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How to Pass Salesforce App Builder Exam in 2022?

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How to Pass Salesforce App Builder Exam in 2022?

Salesforce provides ample opportunities for learning and growth through its certification exams. The Salesforce App Builder exam is one such exam that is capable of advancing your career to the next level. It is also considered as the exam that is a building block for the Platform Developer I exam. This exam is for you if you are passionate about building a custom app on the Salesforce platform.

Indeed, only certification can not secure you a good job. You would be required to demonstrate specific skills and basic experience. But, the Salesforce App Builder exam certification provides a certain level of authenticity. So, preparing for this exam and gaining practical skills for the Salesforce App Builder platform is highly recommended.

This exam is valuable for consultants, developers, and even admins. The knowledge you gain from this exam will help you boost your career. Whether you are kickstarting your career or looking for higher-paying jobs, you can stand out in the job market after clearing the Salesforce app builder exam.

As this is a career-transforming certification exam, we have created this post to help you pass the Salesforce App Builder exam. In this post, we will discuss the prerequisites, and skills required for the exam, a brief overview of the exam, and some essential strategies to pass this exam. 

Prerequisite for Certification

This exam is specifically designed for professionals who have basic knowledge of building custom applications on the Salesforce platform. So, if you are a fresher, you should undergo training to learn how to develop custom apps on the Salesforce platform.

A Salesforce app builder is required to have at least 6 months to 1 year of working experience in custom application development using the Salesforce Lightning platform or any other competent CRM platform. You should possess the following skills and knowledge before taking the Salesforce app builder exam:

  • An understanding of the Salesforce certificate types and their use
  • Introductory experience with the Salesforce Lightning platform
  • Experience in handling and optimizing enterprise-level mobile applications
  • Knowledge of social app integration features of mobile apps on the Salesforce platform
  • Experience in designing apps and developing business processes

Now let’s look at what skills you would require to become a certified app builder on Salesforce.

Skills Required for the Exam

  • Configuring the Salesforce mobile application
  • Deploying custom applications
  • Designing, building, and implementing custom applications with the help of customization capabilities of Salesforce and other platforms like
  • Designing business logic, process automation, user interface, security model, and data management model
  • Building various types of reports using the data

Now that you are well-versed with the prerequisites and skills required for the Salesforce app builder exam, let’s discover the exam details and section weightings with an approximate number of questions to expect for each section.

Exam Details & Section Weightages

The Salesforce Platform App Builder exam tests your knowledge and skills in the following areas.

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1. Salesforce Fundamentals: 8% weightage (5 questions)

It covers the basics, declarative customization, and the use of app exchange.

2. Data Modeling and Management: 20% weightage (12 questions)

One of the significant sections with the highest weightage. It covers data export, data import, data mapping, data models, Data Loader tools, and other relevant topics to data management.

3. Business Logic and Process Automation: 27% weightage (17 questions)

This section contains the highest weightage in the exam. So, you should allot more time to learn all the concepts and practice the concepts in Salesforce to gain practical knowledge. It covers topics like workflow, process builder, validation rules, flow, escalation rules, and record types.

4. User Interface: 14% weightage (9 questions)

In this section, you need to learn topics like user interface configuration with the help of tabs, links, buttons, and actions.

5. App Deployment: 8% weightage (5 questions)

This is a very crucial section because it covers the most important thing, which is the implementation of the theories. It covers app development and deployment.

6. Security: 10% weightage (6 questions)

The knowledge of this section is gaining more importance due to increasing threats related to cybersecurity. The section covers various types of securities like org level, field level, object level, and record-level security.

7. Reporting: 5% weightage (3 questions)

This section covers knowledge of how to create a dashboard using the reports and how to create custom and standard reports.

8. Social: 3% weightage (2 questions)

This small section covers topics like how to connect Salesforce with social media handles like Twitter and on a smartphone app and desktop.

9. Mobile: 5% weightage (3 questions)

This section covers various actions of Salesforce mobile apps, like global actions and object-specific actions.

Exam Overview 

You need to attempt 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions on the exam. A total of 90 minutes are allotted for the exam, including time for unscored questions.

The exam cost is USD 200, and every retake will cost you USD 100. And the most important thing, the passing score in the Salesforce app builder exam is 63%. This means that out of a total of 60 questions, you must get at least 38 questions correct.

You can also refer to App Builder Certification Exam Guide 2022 for the latest Exam format, detailed syllabus, and all other relevant information. Now we will see various strategies to pass the exam.

Strategy for the Exam Preparation

As you know, this exam not only tests your knowledge about the Salesforce app builder platform but also validates how good you are at implementing theories. Also, now you know that it requires some basic experience on the salesforce platform.

So, it infers that the best way to prepare for this exam is by implementing the concepts you learn during the exam preparations. You should work on the use case of all the sections we discussed earlier.

You can prepare a list of all the topics and learn about use cases and implementation of all of them. Doing this will not only help you remember all the concepts easily, but also it will get you some practical experience. You will learn practical aspects of all the concepts and how different companies use Salesforce for their business.

You can also do your project. Create your own app with Salesforce Lightning features. For example, select any random business from the internet, and collect all the information and specifications you need to build the app for that business.

We have compiled some suggestions given by experts to clear the exam. Follow these suggestions along with this implementation strategy. It will surely help you clear the exam on the first go. 

Expert Suggestions

1. Take Mock tests and Attend Practical Sessions to Reinforce Your Learning.

You should take adequate practice exams to test what you’ve learned and absorbed so far. These practice exams will familiarize you with scenarios and problem statements that are comparable to scenario-based questions found in the Salesforce App Builder exam. By doing this, you can gain valuable experience before taking the certification exam.

Take mock exams till you score at least 90%. Also, practice the concepts to memorize them easily. 

2. Identify the Areas for Improvement with Mock Tests. 

Once you take the mock test, assess the results, and focus on the areas that need to be improved. After completing numerous mock exams, you will be able to identify your strengths and areas of improvement.

Pay special attention to the areas that require improvement. Evaluate where you are making mistakes, and revise a concept if it is unclear. This will help you gain confidence in every concept and make you better than before. Doing this will not only help you clear the exam but also will help you ace the app-building skill.

3. Self-evaluation is The Key to the Success of Honing a Skill

Always carry-out self-assessment after every mock test. Observe what you have learned so far with integrity after every test. It can help you spot your vulnerable areas that need improvement.

4. Join Online Professional Salesforce App Builder exam Preparation Platform

Join a high-quality online certification preparation platform where you can learn from industry experts. To clear the exam, you need far more than just watching videos and reading documents on your own.

Select learning platforms that are up-to-date with all the latest information. You can clear your doubts and get the latest updates by joining saasguru

5. Follow Your Study Routine Religiously

It is rightly said that slow and steady wins the race. This requires your consistent daily efforts. Religiously following the schedule will not only help you clear the exam but also it will improve your self-discipline, which is good for personal growth. saasguru follows a learner-centered teaching approach and a personalized learning pathway where you can decide the pace of your preparation and follow it systematically. 

Join saasguru for a systematic certification preparation journey to reach your goal efficiently.

6. Socialize with Like-minded People Who are Preparing for This Exam

Socialize with like-minded people who wish to build apps on the Salesforce platform. You can learn a lot from the community. You can share knowledge, build apps, and do revisions with them. It creates positivity around you if you are surrounded by a group of like-minded people and industry experts who can guide you. If you are looking for such a community, you can also clear all your doubts and concerns via our Slack Community.

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Stay Positive 

So, that’s it about How to pass the Salesforce App Builder Exam. Clearing this exam will certainly help you a lot in getting your dream job, as recruiters often give priority to certified professionals in Salesforce app-building jobs. If you are all set to set your foot in the industry, do not hesitate to enroll in the course right away. We will be delighted to assist you.

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