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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Guide 2022

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Guide 2022

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification – Overview

The Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is a credential for any Salesforce professional who has experience implementing Sales Cloud solutions like Sales and Marketing applications, integrations to maximize user productivity, managing data to track key Sales Cloud metrics, etc.

Using the Salesforce Sales Sales Cloud Cloud application and its associated solutions, the Sales Cloud Consultant should be capable of implementing cloud solutions that meet customer requirements and business processes. Industry experience and Sales Cloud application knowledge are key for a Sales Cloud consultant.

This exam will prove your knowledge of consulting process, project lifecycle, Sales Cloud feature, data management concepts, project deployments, etc., which you have attained with training, hands-on, and live project experience.

Specifically on Sales Cloud experience, here are some of the important areas where Salesforce will test your knowledge. 

  • Processes and roles in sales
  • Knowledge of the solution and its deployment lifecycle
  • Sales Cloud features and functions, which include Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Activities, Territory Management, Forecasting, Email Integration, Reports & Dashboards, Telephony, Einstein Activity Capture, High Velocity Sales, Sales Console, Quip, Salesforce Meetings, and Experience Cloud sites.
  • Best practices to leverage Salesforce’s basic functionality, setup, and customisation to fulfill customer needs.
  • Data migration tools 
  • When and how to use AppExchange products in sales processes
  • The knowledge of change management, end user training, and rollout strategies.
  • Proficiency AppBuilder, Flow, and Process Builder 

Salesforce suggests that candidates have at least two years of experience as a business analyst or functional consultant, and should possess the ability to perform all of the tasks mentioned in each exam objective. Hence, it is essential to follow a proper learning path, which is a mix of training, actual project, and hands-on experience. The Salesforce System Administrator is a prerequisite for Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification, so one must achieve base certification before progressing with this one.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Pattern

The exam pattern and techniques are equally important as the exam’s content, as understanding the format will help you prepare for the exam in a structured way. So, here are some important exam details.

  • A total of 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions will be asked.
  • Five non-scored questions may appear on the exam. 
  • The passing score is 68%, which means you need a minimum of 41 correct answers.
  • The exam is timebound, and you will be given 105 minutes to submit the exam. 
  • You will have an option to take the exam in the test center or remotely on your computer. 
  • It is recommended that you attempt all of the questions since the exam does not have any negative marking.
  • Each question is scored equally irrespective of whether it is a single or multi-select question.
  • During the examination, you can mark questions for review and look over them again before submitting the exam. 
  • As this is not an open book test, no hardcopy or internet materials may be used during the examination.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Cost

The exam registration fee is USD 200, and for every retake, it is USD 100. Taxes are applicable according to the law.

If you hold the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant credential, you are expected to maintain it each year by completing the Salesforce Certified Administrator maintenance modules on Trailhead by the set due date. There is no cost associated with maintaining this certification.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Registration

There are two options to take the exam: Onsite proctored center or Online with a virtual proctor.

Onsite Proctored Center

Our certification examinations are delivered by Salesforce in collaboration with Kryterion, a global network of testing centres. Visit to find a centre near you. Exam timetables are created by each testing centre, so availability may vary. Exam registration is typically required at least 24-72 hours ahead of time; however, Salesforce suggests registering at least one week ahead of time to ensure your preferred date and time is accessible.

 Online Proctored

You may take Salesforce certification examinations from the comfort of your own computer with online proctoring. Through a webcam, a proctor oversees these exams. Daily online proctored tests are available, with the exception of significant US holidays and system maintenance. Online proctoring does not require advance registration; you can register and start a test on the same day. Allow extra time to prepare your computer if you’re taking a test through online proctoring for the first time.

 To start the exam registration, you need to first create a test taker profile in webassessor at and then follow this link for the steps.

 Go through Kryterion’s article: Scheduling and Account for important FAQs about scheduling exams. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Topics to Learn

This exam measures individual knowledge and experience in the following areas and topics. It is vital to understand the weight distribution for each topic as it will help you prioritize your study plan and help identify the focus areas. The exam is designed to validate your knowledge and experience of the above areas. Hence, it is highly recommended to have hands-on and project experience in Salesforce Sales Cloud applicants and study all the recommended resources.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Exam Syllabus

Explore detailed Salesforce sales cloud certification syllabus here

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Tips

Salesforce Sales Cloud Exam Tips

It might be overwhelming for any learner at the beginning of your preparation, but it will be much more manageable once you break it down into different tasks and sections. Here are some additional tips to help you prepare for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification exam.

  1. Understand the exam format thoroughly by going through the exam guide in detail like questions, time allocation, recommended resources, weightage, duration, etc. In the exam, not all topics are inherently important. Make sure to concentrate your study and revision efforts on the areas that are most heavily weighted.
  2. The best way to stick to a schedule and keep yourself motivated is to book your exam with a realistic future date in mind. Setting a deadline will help you prioritise your studies and stick to the plan. 
  3. The key to success is hands-on experience. No matter how much you study, the best method to remember all of the crucial material that will help you face the exam is to use the implementations/project work you did during your preparation.
  4. Highly recommend completing these Trailmix trails on Trailhead. These trails are an excellent approach to learn and gain Salesforce skills and expertise. They’re constantly updated with the latest Salesforce features.
  5. After you have completed self-paced training and acquired new Salesforce skills, we recommend using our saasguru platform, which will help to bridge the gap between your trailhead learning and certification day. 
  6. It’s a good idea to develop connections within the Salesforce community while studying for a certification. Attending networking events, webinars, or simply connecting on LinkedIn and Twitter might help you do this. Here is the link to our free saasuguru community to join online. 
  7. Practice as many questions as you can before exam day to get accompanied with the type, complexity, and depth of the questions you can expect to see when appearing for the actual exam. This will help you prepare for time and pressure management.
  8. Read questions very carefully in the exam and always keep an eye on the clock. Each question should not take more than 90 seconds to answer. If you’re baffled, save the question for later consideration.
  9. Always try to eliminate the impossible answers. This will help narrow down the information you have to recall while marking the correct answers. 
  10. After you successfully complete the exam, share your success with your team and your fellow Salesforce Consultants in the Trailblazer Community.

To Sum Up:

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Obtaining credentials demonstrates your dedication to further education. Examine the advantages of certification and learn how they can help you progress your career. Obtaining a certification, however, is a difficult undertaking due to the abundance of online training resources. Nothing, however, should prevent you from growing in your career when the perfect chance presents itself.

saasguru is following the learner-first strategy on all the certification preparation programs. Our satisfied customers have benefited from customised content, timely delivery, and personalised service. 

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 1. What is the best way to pass the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam?

It is advised that you study for at least 1-2 months before to the exam and gain real-world experience with Sales Cloud deployment. You can book your exam a few months in advance. 

2. How much does the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam cost?

The registration fee is USD 200 plus applicable taxes, and it’s USD 100 plus tax to retake the exam.

 3. What is the format of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam?

The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with additional 5 five non-scored questions.

4. What is the passing score for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam?

The passing score for the exam is 68 % which means you need 41 correct answers.

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