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Pathway to a ServiceNow Certification

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ServiceNow is one of the foremost Information Technology Service Management tools available in the market. The cloud-hosted IT management platform plays a crucial role in business management. And ServiceNow certifications promise a propitious future.

Now, are you considering a career in ServiceNow? Then, it’s super-important for you to consider becoming a ServiceNow certified professional. A certificate in ServiceNow helps you demonstrate your skills to your current and prospective employers. Getting certified in ServiceNow brings industrial recognition, competitive differentiation, better productivity, more remarkable results, which increases customer satisfaction, and acquiring enough hands-on experience in handling the platform.

Pre-requisites to Take the Certification

  • A basic understanding of database concepts with known mistakes and issues for resolving.
  • Beginner knowledge of database tables & columns, basic idea to test and design JavaScript.
  • Some knowledge of IT support processes and systems management.
  • A minimum of 3-6 months of valid experience in maintaining and using the ServiceNow platform.

Major Certifications Available in ServiceNow

Mainly, there are 3 certification paths in ServiceNow. Those are,

  1. CSA (Certified Systems Administrator)
  2. CIS (Certified Implementation Specialist)
  3. CAD (Certified Application Developer)
  4. CAS (Certified Application Specialist)

You can also obtain certifications on specific products through various courses offered on each different path.

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

  1. CSA (Certified Systems Administrator)

The ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification is an entry-level certification with few pre-requisites. It is usually suggested that the candidates have experience working with the ServiceNow products. It checks the ability of the candidates to manage, configure, and implement the ServiceNow platform. This certification is the basis for everything the candidates should know about ServiceNow before proceeding to other certifications paths.

The CSA exam includes 60 questions. It covers five specific learning domains, and the exam duration is 90 minutes.

  • User interface and navigation (20%)
  • Collaboration (10%)
  • Database administration (30%)
  • Service automation (30%)
  • Introduction to scripting and application tools (10%)

Primarily, ServiceNow customers and Sales Engineers can attempt to acquire the certification. Get ServiceNow CSA certified in less than 2 weeks with sassguru – personalized cert prep plan, 1:1 mentoring, flashcards and much more.

     2. CIS (Certified Implementation Specialist)

The Implementation Specialist certification includes 6 specialized certifications where each cert program is aligned with specific ServiceNow products. It includes Service Mapping, Service Management, Financial Management, HR, Customer Service Management, Security, and Vulnerability Response.

The CSI exam comprises multiple-choice questions that cover five specific learning domains. The exam duration is 90 minutes.

  • Engagement methodology and project planning (10%)
  • Core system setup (30%)
  • Security (10%)
  • Tuning and performance (20%)
  • Configuration (30%)

ServiceNow partners and ServiceNow employees can attempt this exam.

      3. CAD (Certified Application Developer)

The Application Developer certification checks the ability of the candidate to design applications with business logic. The successful candidate has the skills and essential knowledge to develop applications to solve business problems for their employers. They would also be capable of designing and implementing a user interface, which tries to determine what a user might want from a system, and then provides the means to make that happen.

The CAD exam comprises 60 questions that cover six specific learning domains. The exam duration is 90 minutes.

  • Design and create an application (15%)
  • Application user interface (20%)
  • Security and restricting access (20%)
  • Application automation (20%)
  • Working with external data (10%)
  • Managing applications (15%)

ServiceNow customers, sales engineers, partners, sales engineers, and anyone who has an innate interest can attempt to acquire the certificate.

     4. CAS (Certified Application Specialist)

The Application Specialist certification makes a candidate perform the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. The exam comprises multiple-choice questions and is computer-based, and has an Online proctoring service. The appointments should be made in advance or on the test day, subject to availability.

The CAS exam includes 60 multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions. It covers six specific learning domains and the exam duration is 90 minutes.

  • Architecture and Deployment (10%)
  • Configure indicators and indicator sources (26%)
  • Configure breakdowns and breakdown sources (22%)
  • Data collection (12%)
  • Data visualization(23%)
  • Administration and solutions (7%)

ServiceNow customers, employees, partners, and others interested in becoming ServiceNow Performance Analytics Certified Specialists can attempt the exam.

Training and certification play a big part in gearing up one’s knowledge and skill. So, how do we find the best platform to get a deeper level of understanding about the product and to get certified on the first go?

How to Choose the Best Platform?

Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go
Many cert prep options are available for the aspirants, but choosing the right platform is harder than ever. The overload of content about ServiceNow certification on learning portals, blogs, and YouTube channels from experts and so-called experts can be overwhelming!

Saasguru helps you prepare for ServiceNow certification exams and pass them in one go. The learning content and practice tests are aligned to the ServiceNow certification exams and prepared by super-smart ServiceNow certified professionals from across the world, delivered on a very intuitive platform. Saasguru’s ServiceNow Training module will provide you with a way to earn ServiceNow Certification successfully. Please visit saasguru for more information.

To Sum Up:

Businesses are moving towards automation to make processes quick and seamless. There are plenty of products available under ServiceNow that offers various courses to master the needs and the specifications of each certification path. ServiceNow Certifications build your career and equips you with the relevant knowledge to differentiate you from the competitors.

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