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Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein

In today’s highly competitive market, every organization wants their sales team to capture leads, build lead pipelines, track and manage opportunities, close deals faster, manage customer relationships post-sales and keep track of their sales team’s performance. So, how do we monitor all these effectively? Many tools are available to achieve all the above requirements but in silos. But, Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein can offer you all the insights, data, reports, dashboard, and many more features that every sales team can wish for. Check out how Salesforce Service Cloud Voice helps businesses to stay competitive.

The best part is that it comes with out-of-the-box AI capabilities, which takes away all the cumbersome and time-consuming tasks that sales rep does every day. On average, a sales rep spends ~40% of the time logging sales activities and gets less time managing deals and customers. This is where Sales Cloud Einstein comes in to boost productivity and business deals.

What is Sales Cloud Einstein?

Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI-powered Salesforce product that provides AI capability in the end-to-end Sales process from Lead to Opportunity conversion. This is done with the help of different Einstein features listed below:

  1. Einstein Activity Capture
  2. Einstein Automated Contact
  3. Einstein Lead Scoring
  4. Einstein Opportunity Scoring
  5. Einstein Opportunity Insights
  6. Einstein Account Insights
  7. Einstein Forecasting

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Each offers unique features at different stages of the sales process to help the people involved in it. We will cover a bit of detail on each of them in the following sections.

Einstein Activity Capture

Sales reps usually spend most of their time logging Sales activities and contact data. Einstein Activity Capture automates this task and saves a lot of time. Sales reps just connect their email and calendar to Salesforce. Then, their activities are automatically added to related Salesforce records. Plus, emails sent from Salesforce go through their regular email account.

Einstein Activity Capture lets your reps control which activities are added to Salesforce and who can see them. Reps can update those controls at any time, either from Salesforce or their inbox.

Einstein Activity Capture

Activity Capture uses AI to capture all your activities, like emails, meetings, appointments, etc., and creates relevant records in Salesforce so that you can easily manage everything from Salesforce.

Einstein Automated Contact

As discussed earlier, sales reps spend most of their time creating contact data. Einstein Automated Contact takes away this problem from the Sales reps and identifies contacts based on the activities. Thanks to Einstein Activity Capture!

Depending on the settings configured by the admin, Einstein can either create the data or suggest new data.

Einstein Automated Contact

Eventually, all the data goes to Salesforce, which saves a considerable amount of time to focus on the deals rather than spending time on these kinds of elementary tasks.

Einstein Lead Scoring

Although the sales activities and contact data are automated, they will have to handle yet another task of managing and prioritizing leads. Without automation or AI capability, reps face the challenge of tracking all the leads effectively.

The various challenges faced by the sales rep in this respect are the following:

  1. The sales team has many more leads than they have time for.
  2. The team doesn’t know which characteristics indicate a higher chance of closing a deal.
  3. The sales team has different logic or rules to prioritize leads which may not be effective.
  4. The sales team is unsure which of their rules are working and which are not.

The Einstein Lead Scoring applies the power of AI to analyze your history of lead conversions and find the true patterns in those conversions—patterns you probably had no idea existed. And because Sales Cloud Einstein already understands the format of your lead and opportunity data, it can start analyzing and finding patterns almost as soon as you turn it on.

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead Scoring gives each leads a score based on how well it matches your company’s particular lead conversion patterns. The higher the score, the hotter the lead. All your sales reps have to do is sort their leads by Score and start at the top of the list.

As every AI product needs data so as your team continues to convert more leads over time, Einstein Lead Scoring constantly adjusts its analysis in order to discover any new patterns that emerge.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

After taking the help of Einstein Lead Scoring, you can manage, track and follow up with your leads to convert them into opportunities. Now comes another challenge, i.e., to close deals. Most organizations face various challenges even though they have organized leads data. Let’s check some of the challenges below.

  1. The sales reps don’t know which deal is the hottest and needs immediate attention as there are too many deals.
  2. The sales reps lose track of where they are with different deals due to delayed or longer timeframes.
  3. The sales reps lose deals because of some delays to reengage with the contacts. When a rep is working on several opportunities in the pipeline, it can be tough to know when to reengage with a contact.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring works similar to Lead Scoring. It looks at past opportunities and related information to create a predictive model. From that model, it gives each opportunity a score.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

All these help a lot, but the team still needs to have more insights about the deals that help them move forward. We have the solution for that as well. And that’s known as Einstein Opportunity Insights. Let’s check out its features.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

Einstein Opportunity Insights uses machine learning and sentiment analysis to help close more deals. Insights are explicitly tailored to your organization.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

It offers smart analysis, prediction, and follow-ups on different opportunities so that the reps can plan the next steps. These details are specific to your organization and based on the data. The best part is that it provides all these insights just when you need them.

Finally, once you have won the deal, you can use Einstein Account Insights and Einstein Forecasting to manage your customers and stay updated with their business.

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Latest Enhancements/Features

Salesforce has introduced Einstein Conversation Insights in the Winter’22 release, automatically matching the voice and video calls to related opportunities. This feature helps your Sales team to know their customers and related information without any effort.

Read more:

To Sum Up

Sales Cloud Einstein is one of the best AI-powered tools which provides guidance, prediction, automation, forecasting, scoring, prioritizing, and managing your contacts, leads, opportunities, and customers. Its various Einstein tools help you to convert more and more deals faster at every step of the sales journey. A product like this can improve the productivity of your Sales team and increase your business.  Read more to know about the business outcomes that an Einstein Prediction Builder can provide to your organisation.

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1. What is Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein?

Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI-powered Salesforce tool that integrates AI into the entire sales process, from lead generation through opportunity conversion. This is accomplished by the use of the following Einstein features:

  • Einstein Activity Capture
  • Einstein Automated Contact
  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring
  • Einstein Opportunity Insights
  • Einstein Account Insights
  • Einstein Forecasting

2. What does Sales Cloud Einstein do?

Sales Cloud Einstein is a data science department that processes information from your sales team’s actions and CRM data to help you identify the best leads, convert prospects more efficiently, and retain clients in a more concise manner.

3. Is Einstein included in the Sales cloud?

The Einstein app capabilities are standard Salesforce Service Cloud app capabilities, which means they are available to all customers out of the box. Omni-Channel and Chat are two instances of common Service Cloud functionalities that aren’t part of the Einstein portfolio.

4. What Einstein features come with the Sales Cloud?

  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Einstein opportunity Insights
  • Einstein Account Indights
  • Einstein Automated Contacts
  • Einstein Forecasting
  • Einstein Activity Capture
  • Einstein Email Insights
  • Einstein Recommended Connections
  • Einstein Campaign Insights
  • Einstein Behavior Insights
  • Einstein Attribution
  • Einstein send time optimization

5. Is Salesforce Einstein any good?

Einstein is stunning and powerful, and it meets or exceeds the needs of about half of all corporate users—those who are focused on customers, marketing, and sales—when combined with Salesforce data in particular.

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