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Learning Salesforce from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Learning Salesforce from Scratch A Step-by-Step Guide

When stepping into the Salesforce ecosystem, one of the most common questions that professionals and beginners face is how they start learning Salesforce from scratch. It is also common to wonder how long it will take to learn Salesforce from scratch. 

There can be multiple reasons for landing in the Salesforce world for you. For example, the organization you are working in is shifting to Salesforce, switching your job to Salesforce technology, or your customers want to use Salesforce for better business solutions. 

So, there can be various reasons, and you can have little to a minimum understanding of the Salesforce platform. If you want to know how to learn Salesforce from scratch and start your career in Salesforce, this guide is for you. 

Consider the following crucial points to learn Salesforce from scratch. 

Know Your Level of Knowledge 

The most important thing that will help you boost your career in Salesforce is knowing where you stand and the level of your understanding of the Salesforce platform. You must also figure out where you want to see yourself in the future. These two factors play a crucial role in learning Salesforce from scratch. 

Figuring out where your knowledge level fits in the Salesforce ecosystem will help you choose the right path and field in Salesforce. For example, Salesforce offers multiple roles like Administrator, Architect, Developer, etc. And these roles stand at different levels for beginners, professionals, and specialists. 

If you are a beginner, you must begin your Salesforce journey with the Admin path. If you are an administrator, you can obtain the credential of advanced administrator; developers can choose to obtain platform developer 2 certification. And if you already have entry-level knowledge and certifications, you must go for advanced-level certifications in your respective field. 

Explore a bit about the Salesforce platform to help you understand how to get started with it.

Utilize Different Methods of Learning

When you are a beginner, it is hard to keep up with the pace of Salesforce releases, its features, and improvements. Salesforce knows it already, and that is why it has come up with a single platform to introduce you to its features, tools, and improvements. Don’t restrict yourself to only one learning method if you are learning Salesforce from scratch. Trailhead offers a holistic way for learners to stay updated and educated. 

Trailhead is the best platform to start your Salesforce journey. And it is also helpful for professionals who want to advance their career in Salesforce. 

Once you complete the Trailhead module, join an online course and give practice exams. Joining an online course would provide you with different learning methods like mock exams, revision material, practice questions, etc. 

Utilize Your Current Job Role in Learning Salesforce

Every organization wants you to know more about cloud computing and the latest changes. If you’re going to start learning Salesforce, there is no better place to begin your Salesforce journey and apply the learning in your current job role. Participate in the training programs and conferences and learn while building the projects. 

Have frequent one-on-one discussions with your seniors and manager to discuss your learning path and career goals about Salesforce. 

If you are fresher looking to gain some work experience, apply for an internship with an organization that uses Salesforce. You can also take up some freelancing projects to gain experience in the Salesforce platform. Internships and projects are the best way to obtain practical experience when learning Salesforce from scratch. It will help you clear your basics because you will get a chance to build one of the most basic Salesforce projects. 

Mentorship and Community Forums

You can choose a mentor from the Salesforce community to guide you through this journey. Some groups and forums are specifically designed for beginners starting their career in Salesforce. You will learn from their diverse experiences and projects. 

The Trailblazer community and other online Salesforce communities are the best places to ask questions, clear your doubts, and hold discussions if you are a beginner. The forums and communities are also a source of inspiration. 

One of the most innovative ways to learn Salesforce from scratch is through Fastrack courses and Bootcamps. That’s what saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is for.

About the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp

Salesforce Bootcamp

The most crucial part of learning Salesforce is learning with a plan and strategy that lands you a well-paid job in the Salesforce ecosystem. saasguru has kept the skills and placement in mind and has designed a Salesforce Bootcamp.

saasguru Job Guarantee Salesforce Bootcamp is a skill and placement-focused Bootcamp that allows you to access 30+ employers and learn the art of creating a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile. 

The Bootcamp will focus on building three core skills:-

  1. Developing Salesforce skills such as knowledge of hands-on applications and the Salesforce platform.
  2. Working on a Salesforce project that will focus on the knowledge of project lifecycle, Tools of trade, and functioning as a team.
  3. Focus on personal branding, soft skills, communication skills, and interview preparation. 

You will learn Salesforce from scratch from accomplished Salesforce professionals who will design the training material from the placement and job readiness point of view. And learners will also get three months of work experience certification.

So, the Bootcamp is designed keeping in mind the demand of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

To Sum Up

Learning Salesforce from scratch isn’t as challenging as it seems, provided that you choose the right platform and multiple learning methods. Your journey depends upon many factors, like where you currently stand in your career and what options you would like to explore in your career to grow professionally. Based on your goals, kick start your Salesforce career by enrolling in the saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp.

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