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Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Platform Developer 1

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Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Platform Developer 1

Are you aspiring to be a Salesforce platform developer? There’s a lot to appreciate about this job role. Salesforce is the most prominent and rapidly growing CRM platform, and its revenue has been increasing. So, it is evident that the demand for Salesforce platform developers and other job profiles will also increase rapidly in the coming years. 

Market demand is rising, so is the pay scale of Salesforce Developers. And with that, there is a rise in the requirement of skilled and trained Salesforce developers who can effectively manage the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce developer.

For all these reasons, if you have decided to pursue a career as a Salesforce platform developer, then you have made the right decision. 

Before reading about the job role of a Salesforce platform developer, make sure you are on the right track by choosing a suitable platform for your cert preparation. Please familiarize yourself with other crucial topics related to the job of Salesforce platform developers, like their salary.

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We will now see what a Salesforce platform developer does and the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce developer.

What Does a Salesforce Platform Developer Do?

Salesforce platform developers examine company processes, developing CRM workflows and custom solutions for particular requirements of the business. Salesforce developers work closely with other team members to create custom, scalable processes for the company. They work in different fields like creating, developing business workflows, and transforming requirements into system solutions. Salesforce platform developers are creative, self-motivated, and technical-minded. 

Now that you are aware of what a Salesforce platform developer does, you must be wondering if it’s worth becoming one or why to become a Salesforce platform developer at all? So, let us see the reasons.

Why Become a Salesforce Platform Developer?

You must know the importance of becoming a Salesforce platform developer before learning about the roles and responsibilities of this job profile. There are many compelling reasons to pursue a job as a Salesforce platform developer. Let us dive into the reasons:-

  1. Partnership and association with global technology leader.
  2. You get integrated with futuristic and pioneering CRM platform and technology.
  3. Collaboration and association with a diverse and intelligent community group.
  4. Improved skills through frequent training processes.
  5. Increased investment returns and paybacks.

Apart from the perks of being a Salesforce platform developer, it is interesting to see that the demand for Salesforce platform developers is more than any other Salesforce job, including Salesforce Admin and Salesforce consultants. That is why you must consider becoming a Salesforce platform developer.

Learn about the roles and duties of a Salesforce platform developer below.

Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Platform Developer 1

1. Test Apps and Their Implementation

Testing the functionality and implementation of applications is the primary responsibility of a Salesforce platform developer. Testing the application requires skills like coding, configuration, testing, and maintenance. Along with this, the developer is also required to meet the deadline and present the technical documents.

2. Designing Technical Plans

Providing technical plans is another critical role of a Salesforce platform developer. Designing technical strategies and techniques is essential for making the process more efficient and solving company-wide issues.

3. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

A Salesforce platform developer’s responsibility is that the best data solutions are provided. For this, Salesforce developers work in association with other team members to deliver data reviews to ensure complex CRM solutions are developed efficiently.

Other critical roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce platform developer are as follows:-

  1. Developing practical solutions for mobile and web managing internal structure
  2. Conducting workshops for other teams in the organization
  3. Integrating Salesforce CRM with other systems
  4. Develop, create, and write test cases
  5. Creating development goals and timelines
  6. Find issues, solutions, and best practices
  7. Collaborating with project managers to examine CRM needs
  8. Work in association with consultants and business groups
  9. Handling the security of the application software
  10. Make sure that there are no security breaches

Except for these duties, Salesforce developers are champions in languages like Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Component Framework.

To Conclude

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1. What is the role of a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer deals with creating customized solutions for the Salesforce platform. The role involves coding, designing, and executing Salesforce applications. The Salesforce developer also creates development goals and tests the functionality and stability of the application. 

2. What are the daily activities of a Salesforce developer?

The day-to-day duties of a Salesforce developer involve tasks such as implementation and testing of development efforts, configuration, installation, debugging, maintenance, and manufacturing technical documentation. The Salesforce developer also manages the timelines as a part of his day-to-day activities.

3. Who do Salesforce developers report to?

The Salesforce developers and admins usually report to the C-level executives to learn about the business, but you could report to a senior Salesforce administrator if you are a part of Salesforce Consultancy. 

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