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How to Get ServiceNow Certification in 2022?

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How to Get ServiceNow Certification in 2022?

ServiceNow is an IT Service Management (ITSM) software platform that allows enterprises to automate their IT operations via the cloud. It helps businesses become more efficient and robust by using data and workflows.

Obtaining a ServiceNow certification benefits applicants in terms of acquiring industry recognition and the potential to gain a competitive edge in their career. The certification ensures improved productivity and results, enhancing user community happiness.

Is It Worthwhile To Get A ServiceNow Certification?

According to a survey conducted by ServiceNow Community, nearly 68% of professionals believed that their certification had a beneficial impact on their professions. According to the community survey, the certified professionals felt the certificate positively affected their compensation. ServiceNow-certified professionals saw their promotions jump by 3 to 12 months.

Your prior expertise also determines the value of a ServiceNow certification. It validates your talents and expertise, allowing you to pursue higher-paying positions. It is worth taking the exam if you have worked on the ServiceNow system for at least six months. You’ll be able to attract recruiters from prestigious firms by demonstrating your dedication to the platform and your professional growth. So, getting ServiceNow Certification is worth the effort!

How To Get A ServiceNow Certification?

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

1. Choose A Suitable Certification 

ServiceNow offers three certification programs. They are:

  • ServiceNow Certified System Administration
  • ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
  • ServiceNow Implementation Specialist

Each ServiceNow certification has its own set of benefits, and it is up to professionals to choose whatever certification path they want to pursue. However, since it is an entry-level certification with the least prerequisites, it is advised that you begin with the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification. Candidates should, ideally, have prior ServiceNow product experience.

Start with the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification to learn more about ServiceNow before moving to other programs or certification tracks.

2. Don’t Rush Through Your Preparation 

ServiceNow is a challenging technology to master; it has a steep learning curve at first, but it slows down as time passes and you gain more knowledge. And that’s where we go wrong: we often underestimate the platform, assuming that because we’ve spent a few weeks working on it and have seen the majority of its fundamentals, we’re likely to pass the ServiceNow Certification, which isn’t always the case. That is a blunder that, unfortunately, many individuals make.

Take your time and understand everything about the ServiceNow platform, including the basic table names, how the workflow mechanism works, and how the Now Platform behaves.

3. Find A Study Buddy

That is a crucial factor to remember if you have another colleague, friend, or acquaintance eager to take the ServiceNow Certification exam with you. 

Having a study partner is beneficial since it helps you address broader information. Begin discussing the study topics over a cup of coffee or on your way to work, and put your partner’s knowledge to the test. You’ll pose a question, assuming you already know the answer; nevertheless, your partner will respond with a different perspective, revealing an entirely new meaning that you may have overlooked. The saasguru slack community can be utilised to connect with many like-minded people with similar interests. 

4. Prepare With An Online Learning Platform

Several learning platforms can help you prepare for your certification, one of which is saasguru, which provides an in-depth training program for the ServiceNow Certified Administrator certification with the assistance of industry experts. This certification is recommended for beginners since it is an introductory level certification exam. 

Passing this certification will help the professional gain an in-depth understanding of the basics of the ServiceNow platform and help them prepare for more advanced-level certification.

5. Make Use Of Flashcards And Take Practice Tests

When studying for the ServiceNow Certification, flashcards come in handy. You can personalise your flashcards by making them yourself. It establishes critical neural pathways that enable you to recollect what you’ve learned. To properly understand an idea, use as many flashcards as possible and break down complicated concepts into a series of questions. You can even utilise visuals and other memory tricks to help you remember vital information.

Practice examinations, on the other hand, will help you improve your time management skills and determine how prepared you are. Take as many practice tests as possible to prepare for any ServiceNow certification. Examine the official study materials and participate in different online forums related to your chosen certification until you completely understand the topics.


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

We hope that the tips discussed above help you create a study strategy and reduce your exam anxiety. With adequate training, you’ll be able to polish your ServiceNow skills and achieve your goal. 

Choose saasguru as the most dependable ServiceNow certification and training platform. Sign up for free!

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