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Salesforce Developer Career Path 2022

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Salesforce Developer Career Path 2022

Salesforce is one of the most preferred customer relationship management providers and has gained massive popularity among Gen-Z. It is undoubtedly emerging to be one of the most preferred pathways to more extensive and stable career opportunities. And one of the most chosen certifications under Salesforce is the Salesforce Developer certification. 

Did you know that Salesforce Developer is ranked under the world’s top 10 best jobs in the technical niche? Yes, you heard that right!

If you are also planning to be a Salesforce Developer and want to know about Salesforce Developer Career Path 2022 options in detail, you are at the right place. 

Check our Salesforce Platform Developer-I Certification Exam Guide.

We will enlighten you about this field and tell you everything you need to know to succeed in your career. 

Here is the Salesforce developer career path 2022 for you:

How to Become a Salesforce Developer?

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

The most important question you must be trying to get an appropriate answer to is how to become a Salesforce developer.

To put it precisely, to become a Salesforce Developer, you should

  1. Preferably obtain Salesforce Administrator certification.
  2. Get enough experience working as Salesforce Admin.
  3. Join an authentic certification preparation platform.
  4. Achieve the Salesforce Developer certifications.
  5. Apply for internship opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge.
  6. Get more than 1 year of hands-on experience in the development field.
  7. Develop a fundamental understanding of Visualforce and Apex.
  8. Consider getting a Scrum certification.
  9. Join Salesforce Stack Exchange to explore all the Salesforce questions.
  10. Interact with seasoned Salesforce professionals via Salesforce communities.

The crucial part of becoming a Salesforce developer in 2022 is to get certified by Salesforce. saasguru is a training platform that can help you achieve this step smoothly and efficiently. It is an institution that can guide you through becoming a Salesforce developer. Our professionals are industry leaders with years of experience training students and showing them the right path. 

However, there are some basic skills that you can learn by yourself with the free resources available online in different media. For example, you can learn the fundamental programming language concepts like coding needed to become a Salesforce developer.

Once you have the skillset, your next target is to get a job or do an internship to get at least 6 months to 1 year of experience as a developer. 

Eligibility Criteria For Salesforce Developers Job

The best part of being in the Salesforce ecosystem is that it does not require any fancy degree to get started. All you need to be eligible to become a Salesforce developer is a bachelor’s degree in either Software engineering or any subsequent computer science field. 

Though 2022 is predicted to have at least 3.3 million Salesforce job vacancies, the competition would be high. So, suppose you have high qualifications or are already certified from Salesforce and have the necessary badges from the trailhead. In that case, your chances of securing a high-end job will be increased. 

The most crucial factor that will be considered in you as a Salesforce Developer is your skillset, including the hard and soft skills as a developer since a Salesforce developer has a massive role in the growth of a company and its sales. 

As a developer, some of the skills you must possess are an analytical approach to problematic situations, credibility to solve a problem, excellent communication skills, leadership quality being a team player, a firm grip on computers and their technologies, etc. 

Upscaling as a Salesforce Developer

After you have achieved the Salesforce certificate, it is time for you to establish yourself as a credible professional by gaining on-field experience, dealing with the Salesforce system practically, and solving complex problems that hinder a company’s growth. 

Apply for jobs ranging from small enterprises to fortune 500 companies to secure a job position as fast as possible. Then, within 2-5 years of being a junior developer, you can move on to upscaling yourself as a senior Salesforce developer

Being a senior developer ensures you will be allotted a higher salary, have greater responsibilities and have excellent comprehension of the cloud computing environment. 

Salesforce as a Good Career Path

All aspirants during the preparational stage face some dilemmas relating to the benefits of becoming a Salesforce developer. If you have the same thought, let us tell you that if you have the skills and are qualified for the role, then Salesforce Developer is the best career choice you can make. 

The two main reasons behind Salesforce Developer being a good career path is- 

  • In demand profession
  • Lucrative field


Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

We hope these Whys and Hows could help you get the answer to all your questions about the Salesforce developer career path in 2022. However, if you still have any queries, check out saasguru and feel free to join saasguru’s slack community, where experts are present to give correct answers to every problem you have. See you inside the community. Good luck! 

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