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Must-Have Essential Salesforce Developer Skills in 2022

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Must-Have Essential Salesforce Developer Skills in 2022

When we talk about the Salesforce platform, the sky’s the limit because the CRM platform is growing and expanding. 

Professionals who know the Salesforce platform are influenced by the number of job opportunities flooding the market. One of the job roles that are highly in demand is that of the Salesforce developers. They are the technical experts who live in the coding world to create new developments, design applications and oversee integrations. 

The job opportunities for Salesforce developers are swiftly increasing. So, the recruiters are looking for more than just a competent programmer and developer to fulfill their responsibilities as a Salesforce developer. Therefore, there is no doubt that coding skills are essential for building a career around Salesforce as a developer. But other qualities and skills are becoming equally vital. 

Before learning the must-have skills and qualities to land a job as a Salesforce developer, it is crucial to understand the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification Syllabus topics. It is only after getting familiar with the syllabus that you would be able to understand the importance of the skill set required for a Salesforce developer job. 

What is the Role of a Salesforce Developer? 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Salesforce provides three types of certification programs for the Salesforce developer. Salesforce Platform Developer 1, Salesforce Platform Developer 2, and JavaScript Developer 1. A Salesforce developer is a programmer and a coder who designs Salesforce applications across the Salesforce platform. His job involves tasks ranging from creating websites to creating applications.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a Salesforce developer involve the following work:-

  1. Solving problems using computer code
  2. Optimizing the Salesforce software suite
  3. Understanding and solving customers’ requirements
  4. Scrutinizing the company’s processes
  5. Configuring and optimizing CRM products
  6. Developing pages with the help of languages like Visualforce and Apex
  7. Handling and creating custom apps for the Salesforce platform
  8. Managing customer communities
  9. Creating lightning applications
  10. Building extensions for the Salesforce Appexchange
  11. Completing integrations between third party services and the Salesforce web app

So as a Salesforce developer, you are an expert on the Salesforce platform, how it works, and how to optimize it to maximize the customers’ requirements by using out-of-the-box tools and the lightning platform. 

All-Round Skills to Become a Successful Salesforce Developer

Most people already know that it is easy to work on technical skills, but there are some other skills like soft skills that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

We outline the top skills to help you excel and your career in Salesforce and advance your personality towards leadership roles.

1. Technical Skills 

You must know and showcase your knowledge of the Salesforce platform and how it works. You will need to show that you have the required skills and understanding of cloud-based integration and programming languages. Below is a list of the languages you must have the command on. 

  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • SOUL

Apart from this, you must know web development tools like Git, Eclipse, ID, and Sublime. 

2. Analytical Skills

By analytical skills, we mean that you must understand and deeply analyze the requirements and demands of the customers. Therefore, analytical skills and capabilities are essential to successfully transform the design/code and build a long-term career in Salesforce. Analytical skills will help you test the code and define the outcomes correctly. 

3. Communication Skills

Teamwork is an essential part of the Salesforce platform. Collaboration with the team members and the talent to make efforts with other team members is crucial for the success of the platform. So, the candidate must have a teamwork spirit and skills to be a successful Salesforce developer. You must know how to deliver your point that involves technical jargon and terms by translating it into general terms. At the same time, it is essential to communicate every piece of information effectively, and this quality makes you different from the other Salesforce developers. 

4. Problem-solving Skills and Logical Skills

We all know that no CRM platform is free from errors, bugs, and problems. So, exceptional practical knowledge and problem-solving capabilities are essential for Salesforce developers. Adequate knowledge and quick problem solving will help maintain the Salesforce platform flow.

Identifying problems is crucial, but it is equally vital to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. That is why you must have the logical ability as a Salesforce developer. 

5. Other Skills

Apart from the specific skill set, the candidate should have the patience to arrive at a viable solution. The life of a Salesforce developer never stops giving you the stuff to continue learning. So, as a Salesforce developer, you will continue to add new updates to your knowledge base. You will need to learn new technologies, tools, procedures, and processes to maintain your skillset as a Salesforce developer.


Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

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Good quality courses for the training play a crucial role in developing the skill set for the job role of a Salesforce developer. The Salesforce certification courses offered by saasguru equips you with the high-quality professional skills required to stand out from the crowd in the Salesforce ecosystem. The course is designed to help you obtain the Salesforce platform developer certification while also learning essential skills to enjoy a lucrative career. 


1. Is Salesforce Developer easy to learn?

The Salesforce platform is vast and constantly changing, but it is not difficult to learn. If you dedicate yourself to learning the development concepts and choose the reliable course, you can learn Salesforce development in as little as two weeks.

2. What do Salesforce developers look for?

Salesforce developers should acquire programming skills, analytical skills, and excellent problem-solving and communication skills.

3. Does Salesforce Developer require coding?

Salesforce is a platform that allows developers to build applications by using no-code tools and low-code tools. You don’t need a technical background to become a Salesforce developer. But the job profile would require you to understand Java, Apex, and Visualforce. 

4. Which language is required for a Salesforce developer?

The Salesforce platform uses Apex programming language for custom code and Visualforce for the user interface. As a beginner, you should start by learning Java.

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