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Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Prerequisites

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Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Prerequisites

If you want to start your Salesforce career in the technical industry, you’ve made the right choice. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification will enhance your app-building skill set and open doors to various job opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem.

With the growth of the cloud industry and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) domain, the demand for trained Salesforce CRM professionals is also increasing. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam validates your skills in designing desktop and mobile applications and gives you an edge over other candidates who are not certified yet.

If you want to pass the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam, you’ll need to be fully aware of how the Lightning Platform works and how it can be beneficial for your business.

The Salesforce Platform App Builder credential is intended for the aspirants who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to develop, implement, and deploy bespoke cloud applications by utilizing the declarative modification capabilities of the Lightning Platform. It is assumed that the candidate is capable of creating, managing, and updating data models, as well as application security, business logic, and process automation.

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Who Can Attempt the Salesforce Certified App Builder Certification Exam?

The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam can be attempted by anyone passionate about the Lightning platform’s features. The candidate should have experience developing bespoke applications on the Lightning Platform and has applied the skills and topics listed in the exam objectives below.

The typical Salesforce Platform App Builder has a minimum of 6 to 12 months of experience creating apps on the Lightning Platform or a similar technology platform.

The following are the qualifications and skills required for the Salesforce Platform App Builder candidate:

  • Familiarity with the Lightning Platform’s capabilities
  • An understanding of Salesforce licensing types and related factors
  • Familiarity and skills in designing apps to support business processes
  • Understanding the various options and customizations available for improving the mobile user experience
  • Experience with Salesforce’s development environments and the Lightning Platform’s choices for deploying apps and managing modifications.
  • Mastery of the resources indicated in the exam guide, as well as the additional Salesforce-provided study materials

Candidates are not required to know how to:-

  • Administer Sales Cloud or Service Cloud programmatic languages (Apex, Visualforce, etc. )
  • Design bespoke Visualforce interfaces
  • Construct custom Lightning apps using Apex or JavaScript

To Sum Up

Passing a Salesforce exam is not an easy task, but not impossible as well. It demands a lot of preparation, knowledge, and attitude toward strategic preparation. Having said that, you cannot prepare for the certification test on your own; you will need the assistance of a seasoned Salesforce professional who can help you prepare for the exam effectively.

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Integrity, prudence, due diligence, and determination are the guiding principles to succeed in your professional development with Salesforce certification preparation. With saasguru, you can gain the required Salesforce Platform App Builder certification preparation training to propel a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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