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Salesforce Experience Cloud Certification Questions 2022

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Certification Questions 2022

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam is ideal for consultants who know the implementation of Salesforce from scratch.

Salesforce admins who want to validate their advanced knowledge and skills of the Salesforce platform and are dealing with complex solutions on are also ideal candidates to take this exam.

But, whether you are a professional or not, practice tests and going through the sample questions are equally essential for every candidate to pass the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant exam.

To know what type of questions you should be expecting, thoroughly go through the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam guide for the certification exam and explore the topics of the syllabus.

Exam Syllabus Overview

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam covers seven crucial topics: Implementation, Sharing and Security, Templates and Use Cases, Content, Community Management, Community Setup, and Experience Builder.

As seven significant topics are covered in the syllabus, you must understand all the topics by practicing questions related to each topic. Each topic has a specific percentage covered in the syllabus. You can strategize your preparation accordingly, but you can test your knowledge related to each topic only when you practice the questions. Explore the updated & detailed experience cloud consultant syllabus here.

Overall Exam Preparation Strategy

Regarding certification exams like Salesforce, exam dumps are pretty popular among learners. Salesforce dumps are questions that are going to appear in the actual exam. But most dumps online are either fraudulent or contain wrong information.

That is why it is essential to study from reliable sources and stick to the free practice exams or mock exams if you enroll in the training course.

If we talk about an overall exam strategy for passing the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam, the following points must be considered:-

  1. Your priority for the study strategy should be Trailhead lessons and modules, hands-on experience, and an exam guide.
  2. Once you cover essential topics from Trailhead, you can utilize other resources like YouTube videos, official Salesforce documentation, and training videos.
  3. The most crucial part of the Salesforce certification preparation process is practice tests. You cannot know where you stand unless you practice the questions that match the exam level. The more you practice, the better you will analyze your strengths and weaknesses related to each topic.

Consider the following points to learn more about the importance of practicing questions:-

  1. Time management and an intelligent strategy for answering the certification exam questions are essential. Practicing questions will help you in time management, and it will also help you train your mind to solve questions under pressure.
  2. Solving topic-wise questions is crucial to know what topics you need to work more on.
  3. Practice questions come with explanations for the questions. So, the rightness and wrongness of each question will also give some additional information related to the topics.
  4. If you attempt practice exams by enrolling in a training course, competing with fellow learners will save you from boredom and give you an honest view of your preparation.
  5. Practice questions contain scenario-based questions, so you will be able to test your practical knowledge. Doing so will be beneficial in the interview also.

Salesforce Mock Exams

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To get an idea of what kinds of questions you have to solve to pass the Salesforce certification exam, check the sample questions below:-

Sample Practice Questions

1. A developer working for Cosmic Fitness Solutions has built a Visualforce page that lists all the major products offered by the company. This page has been added to a public Experience Cloud site built using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template. The Experience Cloud Site Manager would like to make this page available to guest users. How can access to the page be granted to guest users?

a. Provide guest users access to the page in the ‘Preferences’ section of ‘Administration’ in Workspaces

b. Use Builder to add the Visualforce page to a publicly available site page

c. Access the guest user profile and add the Visualforce page

d. Provide guest users access to the page on the ‘Digital Experiences’ page in Setup

Answer:- c.

Rationale: Public access to the Experience Cloud site pages depends on the level of access granted to the guest user profile. The guest user profile is automatically created and not displayed in the standard profile list. For a Tabs and Visualforce template site, it is accessed from the ‘Public Access Settings’ button on the site details page.

2. Cosmic Enterprises has a customer site in which customers need to be able to self-register to gain access. When customers self-register, a personal account needs to be created in Salesforce. How can this be achieved?

a. Select ‘Allow customers and partners to self-register and ‘Allow Person Accounts to be Created’ in Profile settings.

b. Person Accounts cannot be created when a customer self-registers.

c. Select ‘Allow customers and partners to self-register and leave the Account field blank on the ‘Login and Registration page in the ‘Administration’ section of ‘Workspaces.’

d. Select ‘Allow customers and partners to self-register and ‘Create Person Accounts’ on the ‘Login and Registration page in the ‘Administration’ section of ‘Workspaces.’

Answer:- b.

Rationale: To allow users to self-register, the ‘Allow external users to self-register checkbox must be selected on the ‘Login and Registration page in the ‘Administration’ section of ‘Workspaces.’ To allow a person’s account to be created, the Account field in the same setting must be blank. The setting is not in the profile of the site members. There is no ‘Create Person Accounts’ checkbox.

3. Cosmic Clothing needs to set up social login for its customer service site to allow users to log into the site using Facebook or LinkedIn credentials. What needs to be done before adding the Social Login component to the site login page?

a. Configure ‘Login Access Policies’ for the social websites in Setup

b. Create login flows for Facebook and LinkedIn on the ‘Login Flows’ page in Setup.

c. Set up Facebook and LinkedIn as authentication providers on the ‘Auth. Providers’ page in Setup

d. Set up Facebook and LinkedIn as identity providers on the ‘Identity Provider’ page in Setup

Answer- a.

Rationale: Each authentication provider must be set up on the ‘Auth. Providers’ page in Setup before adding the Social Login component to the site login page.

4. Cosmic Solutions wants to enable its members to flag inappropriate posts and comments on the company’s Experience Cloud site for customers. The site manager would also like to assign selected members to review the flagged posts. What can be done to meet these requirements?

a. Assign the ‘Moderate Experience Cloud Site Feeds’ permission to an Experience Cloud Site moderator.

b. Enable ‘User Moderation’ on the Settings page under ‘Digital Experiences’ in Setup.

c. Select ‘Allow members to flag content in Experience Builder.

d. Select ‘Allow members to flag content in Experience Workspaces Administration.

Answer:- a and b.

Rationale: Members can be enabled to flag posts, comments, and files for review by a moderator and administrator by selecting ‘Allow members to flag content on the ‘Preferences’ page of Experience Workspaces Administration. Assigning ‘Moderate Experience Cloud Site Feeds’ to the users responsible for site moderation via a profile or permission set would allow them to review all flagged posts or comments and take the appropriate actions.

5. An administrator of Cosmic Solutions built an Experience Cloud site for partners using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template. The site was recently deactivated to add and remove members and perform other customizations, like changing the order of tabs. Another administrator has been assigned to activate the site again and allow the partners to access it using their username and password. Which of the following are valid considerations related to its activation?

a. The site can be activated by navigating to Administration in Workspaces.

b. Activating the site sends username and password to all new and existing members.

c. Activating the site makes the site URL active and enables login access for its members.

d. Digital experiences need to be enabled in Setup before activating the site.

Answer:- b and c.

Rationale: An Experience Cloud site can be activated by navigating to Workspaces | Administration | Settings and clicking the ‘Activate’ button. If the site uses the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template, activating it makes the site URL active and enables login access for its members. Welcome emails are sent if they have been enabled, but only new users receive a welcome email that includes their username and password. Enabling digital experiences is required for creating new Experience Cloud sites. Since the administrator has already built the site, it means that digital experiences are already enabled.

6. Cosmic Solutions sells computer parts and has 20 internal sales representatives who need to use Salesforce to track their sales pipeline, for which they need the ability to manage leads, business and person accounts, and opportunities. These users will also require access to manage campaigns and opportunity teams in the near future. There are also a number of franchisee companies that onsell their products to retail customers. The franchisee users need to collaborate with the internal sales representatives on a site on leads, opportunities, campaigns, and quotes, and also run reports and view dashboards. What licenses are required to meet these requirements?

a. Customer Community Plus License

b. Partner Community License

c. Marketing Cloud License

d. Marketing User Feature License

e. Sales Cloud License

Answer- a, c, and d.

Rationale: To meet these requirements, each internal user will need a Sales Cloud license and a Marketing User feature license to be able to track the sales pipeline and campaigns. Since the users also need to manage opportunity teams, it is also necessary to choose the correct Sales Cloud edition for this requirement. The ‘Enterprise’ edition should be purchased since it allows sales teams in addition to the other features, including the ability to manage person accounts.

The franchisee users will need Partner Community licenses which will allow them to use leads, opportunities, campaigns, and quotes, and run reports and dashboards on a partner site.

7. Cosmic Enterprises would like to build an Experience Builder site for customers. The requirements for the site are as follows:

1) The site should allow customers to ask questions and get answers to their questions.

2) Customers should be able to access Knowledge articles to resolve their cases.

3) Customers should be able to join active groups in the site.

4) There should be a page that allows customers to create new cases and manage cases created by them.

Which Experience Builder template should be utilized to build the Experience Cloud site?

a. Customer Central

b. Customer Service

c. Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce

d. Customer Account Portal

Answer- c.

Rationale: For this set of requirements, the Customer Service template should be used since it offers all the features required by the company. It allows self-resolution of cases through knowledge and case creation, and offers collaboration features such as groups, feeds, and topics. Chatter Questions can be used by customers in the Experience Cloud site to ask questions and receive answers. A custom site page can be created to allow customers to create and manage cases.

Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce is not an Experience Builder template and is mainly used when the requirement is to build a site that uses the standard Salesforce structure and tabs that can be customized using Visualforce.

8. Cosmic Solutions wants to give some of its customers external delegated administration rights to assist the company with running the customer site. The customers should be able to create new users and deactivate any existing users if required. Which community license would be the most suitable?

a. Customer Community Plus

b. Commerce Portals

c. Customer Community

d. Employee Community

Answer- b.

Rationale: Delegated administration rights are available to users with the Customer Community Plus, Partner Community, or External Apps license. A license called ‘Employee Community’ does not exist.

Summing Up

Solving practice questions is crucial but meaningless if you are not analyzing your answers and progress.

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So, ensure that the mock exams and topic tests you solve come with explanations for each question.

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