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How to become a ServiceNow Administrator in 2022?

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How to become a ServiceNow Administrator in 2022

A ServiceNow Admin is someone who has fundamental knowledge about the platform, including how all of the apps and features operate together. They’ll focus on platform management while entrusting development duties to others. 

Admins are an important part of any ServiceNow team because they can deal with problems and either fix them or document them for the ServiceNow Developer to look into. An administrator can add fields to a form, change UI Policies, and handle many day-to-day tasks. If an issue emerges, a ServiceNow Admin can check the system logs before calling the developer.

If you’re all set to begin a career in ServiceNow, the ServiceNow System Administration Certificate is a terrific place to start. It will polish your knowledge and skills, making you more acceptable to your prospective employers. They’ll notice how committed you are to your career and how enthusiastic you are about your professional development.

How Do You Become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator?

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam allows candidates to assist the companies in administering, configuring, installing, and maintaining the ServiceNow platform. The 90-minute, 60-question CSA test is open to customers, sales engineers, partners, and anybody who wants to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.

The  CSA Certification is an essential certification with a limited set of requirements. Passing this certification exam allows you to go to the next level of other ServiceNow certifications. Before going on to further courses or certifications, this certification lays the groundwork for everything you need to know about ServiceNow.

How to Crack the ServiceNow System Administration Certification Exam?

The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification will help you find your ideal job faster than when you don’t have a certification. So, if you’re genuinely considering switching, don’t hesitate to get this certificate.

The exam is relatively challenging because it requires meticulous planning and unwavering effort. This exam demonstrates that the candidate understands the core competencies needed for further certifications.

A ServiceNow Administrator requires the following competencies:

  • Six months of hands-on ServiceNow experience.
  • Business experience in database ideas and system management.
  • Knowledge of IT Help Desk policies and workflows.
  • A clear understanding of acronyms, industrial terminologies, and initialisms.
  • Maintaining ServiceNow instances and working on ServiceNow deployment projects for six months.

 How to Enter the Workforce as a ServiceNow Administrator?

By clearing the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam, you will future-proof your career and lay the groundwork for its advancement. However, passing the exam is not as simple as you may believe. Furthermore, this exam necessitates ongoing preparation and expert help and assistance.

However, if you’ve decided to seek a career as a ServiceNow Certified professional, there are specific pointers to consider.

1. Make A Study Routine That Works

A good study strategy should be devised ahead of time. When creating a schedule, keep in mind the topics left to prepare, your employment commitments, whether you’ll be preparing full-time or part-time, and your other obligations.

2. Recognize The Exam’s Structure

The ServiceNow CSA Certification test has 60 multiple-choice questions and a pass rate of 70% or above. You should double-check all the solutions you have marked because an incomplete response is considered incorrect. You’ll have 90 minutes to finish the exam, which should be enough if you use your time well.

3. Don’t Skip Practicing For The Certification

Mock tests will train you to efficiently manage your time and enable you to measure your readiness. To effectively prepare for the ServiceNow CSA exam, create various potential questions and practice exams. Examine the official materials and go through multiple online forums relevant to this certification until you fully grasp the solution.

4. Work With Flashcards

Flashcards are quite helpful when studying for the ServiceNow CSA Certification. It creates crucial cerebral pathways that allow you to recall what you’ve learned at a later time. To completely comprehend a concept, utilize as many flashcards as possible to analyze complex concepts. 

5. Follow A Healthy Routine And Get Enough Sleep

Staying up late can cause stress and fatigue. Sleep aids memory, so get plenty of it in the weeks ahead, particularly the night before the exam. Make sure you’re focusing enough on the preparation and don’t overwork yourself. Getting up early, setting a study schedule, eating balanced meals, and taking breaks might help you stay on track.


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

With enough training, you’ll be able to refine ServiceNow skills by following practical learning and real-world instructions that will help you meet your goals. It is not mandatory to take a ServiceNow training course before taking the exam. However, it is recommended to do so.

If you’re looking for an AI-enabled and personalized cert prep experience, saasguru is the best option. We’ve combined cutting-edge technology with one-on-one instruction from our specialists to provide an exceptional learning experience with a soaring success rate for our students. With comprehensive practice sessions and 1:1 ServiceNow coaching, we’re here to help you pursue your ambition of working as a ServiceNow Admin.

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