certification sets the foundation for all you need to know about ServiceNow before moving on to further courses or certifications. Passing this certification test helps you to advance through the other ServiceNow Certification paths.

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

Check the Prerequisites & Get Ready for the Exam if you are Qualified

 Undoubtedly, Servicenow Certified System Administrator Certification helps you in landing your dream job 10x quicker than without it. So, do not think twice about clearing the certification, if you are seriously planning a switch. 

The Exam is comparatively difficult since it necessitates careful planning and unrelenting effort. Passing this exam indicates that the candidate has a thorough understanding of all of the core abilities required to obtain additional certifications.

 Let us check some of the prerequisites to appear as a viable candidate in the CSA exam according to ServiceNow. 

  • 3 day ServiceNow Fundamentals training course. 
  • 6 months of hands-on experience in ServiceNow.
  • Experience with database concepts and system management in the business.
  • Candidates should be familiar with the processes of IT Help Desk and workflows for incidents, problems, and changes. 
  • Good understanding of acronyms, industry terminologies, and initialisms.
  • 6 months of specialised expertise maintaining ServiceNow instances and working on ServiceNow deployment projects.

Get a ServiceNow Admin Job by Successfully Tackling The Certified System Administrator Exam: 

 To become indispensable is your choice. By successfully passing the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam, you are future-proofing your career and building a foundation to upgrade it to the top. But, clearing the exam is not as easy as you think. Moreover, this exam requires constant preparations and good support and assistance from professionals.

 However, there are some tips that you can follow if you have decided to pursue your career as a ServiceNow Certified professional. 

1. Create a Study Plan

An effective study plan should be prepared well in advance. Check out how much time you will be able to devote to exam preparation on a daily basis. Consider the number of topics left to prepare, your work commitments, whether you are committing full-time or part-time for the preparation, and your other obligations while curating a schedule.

Click here for the ultimate ServiceNow CSA exam guide – explore the updated admin syllabus, exam pattern, exam cost, registration & preparation tips.

2. Know The Exam Format

There are 60 multiple-choice questions on the ServiceNow CSA Certification exam. To pass, you should score 70% or above. Because some questions offer several right answers, you’ll need to double-check them all because an incomplete response is considered incorrect. You’ll get 90 minutes to finish the exam, which should be plenty if you handle it well.

3. Get a Study Partner/ Partners

Working in a group can be pretty beneficial. You can get insights from your study partners and learn from one another. Also, if you don’t know an answer while discussing a concept, someone else likely does. Take turns discussing complex concepts. You will be stunned by the new knowledge you learn that way.

4. Prepare Flashcards 

When prepping for the ServiceNow CSA Certification, flashcards are quite useful. It’s the most effective approach to stimulate your memory. Always build your own flashcards, as this allows you to customise them. It provides vital neural pathways, enabling you to quickly retrieve what you’ve learned at a later date. Break down complex concepts into multiple questions, use pictures and other memory techniques in completely understanding a concept, and use as many flashcards as possible. 

5. Practice Exams

Practice tests will teach you how to manage your time effectively and will allow you to assess your level of preparedness. Make a list of potential ServiceNow CSA exam questions and take a practice test so you know what to expect. Look through the official material and the online community until you have a complete understanding of the answer.

6. Master The Platform

ServiceNow is a challenging technology to master; it has a steep learning curve at first, but it slows down as time passes. Do not think that since we have spent a couple of weeks preparing for the ServiceNow CSA exam will yield us the desired result. No! 

Take your time, go in-depth about the ServiceNow platform, and understand the Now Platform’s behavior. Only after that, think about attempting the CSA Certification.

7. Get Adequate Sleep & Pace Yourself

The most harmful thing you can do is stay up late studying for exams. Sleep improves memory, so make sure you receive plenty of it in the coming weeks, especially seven to eight hours the night before the exam. Ensure that you are putting enough focus on the preparation and don’t stress yourself. You can stay on track by getting up early, making a study schedule, eating brain-fueling foods, and taking breaks as needed.

8. Read the ServiceNow Fundamentals — Participant Guide

It’s the ServiceNow training support guide, which you should have gotten if you passed the exam. If you don’t have it, ask all of your friends if they have it, even if it’s an older ServiceNow version. Just read it. The participant guide isn’t free, and it can’t be purchased separately. This document is a must-read prior to the exam. It will greatly ease your exam preparation.

How to Best Land in Your Dream Job Safely with Proper Training?

With sufficient training, you will learn to master ServiceNow skills through hands-on, real-world instructions that will assist you in achieving your objectives. It is not mandatory that you take a ServiceNow course before attempting the exam, but they are accessible if you want to. 

If you are in search of an AI-enabled and customizable cert prep journey, saasguru is the right choice you can opt for. We’re here to help you chase your dream of getting a ServiceNow Admin job with proper training sessions and 1:1 mentoring. We’ve blended cutting-edge technology with personal training from our experts to give our students an unrivalled learning experience with a high success rate.

Learn more about how saasguru helps you in your cert prep journey by visiting our website or joining us for free with a simple sign-up. 

To Sum Up

Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

Prepare yourself for the bright future with ServiceNow and understand that getting certified is the primary step towards achieving it. Then, you will find that it was easier than you thought. I hope that this article will help you build a preparation plan to land a job in ServiceNow and ease your anxiety about the Certified System Administrator exam. 


1. How do I start a career in ServiceNow?

If you are new in the ServiceNow world and figuring out a way to start the journey, start by preparing yourself for the ServiceNow System Admin exam and take the help of ServiceNow Fundamentals. The ServiceNow Fundamentals course is mainly created for new ones in the ecosystem. After earning the ServiceNow admin certification, aim for higher-level certifications to explore every part of the ServiceNow ecosystem.

2. How do I become an admin on ServiceNow?

Become an Admin on ServiceNow by earning the ServiceNow system admin certification. Prepare for the cert exam by religiously following the ServiceNow Fundamentals Course. You must also have six months of working experience on the ServiceNow platform. Candidates who have expertise and industry knowledge of database concepts are also benefited. 

3. What are the skills required for a ServiceNow administrator?

The ServiceNow system admin skills and roles require knowledge of list management, table administration, currency administration, form configuration, field management, and primary configuration. 

4. How much does a ServiceNow certified system administrator make?

The average salary of a ServiceNow certified system administrator in the US is $100,300. On the other hand, in India, ServiceNow certified system admin makes 3 lakhs to 9.5 lakhs with an average annual salary of 4.5 lakhs. 

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