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Is Salesforce Coding Difficult?

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Is Salesforce Coding Difficult

If you want to enter the Salesforce world, you must be wondering about going through the pain of following various code components and learning the Salesforce coding language. 

The Salesforce platform offers two career paths- Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Developer. If you want to be a Salesforce developer, the track involves advanced-level coding in languages like Apex, Java, and Visualforce. On the other hand, the work and tasks of a Salesforce Admin involve declarative tools. But to better understand the platform as an Admin, you still need to learn some basics of Apex and Visualforce. 

So, is Salesforce easy to learn? Yes, Salesforce is not difficult for people who are passionate about the platform and considering starting a career in Salesforce.

In a world driven by technology, the accelerating rate of change will require lifelong learning. Those who can embrace change and learn best will be successful leaders. So, even if those with a technical background might have some advantage in knowing the Salesforce coding languages, the growth track in the Salesforce ecosystem is the same for all professionals. 

Explore how long it takes to learn Salesforce and based on the guide, plan your strategy to learn Salesforce coding. 

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Is Salesforce Coding Difficult?

In Salesforce, we do not directly jump into coding when there is a new requirement. We first check if this can be done using the declarative tools that Salesforce provides, which is the role of an admin. If the devices do not suffice, we move to the programming approach. The Salesforce platform enables anyone to create automation with little or no coding knowledge. So even if you don’t know how to code, you can still go far in Salesforce. However, a basic understanding of the Salesforce coding language and the tools would only add more value to your skillset.

The professionals who are not from a technical background might take a long time and find it challenging to learn Salesforce coding. But Salesforce actively encourages people to learn about the platform. It allows you to get a trial account, provides you study guide, and offers you trail lessons and Trailhead. Therefore, with a bit of learning, practice, and meaningful resources, a beginner can quickly learn Salesforce coding. And we can say that Salesforce coding is not complex but rather a bit challenging to grasp and understand. 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

There are multiple reasons behind this:-

  1. Salesforce Certification questions test theoretical knowledge and test if you can apply the right solution for a problem. So, knowing only the topics is not enough, and the candidate must also have practical knowledge of the platform, which requires you to learn the basics of Apex and Visualforce. 
  2. Many candidates form the belief that knowing the basics of Java would suffice. Syntactically Salesforce Apex Language is a wrapper on top of Java, so knowing Java or object-oriented is always a plus but not required. So, knowing object-oriented concepts is sufficient to write working code. And you will eventually have to learn Apex and Visualforce. 
  3. Javascript is evolving fast; designing UI-intensive applications on limited cloud buffer space could be a pain if you don’t know how to engineer well. Therefore, to work in the Salesforce ecosystem, you will need to jump into Apex directly and learn web programming. 
  4. Practical and technical scenario-based questions are not only asked in the certification exam but also during the interview. So, learning to code and describe the technical problem and solution in words could be challenging for someone from a non-technical background. That is why you will have to make sure that you understand web development’s basic and advanced concepts. 

You must now be wondering if you could do some things to make the coding learning process more manageable. You can consider the following tips to make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of Salesforce coding. 

Tips to Learn Salesforce Coding

  1. Salesforce’s new lightning platform requires you to have a profound understanding of Javascripts, so if you are starting now, in a year or two, you will see lightning applications dominating all over, and hence knowing javascript is a blessing considering present and future. Click here for an ultimate platform developer 1 study guide – explore the updated PD1 exam syllabus, exam pattern, certification cost, registration & preparation tips.
  2. The easy parts are learning how to navigate Apex, the best practices around it, and soql/DML. Best practices are crucial when developing Apex; architecture and performance directly impact business value. So, focus on the architecture and implementation.
  3. On the other hand, the Lightning framework is compelling but has some learning curve; it is forgiving JS-wise. When making your first components, you can go far with it and reuse code anywhere on the controller. It is worth investing in as it becomes comfortable with time.
  4. We suggest starting with the administrator trailhead and moving to dev parts later. You need to know first what the standard is and how the ecosystem works; there are many things to assimilate to put meaning to your developments and give them proper scopes.

 To Sum Up

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Though Salesforce is vast and expanding, it is not tough to learn. If you concentrate and put your mind to learning Apex and Java, you can easily understand how the Salesforce platform works. You will be able to master Salesforce coding within a few weeks. 

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