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11 Expert Tips for Salesforce Admin Exam

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11 Expert Tips for Salesforce Admin Exam

When it comes to taking a Salesforce certification exam, almost everyone tends to get nervous, from seasoned Salesforce pros to newcomers. It can be intimidating and stressful while preparing for the exam. It’s understandable to be a little worried because the stakes are so high. According to IDC, by 2026, the Salesforce ecosystem will have created 9.3 million new opportunities, and proving you have what it takes to be the best in those professions is the surest road to achieving your personal, professional goals.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some terrific expert tips for the Salesforce Admin Exam to help you get ready! Now it’s time to sit in and start taking notes.

Tip 1 – Know the Exam Outline 

Each Salesforce certification has an exam guide that contains all of the knowledge candidates require to prepare for the test. Make sure to go through the Exam Guide well in advance and pay attention to each of its details. 

The Guide contains all information concerning your certification’s unique exam objectives. For instance, the Administrator Certification Guide details the seven topics— and their weighting.

It would be better if you have a clear idea of the topics, their objectives, and their weighting to prepare well for the certification exam. 

Tip 2 – Select the Most Effective Platform

The materials supplied by saasguru are meant to let students learn the program at their own pace and equip them to begin their Admin certification journey. This program also includes a tailored study plan with micro-learning modules and a well-thought-out breakdown of the recommended schedule, which will assist the student in quickly covering all relevant and significant information.

Tip 3 – Improve Your Efficiency

After you’ve decided on a platform for your Salesforce cert prep, it’s a good idea to start practicing Salesforce Admin mock tests. These practice exams will improve your skills and help you realize where your skills and concepts are lacking.

Mock tests or practice exams can help you get into the mindset of taking the actual exam by familiarising you with the format of the questions and the type of answers you are expected to face. 

To generate the relevant and authentic mock tests, saasguru teamed with industry-leading gurus who have achieved numerous certifications. Attempting as many mock tests helps you feel confident when taking the final exam.

Tip 4- Identify Which Exam-style Suits You Best

It is entirely up to you how and where you take your exam. You can select the testing method that best suits your needs. You can take an onsite proctored exam at one of the testing facilities worldwide or complete your exam online from your computer utilizing online proctoring.

When deciding which format to take, knowing your testing style is crucial. Online exams do not allow you to bring paper and a pencil, whereas testing locations do. So, if you genuinely need to jot down notes to help you remember facts, it is recommended to take the exam onsite.

Consider how you’ve done best on past tests and pick the strategy that best fits your way of finishing an exam. For more details on how to register for Salesforce admin certification and exam options, visit saasguru 

Tip 5- Make Use of Learning Tools

It’s been a while, but recall all of the study shortcuts you learned in school to help you get through exam days. Abbreviations, diagrams, and mnemonic devices have all been excellent memory aids that aid in retaining knowledge in the brain.

While preparing for the Salesforce Admin Exam with saasguru, learners will receive a personalised study plan designed to cater to its learner’s pace and make learning even more fun and interesting. Flashcards are provided, which contain bit-sized information of the vital learning materials needed for the candidate to prepare himself thoroughly. 

Tip 6- Time Management on the Day of the Exam

Preparing for the certification exam is no easy task. There’s all the preparation work you do ahead of time and the equally crucial time management work you do during the exam. 

You know how long it generally takes you to answer questions, but here’s an instance from the regular certification exam:

Assume you’re taking a 60-question, 2-hour exam. You can take up to 2 minutes on each question and still complete it on time. So, if you feel that you’re spending more than two minutes on a single question, it’s advised that you move on to the next question and come back to it later. 

Tip 7- If You’re Not Sure of an Answer, Make a Guess.

You’ve done a lot of research and preparation work in the Salesforce ecosystem at this point, so you’ve got a lot of Salesforce knowledge in your mind. Don’t leave any question blank if you’re stumped; instead, make an educated guess. 

Always go with your gut. It’s very likely for it to be correct.

Tip 8- Always Reread

Any examination can be a stressful experience. But keep calm, take your time, and don’t make the standard error of refusing to reread the entire topic. It’s a good idea to go over the questions posed and each alternative answer several times. Because some topics can be lengthy or contain numerous components, it’s critical that you fully comprehend the question before responding.

Tip 9- Perseverance is Key

The Salesforce admin certification shows the rest of the world that you’ve mastered a particular skill. However, not everyone succeeds on their first attempt, and that’s fine! Each exam can be thought of as a step in the process of obtaining your certification.

After the exam, you will receive an email with your scores and Section-Level Feedback. This evaluation indicates how well you performed regarding the exam objectives discussed in the exam guide.

If you didn’t pass the first time, this information could help you study for your re-exam as it will show you which areas you’ve mastered and which ones require a little more attention.

Tip 10 – Connect and Collaborate

It is recommended that you build contacts inside the Salesforce ecosystem as you adapt to the Salesforce environment. One of the best tips is to connect with other Salesforce Trailblazer community networks.

Attending networking events, numerous webinars, or simply looking it up on famous social media networks like LinkedIn or Twitter might help you do this.

Interacting with various Salesforce employees, either users, administrators, developers, or analysts, via slack will give an overall idea of the whole process. 

Tip 11- Relax and Stay Positive

The final tip for the Salesforce Admin exam would be to be as calm and relaxed as possible. It’s natural to feel intimidated while studying for such a significant exam; therefore, it’s best to sit down and relax before beginning your preparation.

Keep in mind that persistence pays off when it comes to exam preparation.

In Conclusion

It would help if you kept in mind that the goal of the exam is to demonstrate that you can effectively manage a Salesforce org in a real-world business setting. Anyone can learn facts, but an intelligent administrator can anticipate their users’ demands, avoid errors, and create common use-cases unique to their organization.

The 11 expert tips for the Salesforce Admin exam discussed above will help you start your prep journey and make you feel at ease about taking the actual certification exam.

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