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Salesforce Sales Consultant Roles and Responsibilities

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Salesforce Sales Consultant Roles and Responsibilities

Salesforce CRM is the most preferred platform for getting access to instant success. Customer data is the most crucial part for the companies to sustain a business life because it handles the vital information about its customers and looks out for prospects.

Various CRM platforms are there in the cloud market, but only Salesforce gained so much popularity and fame. People can customize the platform according to their needs. And the role of a Salesforce Sales Consultant becomes more crucial in proper optimization and customization of the Salesforce platform as per the needs of its customers.

Before learning everything about the work and duties of a Salesforce Sales Consultant, read and clearly understand what is Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Who is a Salesforce Sales Consultant, and what does he do?

The Salesforce Consultants help organizations fulfill their missions by maintaining client-specific implementations and also help in the improvement of the Salesforce platform. So, the professional must be aware of the business needs to give in-depth expert advice regarding the productivity, planning, implementation, and results from an existing Salesforce deployment. 

Stakeholder management is an essential part of this job profile if we talk about understanding business requirements, partnering with members to execute projects, and providing support and training on the platform.

The Salesforce Sales Consultants are the organization’s critical assets as they provide value to the business and client relationships and generate revenue. They come up with suitable solutions for the business and examine how the changes impact the business. As a Salesforce Consultant, you must be able to appreciate the Salesforce platform and know to take the maximum benefit out of it by using various tools provided by Salesforce for critical business problems. 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

The professional has a deep understanding of Sales Cloud features, consulting processes, and database concepts. 

Once you are done learning what Salesforce Sales Consultants do, take the next step and go through the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Guide.

Having read about the role of a Salesforce Sales Consultant, in brief, let us now explore the responsibilities and duties of a Salesforce Consultant in detail. 

Responsibilities and Duties of a Salesforce Sales Consultant

The Consultant meets clients, gathers information about their requirements, and provides and compiles the solutions. Once the team approves the solution documentation, it is transferred to the development team. The Sales Consultant also provides guidance and support to the developers if they have any doubts. Once developed, he delivers the work to clients and gets their final approval.

Following are the primary responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant:-

1. Handle the Client Relationship

A Salesforce Consultant is the first point of contact for the company’s clients. The Salesforce consultant must first gather the client’s requirements and get to know them and their businesses. After all the work is done, he needs to create a relationship with them. 

2. Design and Handle Project Plans

As a consultant’s leading role revolves around planning according to the size and details of the project, he should have good planning skills. Such as:-

  • Utilizing the hours to the maximum
  • Creating the timelines of projects
  • Documenting meeting statuses and sessions
  • Scheduling client meetings

3. Create, Build, and Deploy

Once all the above work is done, the best part of the job begins. The Consultant needs to give his best skills and knowledge, and through his capabilities

  • Create the required Salesforce setup
  • Design a plan to implement it
  • Provide training to the clients regarding the deployment and functionality of the core project capabilities. 

4. Sales Specific Responsibilities

Sales Cloud Consultants are responsible for ensuring that the customers’ sales rates are increased, long scale cycles are speeding up, and resolving sales-specific challenges with Salesforce CRM. Some concepts that you must understand as a Salesforce Sales Consultant are:-

  • Create Sales and Marketing solutions to fulfill business needs
  • Create integrations and applications that increase user productivity
  • Handle design analytics and data to find key Sales Cloud metrics

So, the Salesforce Sales Consultant knows industry best practices and he is also an expert in Salesforce applications, including the understanding of implementing multiple applications in the same customer scenarios.

He has more than a year of experience and expertise in sales processes and creating business solutions. 

Specific Day to Day Duties and Roles of a Salesforce Sales Consultant 

On a daily basis, the Salesforce Sales Consultant is responsible for executing the following tasks:-

  • Managing day-to-day administration, maintaining the CRM platform, and troubleshooting.
  • Handling the build-out of critical reports and dashboards, integrity upkeep, and data administration.
  • Recommending new improvements and features to take out the maximum benefit of the platform.
  • Connecting with key stakeholders to improve the functions and processes.
  • Give technical specifications and handle overall business documentation.
  • Implement best practices and create guidelines for security practices.


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