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Use Case To Improve User Experience Using Screen Flows In Salesforce

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Screen Flows in Salesforce

What is a Screen Flow in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a Screen Flow is one of the different flows you may deploy to improve your users’ experience. It is used for user interaction, and they can either enter some inputs or select records in the available UI. A Screen Flow is triggered by a button or action or shown in a Lightning Page or the Utility Bar. 

You can collect information by creating a user interface on one screen and saving multiple objects behind the scenes. You can also present a wizard-like UI to guide users through business.

The fact that you can do all of this without writing a single line of code is what makes the screen flow so appealing. Let’s check out a scenario where a guided screen flow can be leveraged to enhance productivity.

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Guided Screen Flows

Guided screen flow is a fantastic feature that can help your internal users provide productive outcomes by guiding a user through a business process. We can design a flow to reduce the number of validation rules to enter the data. It gives a logical flow of information to be captured that can dynamically change based on the values inputted. 

Business Scenario

Suppose Marvel Industries focuses on improving their Support Reps’ experience and wants to ensure the below when interacting with the customers over the phone or email.

  1. Internal users should be able to capture the customers’ information quickly.
  2. Contact should be created into Salesforce with the following entered information on submission.

a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Email
d. Phone

3. The case should be created with the following information, and the customer should be added as a contact to the same for follow-up.

a. Subject
b. Description
c. Contact Name
d. Contact Phone
e. Contact Email


To solve the above requirements, we will simply create a guided screen flow on the Home page, which will capture customer information and case details.

How should we implement it?

Create Screen flow.

Creating Screen Flow

Action Time

Tip: Create an error handling strategy for your flow-based automation by building fault paths.

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Dynamic Forms in Flows (Beta)

Starting with Summer ’21, we can build flow screens faster by leveraging objects and fields configuration in our Salesforce org. With Dynamic Forms in Salesforce Flow, we can simply drag an object record field onto a flow screen and help texts, validations, etc., get automatically configured.

Another advantage is that our flows will also stay in sync with any changes to our fields in Object Manager. The record fields in our screens automatically inherit the changes.

Dynamic Forms in Flows (Beta)


It supports the following subset of the field types.

    1. Checkbox
    2. Date
    3. Date/Time
    4. Number
    5. Long Text Area
    6. Text

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To Sum Up:

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1. What is Salesforce Flows used for? 

In Salesforce, a flow is an app that carries out complex business processes. The Flow Builder builds individual flows. It gathers the data and performs the action in the Salesforce org. 

2. How do I create a case flow in Salesforce?

  • From the Setup, choose the Build option then -> Create-> Workflows and choose Flows. 
  • Choose the New Flow button. Palette, Resources, and Explore tab will appear. You can drag and drop to elements to build the logic. 
  • Create a few variables to use in your flow. 
  • Drag and drop the element of Record Create from the Palette. Save the element after entering all the relevant details by clicking Ok.
  • From the Palette, drag and drop the Screen element and choose Display Text Screen to add a Field tab. Write the message you want to display and click the Save button. 
  • On the Account Details page, create the Custom Button. 

Salesforce Flow is successfully created. 

3. How do I learn flows in Salesforce?

You can create a Flow scenario using the steps mentioned above, or you can join a training program of Salesforce that will help you learn the detailed steps of creating a flow in Salesforce. 

4. What is the difference between process builder and flow in Salesforce?

Flow Builder is used to create a series of flows that depend on the previous one’s results. Whereas a Process Builder is not that powerful, it triggers a flow, but it cannot carry out a process based on another process. 

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