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Salesforce Admin Career Path 2022

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Salesforce Admin Career Path 2022

Are you wondering about some of the excellent Salesforce Admin career paths to consider? Or would you like to get some tips on building a Salesforce Admin career path? This guide will help you explore your options and choose the right one. 

If you have entered the Salesforce world, you must have been excited and interested to work towards the Salesforce Admin certification. And getting certified is always a fresh beginning of your career. The Salesforce Admin certification gives you confidence, knowledge, and experience to apply for many other exciting job opportunities.  

Explore the Opportunities Open for Salesforce-Certified Admins

On the path of Salesforce Admin, you can consider tons of opportunities to flourish your career. It includes job roles like a business analyst or advanced admin and the field of coding or technical architect if you are interested in coding and becoming a developer. If you love the business side of Salesforce, you can also explore the job roles considering sales and marketing. 

You will be surprised to learn that there is one unique role that you can pick while being on the path of being a Salesforce admin. That is, becoming a sales engineer, where you will work as a technical resource for account executives as a professional. 

We shall now explore the career path you can pick as a Salesforce Admin.  

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

a. Choosing your Career Path as a Salesforce Developer

If you are interested and eager to learn coding and languages like Apex and Visualforce, the next stop is the Salesforce developer. They are the coding experts in the Salesforce world. Like admins, the developers also deal with customisation of the Salesforce platform, but unlike admins, they do so by providing coding solutions. 

b. Choosing your Career Path as a Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce consultants are the heartbeat of Salesforce projects. They play an important role associated with the technical staff, managing and creating projects, and ensuring the maximum benefit to their business from the Salesforce platform. 

They ensure that their companies meet their expectations by dealing with client-specific implementation, implementing ongoing improvements and changes, and increasing productivity. 

c. Choosing your Career Path as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

They work towards a new way of automating and implementing marketing efforts. You will work with the team to explain how to carry out marketing projects through the platform successfully. As a marketing cloud consultant, you kick-start exciting projects and fix failing solutions. You can expand your career opportunities by training to become a marketing cloud developer or architect. It all depends on your strengths 

d. Choosing your Career Path as a Salesforce Business Analyst

You can be an excellent business analyst if you love to bridge the gap between the technical team and business, find out the project requirements, and implement and create Salesforce solutions. 

Having read about the various job opportunities you will have once you clear the Salesforce Admin certification exam, we shall explore the different ways to make a path in Salesforce as an Admin. 

Ways to Enter the Salesforce World as a Salesforce Admin

We are here to help you begin your journey by providing you with all the guidance and resources to help you navigate the Salesforce Admin career path. Since the career path of everyone is different, the list below is not definitive but instead intended to give you a general overview to guide you in the right direction. Firstly, learn what is a Salesforce certified administrator

1. Visit the Salesforce Admin official site regularly and familiarize yourself with the crucial webinars, videos, and blogs. Exploring the official site will give you access to the most reliable resources for your Salesforce Admin career path preparation. 

2. Learn more about Salesforce with the help of Trailhead. When building a career around Salesforce, Trailhead is your best friend and best resource for crucial topics. You can earn point badges, work on real-world projects while learning everything about the Salesforce ecosystem, and boost your professional skills. 

3. Connect with Trailblazers and become a part of the community. This online community is where all the real-time discussions, problem-solving, and discussions happen. Meanwhile, you can also become a part of the saasguru Slack Community for the same benefits. The community is vast, and you will have a chance to explore new ideas on the path of Salesforce Admin.

You can also take the help of online courses and Salesforce Admin Flashcards to boost your cert exam preparation.

4. Get a job in the Salesforce ecosystem and attend Salesforce events. You can do so by finding career events and online boot camps. And attending Salesforce events like Dreamforce and TrailheaDX is always an intelligent way to build connections and enter the Salesforce world.  

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

In Conclusion

Besides the tips, attend Salesforce conferences and events and join the social network of Salesforce. Attending the conferences will connect you to the local Trailblazer community, with great content and inspiring stories. So, doing everything with hard work and grit will make sure you build a flourishing career path as a Salesforce Admin. To add a cherry to the cake, join the saasguru online training program to supercharge your career path by learning through the courses prepared by industry experts.

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